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  1. Well that’s the problem. He did one term as an MHK the latter of which was as health minister ( how did that go? ). Then hey presto he is CM and most voters probably had no clue who he was , what he stood for and believed and what direction he wanted for the Island. He we solve that is an even bigger question.
  2. Chaps , avoid all that hassle doing endless charity work for people who don’t appreciate it. Bung the labor party or the tories a hundred grand and bobs your uncle.
  3. Don’t forget the constabulary have an enviable record of tolerance and even handed ness on the island. Just think back over the years at the absence of prejudice and political interference.
  4. No u-turn , don’t thing the gruesome twosome are into a place in the sun.
  5. There is a plan. it’s called Plan B
  6. I’ve tried listening to Manx Radio again but it is hard. This dual presenter thing is awful. It’s not intimate radio. I like Chris Williams , he’s a proper broadcaster and Manx Radio have plenty like him but don’t use them properly. Instead we get Captain Smug et al wittering with each other. Get it sorted , we pay for it. We all know who the good ones are. Just dump the deadwood. But leave the niche ones like brass and and opera hour and that farming one and Judith Lay. I seldom listen to those but loads do and when I have I’ve liked them. It’s what we all pay them for - variety. Many of
  7. They are , some a bit too forcefully.
  8. I got shouted at today for being maskless from someone on the other side of the road.
  9. I don’t get this anti David Cretney thing. Like all of us he his not perfect but he has always stuck his head above the parapet and done more good than harm. I wish his daughter well , some of her aims will resonate with voters as well they should.
  10. Did I say that? Don’t think so dear.
  11. My understanding is masks are only mandatory in the bus. However , I will wear one in shops out of respect for other shop users. On my my walks , runs , bike rides when I am in contact with no one I will not wear a mask. In Strand Street I would wear a mask , luckily I hate Strand Street so I won’t be there. Common sense really.
  12. Doesn’t matter , seems DOI are in charge of roll out , oh dear.
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