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  1. Howard Quayle and David Ashford are sometimes too ridiculous to be real; their briefings are a pantomime act and it is so easy to mock them. One has to recognize that there has been a gradient of improvement in the most recent speeches of Quayle, once he has realized and started to openly admit that the island has to transition from a policy of zero covid to learning to live with the virus; sooner rather than later. The take-away from Thursday speech is precisely that. It is a welcome improvement; at last.
  2. For the time being, as concerns Covid, IOM does not make any distinction about the origin of travel. This may change if they start copying Jersey. But that frankly would require moving away from the whole "zero Covid" mindset: I will believe when I see it. What HMRC has to do with it?
  3. Guernsey has fully abolished the requirement to wear mask in enclosed spaces.
  4. They don't. But of course they ask to see tickets and other info. Be carefully what you say and better prepare it in advance. As a transit traveller you don't have to do the Covid tests or register an UK address. The post on top of pag. 2016 points out to the relevant legislation. The problem is that some immigration officers will be ignorant about it.
  5. I had been travelling off island and off UK by myself recently and had the same type of hassle. The info is broadly correct. But the UK locator form may have changed since (hopefully improved).
  6. My concern is that having inculcated enormous fear into the population for the supposedly noble purpose of limiting fatalities, our government(s) will be tempted in extracting political capital by pursuing an absurd policy of complete eradication. That would push us into frequent re-vaccinations with experimental vaccines that haven't been around for long enough to understand their overall effects; things like gene therapy. Absurd for limiting an illness with such a low fatality rate. What do you expect a populist buffoon such as Boris Johnson to do? Would you trust him with your hea
  7. It is better than the flu, because the virus is intrinsically more stable and easier to vaccinate. However, the goal of sterilising immunity is a chimera with ordinary vaccines. We will achieve nothing like measles.
  8. Roger Mexico: I wasn’t thinking about you when I wrote that. There are others on this forum (I can think of about four posters) that have seen those vaccinations cards granting the right to travel as inevitable, almost a de-facto accomplishment. I don’t really think those posters are Stalinist minions. They haven’t thought through the issues. They read a certain British press, which has been overdramatising Covid, cheerleading lockdown, overlooking those vexatious issues or misrepresenting them; typically oversimplifying the problem by looking though ideological lens. There are 10-20
  9. Each country has its own prearranged quota; based on agreements signed last summer. Approval does not change that. I am critical of the government response, but it is not a race to the bottom. Not that bad!
  10. It is not true. EU countries do not have to follow EU guidelines on that matter and most don't. For instance, Austria has Covid rules that already regards the UK as being outside of the EU and among the countries for which an exception is made. Those rules are updated frequently, but it is unlikely that the essence will change, considering that there are hundred of thousands of UK residents that have close links to Austria. And, when you say the EU... don't mean France. But even in case of France, it is mainly posturing. Anyway, the EU is no good use for us; for this island in particular.
  11. As a further disappointments to the Stalinist minions on this forum, Ashford confirms that there will be no immunity passport or travel conditional on vaccine status in this isle. Even Ashford has a basic-level understanding of some of the issues. Here is the link: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/advocate-raises-concerns-over-covid-immunity-passports In the meantime, in the US an FDA advisory board called Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee has recommend the approval of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine for emergency use; vote which went through with 17 i
  12. I doubt that he was a returning resident. The mask would be an open invitation to call the police. As it happened with the four welders. They went into Tesco and someone asked them why they were wearing a mask; and then the police was called. That is how they got caught.
  13. Much to the disappointment of Roger Mexico and his Stalinist minions.
  14. Here is the IOMG regulation on exercise for returning residents: https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/travel-advice/household-isolation-and-exercise Yes, you can go out for exercise. I have seen people walking a dog with a mask. Or you can go out in the mid of the night running on your own, which is what I did when I was back in the island.
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