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  1. True but that does not matter. The strategy here was ( big time fingers crossed ) wait for a vaccine. They have one , it will be rolled out curtesy of Westminster , but don’t expect our borders to open until 2022 at the earliest. In Oz and NZ they have not even started vaccination so here is doing , not great , but ok.
  2. Not on here , it’s a bit of a loony bin on here. Why any aspiring politician would engage on here is beyond me. This is just a bit of fun and , sometimes , somewhere to get rid of your frustrations by having an anonymous blow out.
  3. I think eating wallabies is allowed if you can catch them. I’m not a politician.
  4. Then you condone it by your silence.
  5. Max , it’s not as only white people can be racist as it’s based on power and white peoples have all the power ( economic and social ). But I’ll bow out now as Kangaroo Jack seems to have outed someone ( I know who you are , actually voted for you but I guess you lost for speaking too much common sense ) but I don’t think it’s fair to out someone , although I don’t have a clue who that person outed by Kangeroo Jack is.
  6. I think that was Kankaroo Jacks point. But you think that’s a bad thing.
  7. And you don’t have to be black to fall foul of the Manx anti every one who is not Manx. When I first came here the Irish in particular were hated.
  8. I agree. But if you want to get elected best keep that to yourself , that is if you want to do that. If I were you I would not bother , hiding to nothing.
  9. I believe you. But many white people do. Happens on a daily basis and casually. But I do believe you don’t .
  10. I disagree. If anything they are the same and based on skin color. We white folk need to realize that.
  11. No it is racism. It’s always based on skin color , just ask black people if you know any. Not many in Oz and you did not exactly treat them that well , cobber.
  12. Well , I guess we’ll always disagree but I think MR is worth it.
  13. All white people are racist , what matters is how we personally deal with that racism.
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