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  1. Don’t think so. I reckon he wants Rodans job till it’s time to retire. Who would not , pretty cushy number.
  2. Interesting article on Manx Radio. So should we have one or is it just more Govn bloat to no real effect? Would an effective , and really independent , auditor general improve things. I’m not sure one way or another but must be worth serious consideration.
  3. I was not being flippant. The local economy may well be okish but that is a small part of the treasury take. Ok I’ll add selling TVs and sofas to the list. If you really think a world recession will have no effect here then I think you are being naive. The other problem we have is that minus an effective vaccine the IOM is very exposed as it’s only option is isolation. How long do you think that is viable before people bale out.
  4. Had my bloods done 3 weeks ago ( one for cancer ) , no word yet and no idea when. So I’m assuming I’m fine. Oh well it’s now the NCS.
  5. I think you are missing the point but no matter. I can add local tradesmen to TJ’s and Costa. Happy now? We are facing an economic tsunami and right now the tide is out. I hope you are retired and on a fixed income. If so you’ll be fine.
  6. I think you’ll find the economy is not doing as well as you imagine. Bit more to it than TJ Max and Costa being full. But I imagine you deal in unreal time ( ie you must be a computer bod ) so don’t really understand economics.
  7. I think that most of those coming in will bring little in terms of economic activity as you say so will be a net drain on resources. Anecdotal I know but I hear of quite a lot of people looking to leave soon as. All economically active and youngish. If I was young I would leave unless we see some real leadership n Tynwald. I won’t be holding my breath on that.
  8. I recall it all too including Cyprus as I just missed national service but knew many who did and I knew many WW2 vets and a few WW1 vets. Now that was stress. I did read what you posted , just didn’t think it made any sense to those who were not there and who could put it in context. But then you are always right aren’t you.
  9. You’d have to be pretty old to remember and be stressed by Suez unless it happened twice and I missed the second one. Poll tax only really stressed Scottish people I recall as that’s where they tried it out. Generally I think world events only stress you if have the misfortune to be in the middle of it and be directly affected. I never worried for a second that the Cubans would fire a missile at my town and found the nuclear warnings around that time quite funny really , but I was very young then I suppose so did not take it very seriously. In the end the Russians did not bomb us.
  10. Predictable response from the current administration really. It seems that only nil risk is acceptable so that means we stay at level 4 until either COVID disappears ( very unlikely ) or an effective vaccine is available ( who knows how likely that is ) . So that means no exit strategy in effect so closed borders for the foreseeable future. How long can Gov pay hotels to stay afloat with no customers ? What will tax receipts be like as incomes are being adversely affected in the private sector where most wealth is created. I would be surprised if the current administration move from level 4 b
  11. Anyone

    Manx Care

    Currently advertising for a director of finance for Manx Care at a salary of £75k plus extras. So a pretty big salary bill already.
  12. Well it’s not all bad. Christie DeHaven does a very good Saturday evening show ( solo ) as does Paul Corkish on a Sunday ( solo ). That Peters chap also seems to manage on his own. Few others as well do good solo shows. I just think dual presenting misses the point of good radio.
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