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  1. He’s more Torie than liberal very confusing
  2. The thought of Pamela Malarkey makes me cringe. She would be a bigger waste of space that Mr Malarkey and that takes some doing. She must be missing his pay cheque.
  3. Easier to slide in if there is no one else standing
  4. Adrian wasn’t always a god botherer he turned that way after many sinful years running his garage. Just ask the poor 15 and 16 year olds that worked there.
  5. There has been no insults you must be reading something I am not. Wait till the real scrutiny begins, she will run off crying to grandma
  6. Are you her grandmother? Put yourself up for election be prepared for scrutiny. Thankfully my 4G is wonderful
  7. She is yes. This one is a favourite she is out with Prosecution Lawyer Rachel Braidwood. There is a lot about this Braidwood on this page https://www.facebook.com/isleofmanawareness/
  8. Was my broadband issue that made me register but had to comment on this. Is that ok with you? Being unpleasant would be insulting her looks or morals not stating facts.
  9. Yes he seems a good candidate
  10. Mine has been shocking for weeks sick of contacting them and getting no help. my neighbour believes it’s a way to get us all in the new fibre cables
  11. Recovered from being very ill and working in Care sector. Said on Facebook Last year would never go back in as nearly dying made her want all her time for family. Now for Claire- Granddaughter of Ex Tynwald President Christian. Friends with lots of Civil servants and Attorney Generals members. Not very clever but the privileged life gets her far. Was always destined for the gravy train!
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