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  1. I use Travelex pre paid card , easy to use and never had an issue with the app and you can load when away but do need a secure net connection to do that. But take a back up credit card. Never used Revolut but people speak well if it. And of course always have some cash. I don’t use a phone for any financial stuff , just an iPad and a secure net connection. Wether that makes any difference to fraud or scams I don’t know.
  2. Don’t be so stupid , that never happens , I never said it and you know it never happens or is even threatened.
  3. Oh pongo and Roxanne are either related or doubling up as bullies lol like I give a shit , bring it on.
  4. And you quoted me out of context but being the cunt you are I’m not surprised.
  5. You are such a one. What makes you so fucking perfect. And it is culture you cunt. You might not like it but it is.
  6. You miss the point , probably never been to a game , it’s symbolic you idiot.
  7. No one throws acid at football matches , did I say that ? Stupid woman. Symbolic you idiot.
  8. And in case you were wondering - Hibs fans - on heroin so have HIV. Bring syringes to throw at games. Dundee United fans , known as Arabs , and gypsy peg sellers. Bring clothes pegs to games. Aberdeen fans , unhealthy liking for sheep. Bring blow up sheep to games and sometimes set fire to them. Football fans are not politically correct . Thankfully.
  9. What are you all on about. Jesus , it’s football banter, football banter is offensive , always has been , so what.
  10. Yes k I think it will. Football fans accept the weather. Try and be positive.
  11. I don’t care. We need to get on with life. Some of us will die , that’s life.
  12. Yes , infections are rising , in children , so inject them . Greater good. Twat.
  13. Tried that once after my GP practice said go to A&E they refused and said go to my GP. Went back to my GP and they said go to A&E. They refused to see me because it was not an emergency . I could have lied but I did not so I still can’t see a GP. But thankfully I’ve forgotten what was wrong with me in the first place.
  14. So kids are spreading it , solution is simple , vaccinate them or put them down , simple. Selfish twats and their non allowing parents.
  15. Oh , and by the way all doctors are rubbish. Lazy twats most of them. I’ve spent 5 months trying to see one here but have failed.
  16. Unless you are almost dead you have no chance of seeing a doctor here or anywhere in the UK. Dead people are not a burden on the NHS , thus saving the NHS , er from saving people. Funny but true. So protect the NHS by letting people die , great solution.
  17. That is pretty much it. All football fans in Scotland who don’t support the OldFirm hate them. It’s nothing to do with sectarianism , that belongs to them it always has. So I will reiterate hun is not a sectarian term. Celtic fans do suffer from sectarian terms but I’ll not state them here because we all know what they are and are unacceptable. Having said that just to keep the balance , I hate the Huns just as much as the plastic paddies who follow Celtic. Both sets are soap dodging scumbags , no offense like. In the Old Firm hating environs of Jockland Iprix is known as Greyskulls and Celtic Park as the San Giro. Our culture so accept it or fuck off. What you have to remember is that one Scottish club has its fans dubbed heroin addicts thus all HIV infected , another obsessed with bestiality , and another part of the travelling community. It’s all very offensive , sometimes funny but it is what football fans are. Think Man U v Leeds and others.
  18. Don’t have to , hun is not a sectarian term. Some would like it to be but it’s not. Been around as slang term for them since WW1. It’s a football thing , get over it.
  19. I’m a Protestant and I don’t support Celtic. Hate them just as much ( not a crime ). Very glad they missed out on 10 in a row. It’s all about context.
  20. Looks like a success story so celebrate it. All away games so far with crowds of one man ( well not many ) and a dog. Just wait until FCIOM’s first home game. I reckon it’ll be a sell out and the visiting team will be gobsmacked by the turnout. They won’t be used to playing in front of a very noisy Bowl packed to the rafters.
  21. T This is true but unlikely to ever happen here. So we have what we have. So we’ve had an election and a chief minister has been appointed and the electorate have no clue as to what to expect. Well more of the same for 5 years I expect. What needs to be done is to trim big government departments and increase taxes ( if people want proper services ). My guess is taxes will go up as will government headcount and the tax increases will be used to fund that. For example I don’t see the passenger locator forms going away as it increases gov control and of course head count to administer it. And the cops / gov get to follow / control the general population for no other reason than they can and like it.
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