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  1. Banker

    Firm closing

    They must have a fair amount of capital behind them to buy that unit, surprised Raj sold a part of the larger site which may make it less attractive if he wants to sell
  2. Don’t know but Jersey seems to have done something similar & paying their chairman £225k pa + expenses for 3 days per week!! https://www.bailiwickexpress.com/jsy/news/health-minister-encouraged-critical-report-author-apply-chair-role/#.Y44czOSnyEc
  3. There’s many on Twitter including locally who want face masks in all public spaces & testing & mandatory isolation for anyone with symptoms or testing positive
  4. Who are the 2 chief executives? How would you get parcels business off a gig delivery company who pay shit wages? Would you sack all posties & remploy on self employed contracts saving NI/pensions & vans cost or just reduce all their wages? There were strikes, picket lines & questions in Tynwald when terms & conditions were changed a few years ago
  5. So you’ve got No facts to prove your bullshit, didn’t think so, typical big mouth!
  6. Interesting proposal from Guernsey to raise taxes to fund £85m deficit otherwise we’ll close a school & cut other services, maybe we should do something similar so higher earners pay more https://gsy.bailiwickexpress.com/gsy/news/tax-plans-recap1/#.Y4zQJ-SnyEc
  7. Shit response, the public sector pension liability is not debt that has been run up in recent years, it’s always existed in some form, it’s just an actuarial estimate of all pensions if payable now, the liability is based on discount rates, mortality tables etc & will never actually be paid out in one sum. The UK public sector pensions liability was £1.6 trillion in 2018 . I am also fairly certain the MUA don’t owe £500m in external debt or that £100m debt has been taken on for ferry terminal but please so us details in accounts rather than incorrect statements!!
  8. Bit more information free lofts insulation soon!! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/doi-minister-supportive-of-spending-millions-on-basic-fabric-of-housing/
  9. Perhaps you can show us the details of the billions of pounds of debts & what it’s been spent on ?
  10. Banker

    Firm closing

    The bitter was excellent in the Albert, also Market & British yesterday, different prices, think market was cheapest
  11. Nobody noticed letters stopped on a Saturday, did you?
  12. Banker

    Firm closing

    I was drinking okells bitter,
  13. Some difficult decisions to be made https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/treasury-minister-confident-in-making-up-budget-deficit/
  14. Banker

    Firm closing

    Just had an excellent pint of bitter In Albert 🌞
  15. I’m avoiding today as thought it would be cringeworthy!!
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