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  1. Banker

    Firm closing

    Just had an excellent pint of bitter In Albert 🌞
  2. I’m avoiding today as thought it would be cringeworthy!!
  3. Probably need an FOI to obtain that information!!
  4. They say health & safety of old carpets etc!! As I mentioned ask those on waiting lists if they want them first, obviously if bad tenants in previously then strip them. Carpeting house is expensive particularly if you have no money
  5. I would expect there’s 100s of perfectly habitable council houses available around the island & something Chris Thomas needs to get sorted ASAP
  6. There’s plenty in port Erin been empty for over 12 months & probably all the other authorities. What happens is someone vacates a perfectly habitable house with carpets, curtains, blinds, light fittings etc & after several months Commissioners hire private contractors to go in & strip everything out & chuck it n the skip. The house then stays empty until they can eventually be bothered to check it & then many months later they will actually ask those on long waiting lists if they want it. The new tenant then has to pay to carpet, put curtains etc etc up. I know this from experience if elderly relatives who went to nursing homes. When challenged as to why they dumped everything they say is health & safety policy!! Surely they could just ask those on waiting lists if they want it as is, if house has been left wrecked that’s different.
  7. They own the golf course which is rented by club at low rent apparently, perhaps if they rented out the many empty council houses they would have more income coming in!
  8. Nice to have is going , Pulrose golf course? Some staff , bins collection? What? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/commissioners-nice-to-have-things-will-have-to-go/I’m
  9. All to do with AML , KYC & GDPR , basically the administrative costs of taking identification/address documents etc , checking sources of funds, ensuring data updating etc for everyone who wants a £2k bond is prohibitive
  10. Banker

    Firm closing

    Portofino just advertised fir new chef so odd they’re closing but the rent must be astronomical!
  11. They seem to be saying that because 250/300 were at Comis yesterday that they all voted to strike but as less than 200 did that’s a lie!! Apparently a lot at Comis were the Labour Party lot, unions mob from Uk , local union leaders etc
  12. Banker


    Already a thread on this below under local authorities
  13. Banker

    Firm closing

    £38 for fillet steak without sides!!! Apparently it’s been busy maybe because it’s new?
  14. Assume some is on variable rates & if some fixed loans are maturing then need replacing at higher rate. IOMG got a long term rate of 1.625% on their green bond last year which is a great rate
  15. Get back to your picket lines then!!
  16. Latest scheme now released https://www.iomdfenterprise.im/green-living/
  17. So you now agree less than 200 voted for strike & many of the claimed 600 members are obviously not active teachers employed by DESC as otherwise they would have been eligible to vote!!
  18. It will be in annual IOMG consolidated accounts if any body is interested
  19. No they borrow externally, think HSBC but maybe against government covenant. A lot of cost will be wages uplifted 6% plus extra pension costs, NI etc so say 8% minimum. Will they cut staff costs in office etc?? NO
  20. Numbers confirmed by Minister today as less than 200 out of 450 elegible to vote but as usual silence from Union militants!! No doubt you & the other trolls with egg on face will apologize
  21. Bit like deputy assistant town clerk’s etc etc in local authorities!!
  22. See reported in examiner today that smart energy who were undertaking energy audits for government then used the Confidential data to contact the household to try & sell products & services!!
  23. Couple more local loudmouths were also on picket line along with UK rent a mob https://gef.im/2022/11/30/union-leaders-warn-of-discontent/
  24. Lots of French visit Jersey for short trips with a number of Europeans living there so probably good demand.
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