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  1. Don’t worry we’ve borrowed £400m to pay the bills!! https://gef.im/2021/09/07/money-money-money/?fbclid=IwAR2j6gOiFrQofWV5iHbb1ruqtwX0BHrdb37IInoIATuBWh5OtQ5DyRO9yHQ
  2. And you know nothing about me you pompous arsehole but see fit to call me a liar for saying I’m involved with charities
  3. Yes , if they had worked an odd Saturday afternoon, Sunday & a few evenings over the past 6 weeks it would have been finished on schedule, it will be chaos tomorrow on ballafletcher road, Braddan road etc
  4. Good job you don’t live in Italy as possibly going to be compulsory!!! https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-mario-draghi-wants-to-make-italy-the-first-eu-country-to-make-vaccines/
  5. What vote multiple times for him?😂
  6. They deal with schools & young people as well so don’t accept your assessments, perhaps you & Quilip could contact one of the charities to either volunteer or discuss the issues & donate some funds but I guess that’s too easy?
  7. Just because you do fuck all to help anyone doesn’t mean we all do, look back over last year & you will see numerous posts mentioned involvement. Typical response from you & your sidekick Teapot !! Look at a few local addiction charities website for annual reports & you will see the growing problems in drugs & alcohol but that’s too easy isn’t it
  8. Well being involved in addiction charities I can tell you it is the case unless you know better from your vast experience in counseling for addiction?
  9. There’s a massive drugs problem in the younger population & as they get older they progress to harder drugs & criminality to fund habits, one of biggest issues we have
  10. Guernsey taking steps to address similar position & also imposed pay freeze this year, I guess the CI haters won’t like idea as it’s from Guernsey https://www.channel103.com/news/guernsey/pandr-move-forward-with-public-service-restructure/
  11. Looks like pensioners will have to pay NI or equivalent on earnings Laura Kuenssberg Political editor A late night decision, but it sounds like this is part of the deal: Pensioners in work will pay a health and social care levy - which makes it different to normal National Insurance. We'll have to wait for more precise detail later. One of the biggest unknowns is what support social care gets up front. I'm told support will be phased in but it is not clear yet what happens while the NHS is the main beneficiary of the NI hike for first three years.
  12. Still awaiting manifestos from all candidates except Lynch, Ballafletcher Road area ?
  13. There does seem some confusion over deaths & it seems we may have 3 more than we thought! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/govt-responds-over-covid-19-deaths-statistics/
  14. Women should never have got it earlier in first place as they love longer
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