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  1. Hi, Hope someone could give me some guidance here. I'm posting from mainland UK as I believe I have (or had) relatives living in the Isle of Man but have lost touch with them. My cousin is Carol Cooper (maiden name Graham) and I think her and her husband Mark used to live in Port Erin (I say 'think' because in the early 80's we went over to see them and I remember their house being very close to Nigel Mansells house and Port Erin was a lovely place). They must both be in their 60s now but I have no clue if they are still there or emigrated elsewhere. I know that they had two daughters but they may have had more since I saw them last, I simply don't know. Now I know the Isle of Man is huge and the chances of someone looking at this and knowing my cousin is absolutely minute, but there's no harm trying eh?! Also, I have another cousin Margaret Graham who also went to live in the Isle of Man with her partner (not sure of his details) and she would be able the same age too. Both of my cousins were originally from Merseyside. I have attempted to search for them on Facebook but this has drawn a blank. If anyone has advice on how I could move forward with this I would be very appreciative. Thank you for your time. Regards, Chris.
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