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  1. Already posted a while ago John, you need to read previous posts to avoid repetition 😂 However here’s Jersey for you , something similar. Helps having testing at ports . https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2021/06/11/scotland-goes-red--as-test-policies-change/
  2. Banker


    Gone from what ? Resigned as MHK?
  3. Well at least that’s something, he’s recognized people want to travel, probably getting ready for his holidays post September 😀
  4. Banker


    Just say the name or give more clues
  5. Here’s the update, expect Howie announcement Monday!! If follow suit and announce no restrictions for fully vaccinated, more questions on the 2 weeks holidays, if we don’t more questions on what data Jersey & Guernsey use as opposed to us!! https://www.channel103.com/news/guernsey/fully-vaccinated-can-arrive-without-test-or-isolation-from-1-july/
  6. He won’t do anything until Guernsey announce today what they are doing & then copy. Any delay here will lead to more flights cancelled, lots of losses for hospitality & more taxpayers money to fund Logan Air, IOM SPCO , hotels, restaurants etc
  7. So you’re just counting 12-16 in your figures which nobody else is or are you counting all children from 0 for whom it’s not authorized, if so your figures are even more wrong
  8. As you’ve been told numerous times nobody uses total population it’s all over 16s Are you advocating Covid vaccinations for babies now?
  9. I expect an announcement on borders next week as Howard is waiting to see what Guernsey announce today or borders reopen due 1/07 , he will then copy most as usual
  10. Sorry, we all know only your opinion counts as you constantly demonstrate, it’s a forum!! Next thing will be we are delayed borders easing until more over 50s vaccinations
  11. Wonder how long it will take to catch up every other jurisdictions which just cracked on instead of having 2 weeks holidays? UK 55% fully vaccinated, Guernsey 52% , Jersey 93% of over 55 & 82% of 50-54
  12. Lack of mental health care is a massive issue which got worse during lockdown as most government mental health provision was online/phone with face to face meetings being refused. Also schools being closed meant some issues with school children were not picked up, young persons mental health is a major problem
  13. Too easy, didn't think it would take long😂
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