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  1. Was just going to post it up - didn't click on the links - reported it, but still an active member.
  2. ... you should see what it does to their lip fillers... don't get me started on the enhanced boobies... stuff of nightmares. But they are very hot, yes.
  3. ... you will find them if you avoid the Holy Pearly Gates and head South instead... lots of them... really hot ones...
  4. I'm afraid if you need strength from the Lord and his Holy cohorts for such a simple thing then you are beyond the reach of mortal assistance....
  5. https://www.change.org/p/isle-of-man-government-minister-for-infrastructure-remove-bus-cycle-lane-from-glencrutchery-road/u/27335293 Following various emails to island MHK's (Douglas, Onchan, Garff, Middle and Ramsey) it would appear that concerns regarding the Bus/Cycle Lane are very widespread. Some MHK's have approached the Minister for Infrastructure (Tim Baker) raising concerns and requesting further information and a meeting was held with the Minister, the D.O.I and Douglas and Onchan MHK's to discuss the various issues. I am told that some suggestions were made and that the D.O.I.
  6. Quite simply, I would challenge them to revert to the prior layout for a week, or even just one day, to see the effect on traffic flow. I would put money on traffic flow improving. As would the majority of the lab test commuters currently struggling with it.
  7. Struggling to navigate Glencrutchery Road without sitting in tailbacks?? The road changes were made to appease Dept of Transport (buses) but are causing major congestion. They are also an accident waiting to happen. This petition currently stands at over 1,800 supporters. Please sign this pressure group petition and SHARE. Thanks. https://www.change.org/p/isle-of-man-government-minister-for-infrastructure-remove-bus-cycle-lane-from-glencrutchery-road
  8. So I heard. But the buses can't reach the lane as they are also stuck in the tailback. No time saved for anyone. Humble pie required.
  9. Please share - email link to non-social media users :-)
  10. https://www.change.org/p/isle-of-man-government-minister-for-infrastructure-remove-bus-cycle-lane-from-glencrutchery-road
  11. https://www.change.org/p/isle-of-man-government-minister-for-infrastructure-remove-bus-cycle-lane-from-glencrutchery-road
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