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  1. Ah , perhaps that’s why I’ve never come across one. Met a few Gable Endies fans though , a hardy crew.
  2. Clearly you’ve never been to Firhill Stadium lol. Although they do a good mutton pie but you need strong teeth. Queens Park fans maybe as they might be posh. I don’t know as I’ve never met one nor do I know anyone who has.
  3. You’re are no doubt right , not being a weegie myself I get confused. I just visit , then leave PDQ.
  4. I think you’ll find Celtic fans share that diet although they may dye it green first - as do Partick Thistle fans minus the dye of course.
  5. Must be a weedgie then which will make you allergic to salad and dentistry. You forgot pan loaf that other weedgie delicacy ( it’s what you put either side of those square sausages). Your rolls are good though , I’ll give you that.
  6. Question is why would any person or organisation want to bomb the Isle of Man? That in itself makes it a bit of an overreaction. Said terrorist would have to fly here to do it and the chances are his/her flight would be cancelled anyway so they’d be stuck in a Premier Inn at Gatwick or something.
  7. I don’t know anyone I know who has had Covid. But I don’t go about hugging people and I avoid children and old people. Seems to have worked so far. But I guess I’ll get the bullet sometime. After all there is always one bullet with your name on it. But really people this is an issue but not a big deal anymore. Let it lie world.
  8. We’ll miss Longworth , he was a giant. Much taller than me.
  9. They may be divided , but against the patient and will always protect themselves , and quite rightly I suppose , but when you do make a mistake just put your hand up. I guess most docs ( about 100%) are sound but let down by a shit system. I could be wrong though.
  10. When you analyse this with a bit common sense why not legalise it and then kids won’t get sold dangerous shit. They’re going to take it anyway so just loosen it up a bit.
  11. Anyone

    TT 2022 ??

    Closing the thread for a bit of time ( and with the supercilious attitude ) was a bit silly. Everyone knew what had happened so why hide it. Whether you support the TT or not I don’t see what was achieved. We all know that every race meet we have here racers will die. And we will all have different views on whether that is acceptable. Shutting down the debate isn’t.
  12. I like him , he is clearly a political giant in the same frame as Ashworth and that Winston Churchill chap.
  13. The thing with medics is they will stick together even when they are wrong , which is often. My mother was a theatre nurse in the 50’s and had little good to say about what she called ‘tin gods’. ie Doctors . Said she saw many die due to those tin gods ignoring theatre nurses with decades of hands on experience because they knew best one month out of med school.
  14. The main problem with Manx Radio is that the way people engage with media is changing but Manx Radio had not. What does it actually provide. Good news coverage yes , good local sports coverage yes. The rest is not that relevant , so dump Manx Radio and private enterprise will fill the gaps. If they don’t it will mean it’s not needed. It’s called evolution.
  15. Ashford will not resign , Cannan will not censure him. Greenhow was not sacked but just took the money and ran ( and why not ). No one will be brought to account and things will just continue as is. That is how it goes and it’s the same in the UK. I’d tell any kid now , want an easy life go work in government. Short hours , cock up no one cares , nice pension no matter what , eat hobnobs and walk the dog.
  16. The main problem is the cost to get over here and that will not go away. And why would you come? Many reasons I think but a bit too niche.
  17. He does indeed. One of the knuckle dragging ones but being they are both the same cheeks of the same arse which one matters not a jot. Although I believe his favourite song is probably Hello Hello. One of their many cheeky little sectarian ditties. The other lot are little better.
  18. I recall 2006 , terrible weather. Polis had f all to do with it. Polis aye tellin ye fit de de . GTF polis.
  19. None. You think the UK is any different? It’s not.
  20. How do know I don’t have the temperament or ability ( lots of ability but you are right not the temperament , can’t stand bullshitters or civil servants in general ) lots of nutters have managed to get into the Keys. Not that you are I might add but more than a few so I’d probably fit right in. As far as the hours go just coast like the rest. You might think you are making a difference but in the end none of you do. Not your fault or anyone else’s , just the way things work sadly. I don’t know what you want to achieve in your 5 ( or is it 4 ) but I do know you will probably fail. But you will get a nice pension. No one minds that but maybe you should admit it. After all what other reason would any sane person want to be an MHK in the current climate. Nice line of jobs on your CV but I’ve not a clue about any of then apart from the dictator one ( which is why I think you are not a serious politician but basically saw a chance of a few Bob at the arse end of your career - and good on you for that as you not the first or last who have done that ).
  21. I would imagine that an MHK salary plus benefits beats freelancing for Manx Radio and is probably a whole lot easier if you avoid any ministerial or departmental role.
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