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  1. I'm not sure what your point is? i wasn't commenting on whether the works on Quarterbridge Road were required?
  2. What would be your proposal? there would be a lot more chaos if it was carried out under traffic lights, with cars backing up all over the place. i'll say a prayer for you for that extra 5 minutes onto your travel time for the next few weeks though🤞
  3. Kerb replacement and footpath overlay isn't exactly major works.. and that was the point of the lockdown...nobody in work. Nothing better to moan about today?
  4. I was asking a question, looking for answers. Not sure how fruitful a call to the 111 line would be to be honest... Sorry mr angry. Thanks for your research, since you've been successful could you tell me how many key workers have arrived on the island that are not required to self isolate for 14 days? and if there are any precautions in place to stop them passing the virus to local workers whilst here? Sorry if that comes across as moany
  5. Tracking and tracing is all good and well but with the stats IOM / global health bodies have posted regarding asymptomatic carriers, the amount of people that the virus can be transmitted to without suitable distancing and the incubation period without symptoms, it could then be too late? My question was exactly as Mr Newbie surmised; If these key workers aren't isolating, are they distancing, is anyone checking this? I think it would be naive to presume it's only the construction industry that have key workers arriving, so how many people are coming across without isolating?
  6. The CM said in a briefing that the key workers that have traveled across are to not go to restaurants, bars etc stay 2m away from locals. (presumably for the two week period until they are deemed to not have the virus) So surely if they're working / sitting next to a local man in a van they should wear a mask if they haven't isolated 'without leaving the property' for two weeks.
  7. Key workers are exempt from self isolating, this has been outlined by the government before they began arriving...
  8. I have noticed an english reg van working on the promenade recently with EXCEL advertising, presumably this is key worker from across...he did not appear to be wearing any mask and also had a local man in his van?! Surely this puts us in danger of another resurgence of COVID if this man is then going home to his family, to the shops etc? Does anyone know the procedures for ensuring these key workers stick to the rules whilst they are here or is it just a free for all, especially after the working day is over? Is anyone checking on them?
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