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  1. More qualified than you with your bullshit!
  2. Are there maybe slots available for lifeline services by regional airlines?
  3. Thanks so Helmut was wrong as usual, no surprise for the civil servant!
  4. Thanks Bill, enjoying your backdated government pay rise with another nice holiday over Xmas ?
  5. The residents in area suggested their property values had crashed because of proposals & want compensation, nothing to do with general property values
  6. New NEDS for airport, seem very experienced https://www.gov.im/news/2023/nov/30/advisers-appointed-to-support-project-exploring-future-of-isle-of-man-airport/?fbclid=IwAR18DYAQjOxDq2bfHPVh0n-SoaJvirzQOs5AJf5K-dzmSPwoTi2tole9KYE
  7. To be fair it was an independent recommendation as far as I know, not sure if it’s linked to a particular grade or just general rise. It seems the unions don’t like rises which favour lower paid and insist on all get the same so the well paid get even more well paid
  8. Couldn’t see it mentioned, someone we know?😀
  9. So you support above inflation pay rises for all public sector paid for by our taxes? one minute you’re saying cut costs & then you’re saying increase them!, MHKs don’t demand pay rises, their salaries go up by whatever civil servants get so not involved, on your suggestion of giving unions what they want then MHKs will get large raises!,
  10. Well when your taxes go up then deficits will reduce as income will cover outgoings , as long as we resist union demands for above inflation pay rises!
  11. I don’t think so I’ve not heard anyone mention it’s a bad idea except for some residents of area https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/renewable-energy-is-the-responsible-approach-says-chief-minister/
  12. But it’s always been the same even in communist countries where everyone is supposed to be equal! Capitalism drives the world economy
  13. The unions want to add to deficit by demanding above inflation pay rises, meanwhile many are calling for cuts to public sector, I know which will be most popular with public! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/unions-call-for-early-negotiations-over-public-sector-pay/
  14. https://gef.im/news/breaking/bank-axes-jobs-42515/?fbclid=IwAR1DuHjUDcOcaQPVHz_BqI9m2lCgmbeETF61YDwON65i9h9aAiB4qJHYurQ
  15. So even more in reserves than I thought so no chance of going bust in foreseeable future, other crown dependencies would welcome our level of reserves to help them
  16. You’re definitely correct in that action should have been taken sooner and we’re now in a difficult position of either cutting services, raising taxes, spending reserves, borrowing moreor combination . There’s no windfall from the new international tax although I think £4/5m extra mentioned. We still have substantial reserves c£1.5bn in liquid assets so I don’t foresee any bankruptcy scenario with reliance on reserves forecast to fall although some austerity maybe required. The public sector pension liability is only an actuarial estimate if every £ accrued/forecast had to be paid out in one amount today.
  17. More aggressive abuse from the split personality 😂 cheers Ramsey boy , Brit , Sultan etc😀
  18. Correct they are, also Irish pay & pensions reduced during crisis were mainly restored during later years .
  19. Were any employees sacked for no reason without redundancy? The vast amount of IOMG pensions paid are under the amount Ireland exempted from reducing, you were saying buggane?
  20. Thanks offshore Brit etc😂
  21. Doubt it would add up to £100m pa but you still don’t say which civil servants you would sack? You can’t just sack someone for no reason without paying redundancy and you can’t stop pension rights accrued over many years unless serious fraud can be proven. No government can just change laws on pension etc without massive consequences unless you’re a dictatorship like China
  22. Jersey seem to have similar problems with new boards etc! https://www.channel103.com/news/jersey/jehan-resigns-in-scathing-attack-on-health-board/
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