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  1. I'm pretty sure my car only goes that slow when the keys are in my pocket...
  2. It's a pretty cynical move really. Somebody obviously walked down Strand Street and observed how many fag smoking, alcoholic, chips, cheese and gravy eaters were about, did a few simple calculations and realised it would be a good idea to push up the pension age as it was obvious that many of the constituents would never get to claim it.
  3. Plex, nice features but very ugly. Emby is where it's at....
  4. Leave it on the mountain road then?
  5. Oddly today, in my web browser I can now see all of the google play services, including downloading movies and music. I've never seen that before, have they updated the T&Cs to include the Isle of Man now?
  6. I haven't read this entire thread, but I think I get the gist. Does anyone know if Currys/PC World have raised it with Google? Surely they would have a bit more clout than any of us individually.
  7. Oh dear, another person who's daily commute is on the school bus.
  8. Hi Hollie Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this thread, as basically I ran out of money to try and sort the issue. I was in raymotors today, I think they told me about your car whilst I was there. I too have gone down the decat route until I find out what's up with my car, I just couldn't afford to keep burning through cats until someone could work out what's wrong with it. Today Raymotors have suggested that there is a stuck air intake valve, and that they want to take apart the engine to get to it. However, it sounds very labour intensive, could cost an arm and a leg and that
  9. No, not that one. There was a group that was airing their views about how the police is run in the IOM, Inspector Derek Flint was getting involved in it and answering peoples queries.
  10. So here I am asking the question I know others are asking... Where did this facebook group go and why. At last glance it had around 2,500 members, but has vanished without a trace. Does anyone know what happened?
  11. Apologies orbit, I was unaware that you had so much information as to the future success and content of the proposed site. I bow down to your obviously superior fortune telling skills and withdraw my ridiculous suggestion. The person who had the idea to register iom.tt as a domain name must be an imbecile and I only wish they'd had your guidance before making such a hasty purchase.
  12. Why not go the domain registrar for Trinidad and Tobago The domain isleofman.tt is currently available. the .tt domain doesn't belong to anyone in the Isle of Man.
  13. Looks like it could be just me than. Thanks for that, maybe I'll hard reset my router to defaults and see if that sorts it at my end. Cheers.
  14. Just as a comparison, here is what I get through my Wimanx connection...
  15. Is anyone else experiencing poor broadband speed the last couple of evenings? Had some issues last night, up until around 11pm, then it sorted itself out, but it;s really bad again this evening. I'm on Manx Telecom, and had a report from a colleague at work today that he has issues also last night. We're both running 16MB ADSL.
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