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  1. It reminds me when I was eight and lying in bed with a bad fever and very dry mouth; asking my mother for some drug or therapy. Mum says: "it's a virus, it has got to run its course". Next day my dad: "fever is gone, time to get out". And he literally kicks me out of the house to play with the other kids in the yard. That was the last time in my life I had a fever or was in bed with anything (late thirties now). Now they vaccinate kids for the flu? Here is the link: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/prevent/flushot.htm It is madness. And it is imposed on people. In some US universities you can't study or teach if you don't get the flu shot. They would expel you with no refund of the fees paid. And here in the UK, Cardiff University has adopted that cranky policy. We are going to have riots in Trafalgar Square soon. That is my hope. The nurses need to be put back in their place.
  2. Don't be under the silly illusion that the present Covid dictatorship is going to end with the current crisis. Mandatory stay-at-home orders and border closures will be a recurrence. Anyone with a runny nose is to be ostracised and banned. There has been a reassessment of the risk of living. (Fucking idiots.)
  3. If they look like Chinese and can’t find their way around the aisles; good bet they are newcomers. Also, those who hang about in groups as an exploratory expedition… newcomers as well. Normally, you would think about tourists; but we know tourists are still disallowed. Well established shoppers are instead kind of businesslike. I don’t pretend that you can always tell the difference; but often you can. I stop at Tesco on my way back to the office; and I go to the office four times a week. I kept pretty much this routine during the lockdown months. Can’t stay locked-down at home for too long. Better to be exposed to the virus than ending up as a spinster. Does it make sense to you now?
  4. Tesco has got the infrastructure in the UK, including the online booking system. All what it had to do is to move a few people and a few vans to the isle. The government could have easily contracted it to do just that. But that is not the point. The particular way in which the food delivery service had to be organised is not the point I mean. The fact is that having it would have made compliance to the quarantine rules much easier. Some of the above postings seem to look at the problem from the prospective of those who are well rooted in the isle. I shop four times a week at the main Tesco store in Douglas, always in mid afternoon. And I have seen a lot of new people, in the past few weeks, people who have just moved to the island. It is not too difficult to spot them. Normally I wouldn’t pay attention; but with what is going on, I can’t help. And I am worried things will go downhill again (count me among the mask-haters as well).
  5. Just contracting out Tesco would have worked better and quicker. Tesco has already the whole infrastructure in place.
  6. Roger Mexico: Where are those volunteer groups? We have organised one in the building in which I live; but in general only those who have lived in the isle for some time will be able to rely on a support network. The government could have easily organised a food delivery service by contracting a major grocery store, Tesco for instance. I don’t think that it would have costed much, or anything, to the government, because the cost can be passed to the consumer; and those who are coming to the island or choose to travel under the present circumstances are likely to be among the most affluent residents who can afford to pay. But the government has not dealt with the matter.
  7. I will write a book on this later and post it here chapter by chapter. The conclusion will be that it is, probably, completely hopeless. The starting point would be to fire and ban from the island all UK doctors; having an entire new cultural system I mean. The "stay at home to protect the NHS" is the emblema of all what is wrong with it. Politics corrupts everything.
  8. Unsure if someone said it already, as I did not go through all the thread, but I see it as a clear sign of mental delusion in our Chief Minister.
  9. I am taking bets for when we will see the next coronavirus case in the Isle of Man. In Beijing they are having an outbreak that the authorities think originated at a market from frozen fish imported from outside China. Some city blocks there have been sealed. The border closure cannot be sustained indefinitely and, in any case, it may fail. There is also the issue of what the IOM government will do about it, when it will happen. Full blown lockdown again? Have you heard of any plans from them? Here is the crux of the matter: in the US, in the densely populated states of the west coast (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) where the pandemic already ran its course, heard immunity has kicked in and Covid-19 has almost vanished; while in the states that had had comparatively few cases so far, Covid-19 is on the rise unfortunately. Suppression of the virus comes at a cost, which one has to pay later. The graph below pictures the current situation in the US.
  10. I did not say that people should not wear one; when it can make a difference to their safety. But if you go along Strand St with a bike to reach the office, it is hardly needed. Better to leave it to personal judgement. But the main point I was trying to make is that the true improvement would come from cycling infrastructure. You can't improve people livelihoods only with laws and more laws all times.
  11. For those who missed it, tomorrow Tynwald returns to the chamber. Here is the order paper: http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/opqp/2020-PP-0114.pdf It will boost confidence. My understanding is that schools are resuming (mostly) normal operations; but attendance won't be compulsory until September.
  12. I was very pleased that the helmet rule was scrapped. The government should focus on providing more cycling paths; as well as more walking paths. Douglas has a few, but there is less of that in the Onchan area (talking about things that are actually pleasant). There is so much that can be improved for cyclists, walkers and joggers. It is always so easy for governments to put up restrictions on what people can do; rather than actually improving livelihoods.
  13. Can you please show that email to me? I have not received it yet.
  14. New Zealand seems to be done with corona and removing all restrictions and re-opening everything; apart their border with the outside world which remains shut. Hopefully the Manx government follows suit. There is a plan for re-opening the NSC from Monday. Details below.
  15. I noted that they were all very young males... for the time being. The parents haven't saw fit to release the girls (yet). Or those whom have been released did not mingle with such unruly brawl. Eventually, it won't be possible to keep the girls under lockdown indefinitely and restrains will be loosened.
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