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  1. The changes in isolation is also good news for families traveling over to IOM as after a test everyone us out of isolation & down to pub or whatever. Before it’s was 7 days + 3 days extra not going anywhere so it put loads of coming over. Personally I’m not bothered about others coming over but hospitality will be very disappointed again
  2. Needs sorting for IOM residents as will be required for anyone wanting to travel & potentially attending big sporting/music events in UK. Apparently if it’s working properly it should generate a QR code to use.
  3. Anyone got it fully working yet with vaccinations showing & ready to use as health passport? Surprised the requirements for vaccinations certification wasn’t raised in yesterday’s briefing
  4. Ok but Jersey will be finished all eligible much quicker so we’ll just agree to disagree on correct process but Jersey are obviously able to flex quickly. Also Ashford assertion that all over 50s will be jabbed by end of June is crap as I know some aged 50 who are due 8/9 July and yes they register on time
  5. Well Jersey obviously have the answer!! Doing the second quicker & jabbing all eligible population 6 weeks before Iom schedule so it’s obvious it can be done. Your & Ashford obsession with not seeing how others do it better is stupid
  6. So great for residents but hospitality being shafted again
  7. So you have no answer, suggest Ashie rings Jersey to ask how it’s being done as the islands all have regular discussion https://www.channel103.com/news/jersey/quicker-second-vaccine-doses-to-highest-risk-islanders/
  8. How come Jersey can do it so easily then , they are accelerating second dose in line with JCVI recommendation & still on target to complete all eligible population by end of August ie 1 month ahead of us. They must be getting same allocation as us per head
  9. Jersey shortening time between jabs for over 50s and will have everyone vaccinated by end August compared to September for us https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2021/05/17/indian-variant-concerns-prompt-change-to-vaccination-roll-out-for-at-risk-islanders/
  10. Well I’m very much 2.25 as only bothered about family here & in UK being allowed to travel within UK at present although would like to go to Italy end June if green
  11. Seems a lot of the Indian variant spread in Bolton area & others is because lots of the locals refused to get vaccinated for some reasons, Bolton, a big push to get more people vaccinated is bearing fruit. Health officials are targeting about 10,000 people who are eligible but have yet to come forward, but know that take-up of the vaccine in some parts of the town is lower than the national average.
  12. Good as for residents & families but won’t bother you in bunker 😂
  13. Wrong again on travel restrictions, is your bunker stocked up😀
  14. Plus Henny waffle about what we already know in UK
  15. No profiteering says Ashford! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/government-isnt-profiteering-over-covid-tests-says-ashford/
  16. Be interesting to know how the £30 is calculated, Guernsey is £25 & Jersey is free at present
  17. If you’ve got second jabs that quick then there’s normally underlying health conditions, I’m 60 and second due 18/06
  18. Think you need to get out more constantly commenting on my comments, you’re like a stalker!!
  19. No positive tests since borders eased to allow families in
  20. I’m hoping Ashford will give update later on both the app & how to get paper confirmation for non smart phone users and also whether IOM are following UK with acceleration of second jabs for over 50s
  21. All EAG including Rachel named, not sure what they all bring https://gef.im/2021/05/17/emergency-advisory-group-members-confirmed/
  22. Have you got bunker stocked up for this afternoon’s announcement?
  23. That’s the problem with elections, everyone promises everything that’s popular but no one really costs it out and details how it will be paid for. Then they get elected and realize there’s no money to pay for the promise and this will be particularly so this coming years with Covid costs & pension shortfall
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