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  1. Ah , perhaps that’s why I’ve never come across one. Met a few Gable Endies fans though , a hardy crew.
  2. Clearly you’ve never been to Firhill Stadium lol. Although they do a good mutton pie but you need strong teeth. Queens Park fans maybe as they might be posh. I don’t know as I’ve never met one nor do I know anyone who has.
  3. You’re are no doubt right , not being a weegie myself I get confused. I just visit , then leave PDQ.
  4. I think you’ll find Celtic fans share that diet although they may dye it green first - as do Partick Thistle fans minus the dye of course.
  5. Must be a weedgie then which will make you allergic to salad and dentistry. You forgot pan loaf that other weedgie delicacy ( it’s what you put either side of those square sausages). Your rolls are good though , I’ll give you that.
  6. Question is why would any person or organisation want to bomb the Isle of Man? That in itself makes it a bit of an overreaction. Said terrorist would have to fly here to do it and the chances are his/her flight would be cancelled anyway so they’d be stuck in a Premier Inn at Gatwick or something.
  7. I don’t know anyone I know who has had Covid. But I don’t go about hugging people and I avoid children and old people. Seems to have worked so far. But I guess I’ll get the bullet sometime. After all there is always one bullet with your name on it. But really people this is an issue but not a big deal anymore. Let it lie world.
  8. We’ll miss Longworth , he was a giant. Much taller than me.
  9. They may be divided , but against the patient and will always protect themselves , and quite rightly I suppose , but when you do make a mistake just put your hand up. I guess most docs ( about 100%) are sound but let down by a shit system. I could be wrong though.
  10. When you analyse this with a bit common sense why not legalise it and then kids won’t get sold dangerous shit. They’re going to take it anyway so just loosen it up a bit.
  11. Anyone

    TT 2022 ??

    Closing the thread for a bit of time ( and with the supercilious attitude ) was a bit silly. Everyone knew what had happened so why hide it. Whether you support the TT or not I don’t see what was achieved. We all know that every race meet we have here racers will die. And we will all have different views on whether that is acceptable. Shutting down the debate isn’t.
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