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  1. Is there any plan to fix the server connection problem? I lost touch with the forum because of that, lately. I have various devices, and can't keep all them logged in to MF all time. I am in London at the moment; I had thought that my own location was the problem. Who is responsible for these issues?
  2. This "awful" guy joined MF four hours ago to posts insults on this thread; for no other reason than posting insults. It is all what he has done in his life. Probably he will insult me too. I would suggest, just complete ignore him.
  3. Another shameful statistics is those, mainly in the third world and underdeveloped countries, who die or are maimed every years by illness that could be easily vaccinated away. Fixation on Covid, with exclusion of other health concerns, is particularly absurd for those countries.
  4. To keep it in perspective, hepatitis A and B also kill 1.5 million people each year; and they could easily be vaccinated away. Those vaccines have been around for a long time and have an excellent safety record, as well as providing 40 year plus immunity.
  5. I am not advocating forced vaccination, but for everyone to think seriously about their contribution to managing this virus. However, I was reminded a few days ago about how your child would not be accepted into school without the MMR. It wasn't forced, but your child couldn't start state education without it. I am not sure what the position on that is now, but it was the case when my children were starting their education. Gladys, you are one the more thoughtful and considerate posters on this forums. However, you too are looking at the problem from a political prism ra
  6. Let's say the darkest period for liberal democracy since WWII, as a more measured statement. Of course Acadia would have gone under anyway. Many of you still fail to see the long term implications of such heavy government intervention that has achieved not much as controlling the virus and degraded so many livelihoods possibly permanently.
  7. I am familiar with the situation in central Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Germany). The UK is classified as "low risk" and incoming travel originating from the UK does not require Covid tests or quarantine. See for instance Austria's requirements below (I am due to fly to Vienna in a few weeks; that is why I searched that info). Unfortunately, the Isle of Man is not in the list of low risk places; with implication that travel originating from the Isle of Man would not be exempt from restrictions. Unless you omit that insignificant details in the passenger form, which is what I intend
  8. Can't you just say that your country of origin is the UK? Most European countries have the UK as a "low risk" source whose travellers do not need testing and/or self-isolation. Unfortunately, none list the Isle of Man as "low risk". Rubbish! But if you fly from London, how they can possibly see it?
  9. That shows the extent of the damage to people mental health, to sanity. The political necessities of the Covid restrictions have been corrosive to humanity.
  10. Another paper recently published on The Lancet comes down with the conclusion that tough mandatory restrictions have done little to control the spread of COVID. The same or better result could have been obtained through voluntary compliance. It will take time for this perspective to sink into public consciousness; but it will eventually. The general public may lack the analytical capabilities to quantify through models etc; but people will understand that they have been treated like cogs in a machine by their governments for no good reason and with dreadful consequences. I just googl
  11. Aren’t those who claim to be resident here actually verified to be living here? Is it true that it is so easy to lie on that IOMG web page?
  12. You are absolutely right. But for some people keeping their normal routine, which may include period travel, is a way to maintain their balance and wellbeing. For some people the mountains are a spiritual thing rather than a hedonist pursuit. The government is depriving us of our right to choose how to live.
  13. In due course I am going to start and maintain a Wikipedia page about Covid repression in the Isle of Man. Not right now; so much hysteria and fearmongering are still preventing rational thinking. I am a Wikipedia editor and know how to do it properly. There are similar pages about birching and homophobic obsession in the Isle of Man; these jailings are even more insular and backwards looking kind of politics and historical judgement will be severe. The self-congratulatory and self-righteous attitude with which moronic police and judges have pursued obviously vulnerable citizens t
  14. What I find unsettling is that the debate among MHKs has mostly append being closed doors. They must have debated the implications of cutting off the outside world for so long. We haven't heard much of it. When we heard something, it was only regarding specific and quite minor aspects of the policy.
  15. It reminds me when I was eight and lying in bed with a bad fever and very dry mouth; asking my mother for some drug or therapy. Mum says: "it's a virus, it has got to run its course". Next day my dad: "fever is gone, time to get out". And he literally kicks me out of the house to play with the other kids in the yard. That was the last time in my life I had a fever or was in bed with anything (late thirties now). Now they vaccinate kids for the flu? Here is the link: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/prevent/flushot.htm It is madness. And it is imposed on people. In some US
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