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  1. Absolutely correct, every airport has them & they’re expected by travelers. Some people just don’t like change!
  2. Who owns the site & who’s actually doing the excavation, surely their insurance companies will be liable? This slippage/erosion will impact insurance costs for neighboring properties on cliff bit like the flooding in Laxey
  3. Don’t you get fed up of being a smug facetious jerk?
  4. Probably not !! But it’s a small thing that’s easy to do & improves customer experience
  5. Not necessary, it’s just plumbed into mains & has a cooler in, most offices have them it’s just the cost of the machine & maybe a maintenance contract
  6. Didn’t they try to get rid of some which were receiving 4/5 letters a week with others a few hundred yards away & Moorhouse asked loads of questions about it!!!
  7. One basic thing they could sort out cheaply at airport is a drinking water machine, lots of people including me have refillable bottles & except for toilet sinks which no one would use or join a massive queue at Costa to ask for water you are left with paying £2.35 for a 50ml bottle of water in shop!! Only airport I know that doesn’t have one & we’re supposed to be leading climate change!!
  8. Interesting that some of those stirring up comments on Facebook are the same who were making lots of comments on the sex education topic & are anti vaxxers commenting frequently whenever vaccines were mentioned!!
  9. Bit of a spat on Manx radio facebook with comments from Haywood & response from Rob who’s now writing to CM & chief Secretary!! Lots of robs supporter’s taking Haywood on , she needs a break from social media!!
  10. All the comments if interested, see 8 voted against report including Rob https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/watterson-investigation-into-conduct-claims-was-incredibly-isolating/
  11. Aren’t Hartford now putting heat source pumps & solar panels in all new buildings now?
  12. See DOI are putting up license & driving test fees as well https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/price-of-driving-tests-and-licences-to-go-up/
  13. I notice a lot of the people on Facebook shouting cover up, sack the minister, my kid doesn’t lie etc are the anti vaxxers mob who appear constantly on any controversy to promote their views
  14. Some easyJet flights showing 3 hours delays today, is it foggy again at airport or just operational issues?
  15. Lots of Facebook warriors calling for Julie edge to be sacked, allegations of grooming, deviants etc etc
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