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    Both of you may or not be Scottish ( ie that Thommo bloke ) , but if you don’t live there then you don’t have a say in whether or not Scotland should be independent . That is a fact as you have to live there to have a vote on the issue. So as they say in Scotland wind your fucking necks in.
  2. Playing the ball out of defence is a top level strategy when you have the players with the football intelligence to do that. At this level it’s about booting the ball up the park and being very robust. Ravens have some very talented players and they will learn that sometimes robustness trumps talent. But I think they will learn and get there. I think part of it is that before all they players knew each other playing locally and now they face teams they know little about and can be very dirty. I can’t wait for next home game.
  3. No Bolly at the Whitestone so I doubt that.
  4. And not the only scientist elevated to god status. Just look at how many so called gurus in the UK and worldwide. Some liking the ‘power’ handed to them a bit too much because they are in the end not accountable and therefore more dangerous than covid.
  5. Anyone


    MHKs listening? That’ll make a change. They only listen before they become MHK’s.
  6. Where you been then ? Back in Tenerife golfing? 😂
  7. Good result and a good game. Those cold winter games under the lights will be better than you think.
  8. I was hoping for some progressive politicians being elected , I don’t think Mr Peters is that but more of a Nick Ferrari type. But maybe that is you as well.
  9. Well you could if you are bored get a real job instead of getting lucky down to your ‘public profile’ and a lack of better candidates in Middle. I predict 5 years of you getting in the papers a lot. No departmental roles either for you or any real role. I guess you were not asked or turned them down as with them would have come real responsibility. Nice work if you can get it.
  10. What’s it like being a missing the point smart ass?
  11. Full 5 year term. You sure about that? Is that why HQ went for a second 5 years? So your already pulling in one pension whilst continuing to work. I may be a cynic but I think your are in this for the money as I doubt you’ll make much difference or change anything.
  12. What about a white middle aged blokes anti-woke champion who hates kneeling and rainbow laces? Thing is I can’t think of a single MHK who would fit the bill.
  13. Not bad to oversee 8 flights a day.
  14. That’s very reasonable but I’m for banning them full stop. I’ve seen animals distressed by them and you can only turn the telly up so much and not in a field. So ban them.
  15. It’s a control thing and governments like that . I think sadly that passenger locator forms are here to stay. Daft thing is you can put any old address in as no one checks. That is how stupid governments and their idiot rules are. That Grant Shapps nut has to be the next sacked I hope. Shortly followed by Boris who really is a numpty of the highest order. I don’t mind rules , but they have to be logical , sensible ( and enforceable ).
  16. What I don’t get is why gov need to be anywhere near this. Let air bnb and the market take care of it. All Govs do is make things complicated for no apparent reason.
  17. Problem with Andy Wint is he thinks he is Andy Wint.
  18. Right so we should not hold you MHK’s to account because there is nothing to see. Enjoy your pension as I assume that’s what you got yourself elected for.
  19. True , but it’s about the atmosphere of a big crowd especially under floodlights. Yes Rushen and Peel can get a decent crowd but I think FCIOM will get full houses every match especially if they do well. I can’t wait attend even in the rain and wind. Let’s support this great initiative.
  20. Hadn’t thought about the over treatment bit but I’m in my 60’s and last time I went to see the doc was 2015. So maybe a £10 charge might stop the malingerers , but maybe not. I checked out private in Europe and you can get decent basic cover for about €1,500. That’s for usual stuff not big time issues. I would think that quite a few of the population could afford that. Thing is I suppose , it’s free now so who would vote for that! Problem is what we have now in IOM/UK is not working too well. And of course the NHS is a political sacred cow. It’s perfect innit. So I suppose it will just carry on SNAFU.
  21. For those of not in the know Rangers fans like Thommo have a tendancy to drag their knuckles behind them. Commonly known as Orcs rather than Huns .
  22. You must be a hun them. Thommo is after all a bit of a hun name. I get you.
  23. Could be , 20 Euros for the doctor which I thought was cheap and 70 euros for the antibiotics. All insured of course. So maybe a quasi private model for those who can insure / pay with free for those who can’t might just work better.
  24. Well we all know why , it’s the extreme left wing BMA.
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