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  1. I noted that they were all very young males... for the time being. The parents haven't saw fit to release the girls (yet). Or those whom have been released did not mingle with such unruly brawl. Eventually, it won't be possible to keep the girls under lockdown indefinitely and restrains will be loosened.
  2. Jogging yesterday from Millennium Bridge to Manx Petroleum along the southern Quay. Packed with male teenagers engaging into practically everything but social distancing; wrestling activities included. Passing by them, as soon as they had noted me, they were suddenly freezing motor function, visible embarrassment evident in the faces, looking at each other in search of mutual validation of each other’s actions. The police used to monitor the area with cameras on top of parked vans. No more; for good or bad. I think that they should be at school; where a basic level of discipline can be enforced.
  3. Debbie

    easy jet

    So is it Easy Jet's fault or the government's fault? Easy Jet had no other option than cancelling the flights. What is happening is bad for (most) of us; but we will eventually survive it. For Easy Jet and the other airlines, it is kind of an existential threat. The matter of fact is that without good transport links the island is just not viable for business people.
  4. It is just too expensive, as compared to the UK and most of Europe. In most of Europe, it is possible to get a good fibre broadband for 25-30 EUR. I don't know what is the problem. Someone should explain it to me. And comparing with Jersey is not an excuse!
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