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  1. Gov are paying Loganair for LCY , MAN and LVP at the moment , basically buying all the seats. There s no plan B.
  2. Simple , IOM becomes part of Lancashire or Northern ( soon to be Southern ) Ireland and the Channels can pick France or England. I’d go for France , better cuisine.
  3. Anyone


    We did it to the letter , not that hard. No checks though. Maybe they came when we were at the pub ( that was a joke by the way for those of the pitchfork persuasion ). 7 days with testing would be better but no one will do 14 for a short break. It’s a deterrent.
  4. Always an issue as candidates don’t tend to reveal beliefs that might put voters off , then they get in. Been a few of those in recent years and no doubt a few to come.
  5. You need to watch Life on Mars. I was taking the mick. If your allowed to say that these days.
  6. Baby steps? Is that not one step forward , two back then fall on your arse.
  7. So Josem is a brexiteer , a UKIPer and a little Englander. You make that sound like a bad thing.
  8. No , I have dignitas. I suggest you decide how to die.
  9. We could import Germans and shoot them , after all you spent a lot of time shooting us.
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