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  1. I’ll give it a miss. Go there and you’ll think the same.
  2. I assume you avatar is ironic.
  3. Anyone

    Budget today

    You missed nothing . In the meantime Quayle paid tribute to Kate Costain. Sometimes I wish politicians would be honest. No hope I guess. Irrespective of what you think of Kate he treated her poorly. And he was a disaster when he was in charge of the hospital. But not according to him so he’ll get a big gong. Can’t we stop this back slapping , pension giving , I’m great nonsense just because someone is in politics. Some do a great job but many more don’t .
  4. Privatize the post office. In general Government can’t run anything without messing it up. They don’t understand the profit motive. And don’t forget that most Gov departments are led by MHK’s - nuff said!
  5. I very much doubt people from Guernsey will travel to the Isle of Man. For those thinking of having a break in Guernsey don’t bother , it’s duller than the Isle of Man.
  6. Therein lies lies the problem. When the borders open Covid will come back. The IOM will not be able to cope , never were so the total closure worked. But they have no plans or indeed capability to deal with a resurgence. It’s not the fault of the Island , it just makes a mockery of the notion that the IOM is a ‘nation’. It’s not despite having a cabinet office which to be honest if was not so expensive is laughable.
  7. Well they do have holiday homes in the sun to use. Why let them go to waste. Being serious I think Bill Shimmins has being trying to stop the recess for a while as he rightly thinks we have a crisis on our hands. But our part time MHK,s have either holiday plans or businesses to run thank you very much.
  8. Well it is all a bit of a mess. Chances are we will lose most airline connections due to low demand. The second the borders open Covid will return so its pretty much down to how the powers that be want to deal with that. If they don’t want to deal with that they’ll just keep the Island shut. If they do open up then I’d rather get Covid in the UK as here they have very little experience here of how to treat it. Getting Covid free was easy really . Small unimportant Islands have all managed that because it was easy. But do they have a plan B ? My guess is they don’t.
  9. I like the bus lane but only because it pisses people off.
  10. Pretty much true there. The Russians fought heroically during WW2 and suffered greatly. Let down in many ways by their so called allies.
  11. I believe our MHK’s are taking their nice long holiday. So they shall fiddle so to speak.
  12. God knows why anyone would fancy being an MHK now. Hiding to nothing as we have , well , nothing.
  13. Anyone

    Budget today

    Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The Island will sink very soon.
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