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  1. Well as long as teapot, cambon & Albert T feel safe let’s not change anything!!
  2. Has Skelly or Baker as ministers made any comments or are they on 12 week break?
  3. WTF has Auckland got to with IOM restrictions? This typical of the Covid mentalists trying to divert away from IOM needing to move on and get into line with their peer group i.e. jersey & Guernsey
  4. https://guernseypress.com/news/2020/08/11/apology-over-manx-flight-diversion/ according to Guernsey need it was lack of ATC which caused problems
  5. Yes but group b including UK ! So London to Guernsey 7 days then IOM say day 8 or 9. We are changing soon no matter what the we’re all doomed brigade say!! latest stats from Jersey Negative tests 48777 Confirmed cases 347 Pending results 1451 Known active cases 7 Recovered cases 324 Registered deaths 31 Probable deaths 16 Proven deaths 15
  6. The issue is all others are easing restrictions even Guernsey to 7 days so anyone can go to Guernsey from wherever and isolate for 7 days then come here!! therefore we will have no options but to go to 7 days or the Jersey model which is working very well despite many in this forum predicting 1000s of cases when Jersey reopened
  7. https://guernseypress.com/news/2020/08/11/cca-chairman-expresses-his-surprise-at-lack-of-global-covid-19-response/ update from Guernsey head , they ease restrictions from Monday to 7 days
  8. Jersey seems to handling it very well and have added France to their list where extra quarantine and testing required
  9. If ATC etc were there, why didn’t they just land at Iom and wait on plane for the bloke with keys to turn up rather than sit at Manchester Airport?
  10. Too expensive to have all staff in just for a paper plane! Other days there is a mail plane as well
  11. On the beach with skelly, callister , hooper etc
  12. Why hasn't the airport director or deputy or person in charge of tourism given an official response? Oh forgot it's a weekend and they don't work for their £120k + packages then!!
  13. Obviously having such a great time you have time to come on here and be a whinging DHead!
  14. Most people accept they do a valuable job but not that they deserve the amounts of cash that they seemingly want on top of the inflation busting awards given, 5.5% for new reachers
  15. Perhaps you should be advising Howie instead of the medics we have as you know more! However a workable vaccine is expected in a few months with some including the Oxford one in final trials with encouraging results.
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