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  1. The PO may be great. It may not be , who knows without some debate about what it does well and what it does not so well. It’s a shame the nations political member deems any such debate unnecessary , but not unsurprising.
  2. It helps linguistic ability so if at a young age you can be fluent in English and Manx then learning other languages will come naturally. It also helps to promote the Manx identity which is important. It’s not important to me because I just live here and I’m not therefore Manx. But it is very important to those who are Manx born and bred and the language and culture deserve respect.
  3. Well that was a bit of a troll unless of course you meant all of it. Which I doubt. But I could be wrong as usually I am. Only people I’d block from voting are Rangers supporters. The rest you mention sound fine to me.
  4. Not allowed as any TT stuff is controlled by , can’t remember , but controlled. So can only be run and be screwed up by a controlled entity of which we all no little. But might be controlled by government but probably not. Unless of course it’s a big success and then it will be , or not , as they’d probably not notice they’d got right by mistake and then correct getting it right by screwing it up next year. Because in the Isle of Man you can.
  5. Swimming is actually quite boring if you don’t like swimming .
  6. Much of this is class prejudice. She ( no idea about him ) is from a working class background. She made the most of what she has now through sheer hard graft. And for the record I don’t know her and have never met her. So yes she’ll be rough around the edges just like most working class people who have made it. Nothing wrong with that.
  7. Perhaps politics is not your forte. Having said that what else is going to pay you the 5 year wedge you are guaranteed for being , let’s face it , a bit of a smug chancer. I did think for a while that yours was spoof profile. I really hope it is as if you really are or future I’m not hopeful.
  8. Unless I suppose you are an elected representative of the people ( or some people depends which ones ).
  9. Is there a difference between baiting trolls and being a troll?
  10. Don’t do that , it only encourages them.
  11. What should happen is NI is abolished to be be replaced by an income tax rate of say 30%. There should then be a payroll tax to pick up the old employers NIC. But it won’t happen because whichever politician who does that will get bombed out at the next election. So bugger all will happen on that front. The other thing is the tax cap. Really , are we that desperate. And how many have actually relocated because of it. I suspect most were already here and loving it. Those who come because of it are unlikely to to have altruistic tendencies.
  12. Some do that but not all. There are other reasons that end up tax neutral , just deferral. Those who do , well let’s be honest - is it not our USP? The IOM has spent its recent life helping anyone avoid paying their fare share of tax wherever they happen to live. What comes around goes around.
  13. Well who knows. One report indicated 30,000 employees were involved in building the stadiums and 6,500 died. If that is true , and who knows if it’s true or not, them the whole lot should be called off and the real facts be made known. Well that will never happen and the bearded twat that is Lineker will have a good wedge in his hip pocket.
  14. I don’t like kids anyway so I’ll not bother with the test.
  15. Thing in America is the genie is out of the bottle so to speak. In some states like in Alabama and many others they train them to shoot automatic weapons from pre adolescence. It will not change as it’s in their DNA - the right to bear arms. I go to America a lot and everyone seems to have a gun. It’s also not difficult to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. So never get into a rammy with a yank. Chances are they have a gun and the more pissed ( pissed in America has a different meaning from here ) they are the more likely they’ll shoot you and claim self defence. Maybe they should arm bears. Give them a fighting chance. The bears that is.
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