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  1. Flounder , perhaps , I’ll get my coat.
  2. That was nice of him but he had a nickname , whether it was deserved to not I don’t know.
  3. He always wore monogrammed shirts - classy baby.
  4. His operation offshore wise was run by an IOM licensed CSP , allegedly. We’ll not really as it was.
  5. The insaner the better. I like insane people as they tend to be more normal.
  6. Anyone

    Firm closing

    Salad is for wimps. Raw meat , yeah.
  7. Nazis get a lot of bad press. Their uniforms were designed and made by Hugo Boss so they were very smart looking. People forget that.
  8. Even for those who lived here and payed their taxes here? That’s what they did. Nice one.
  9. Or being somewhere that that getting back in 48 hours was a tad tricky. Given the mayhem and was it that idiot Schapps at one point saying stay where you are then saying oh no come back.
  10. I don’t think anyone would disagree with your first paragraph bearing in mind the record the SNP have in those areas is not good. Bit like in England , Wales and Northern Ireland run by , respectively , Tories , Labour and nobody. So a bit of a non point other than everyone in charge seems to be making a bit of a pigs ear of everything. Your second paragraph is just speculation. Your third , well I’d ask if any other political party in the UK is any different. Don’t know why VOR loved your post , what skin in the game could he possibly have? I can imagine but won’t say.
  11. What Hancock said or did should very much be in the public domain. It’s is a power thing and it seems he relished that and made stupid calls based on his own little power trip. Would you have said that if the journalist in question was male? Knowing you probably not.
  12. They way it works now is unless you have money you get no dental care. Yes you can buy insurance but that pays not all of it. Just a bit. And if all you have is an annual check up and 2 cleans then the annual premium exceeds the cost.
  13. Anyone


    I went to school for a while. Some teachers were great , some were not. You just got used to it.
  14. You might , perhaps maybe , missed the nuance there. Or maybe not.
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