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  1. Looks like a success story so celebrate it. All away games so far with crowds of one man ( well not many ) and a dog. Just wait until FCIOM’s first home game. I reckon it’ll be a sell out and the visiting team will be gobsmacked by the turnout. They won’t be used to playing in front of a very noisy Bowl packed to the rafters.
  2. T This is true but unlikely to ever happen here. So we have what we have. So we’ve had an election and a chief minister has been appointed and the electorate have no clue as to what to expect. Well more of the same for 5 years I expect. What needs to be done is to trim big government departments and increase taxes ( if people want proper services ). My guess is taxes will go up as will government headcount and the tax increases will be used to fund that. For example I don’t see the passenger locator forms going away as it increases gov control and of course head count to administer it. And the cops / gov get to follow / control the general population for no other reason than they can and like it.
  3. I hate all Rangers fans. Fucking Huns the lot of them. Is that a crime?
  4. I think you’ll find the gas prices in IOM well fair. Regulated and transparent.
  5. Not gov issue really , market forces unless you want a communist state to sort it.
  6. It matters little who becomes chief minister as they are irrelevant in the whole scheme of things. The market will dictate what happens in spite of not because of what government does or does not do. Government is there to facilitate private enterprise rather than suppress it. Sadly , those who get elected think they know better , but are in most cases deluded. So nothing will happen and 5 years from now it will be the same but with probably Rob Callister as chief minister. But don’t worry , just as Donald was not a disaster neither will he.
  7. Now I’m doubled jabbed I thought why not get covid to boost antibodies. Thing is I don’t know anyone personally who has had covid nor do I know anyone who knows someone who has had covid. Makes me think only careless buggers get covid. So just wear a mask in the shops and don’t hug people. Then your chance of getting covid are reduced by quite a bit.
  8. Don’t doubt you’ll report me you being a quilp cunt kind of cunt.
  9. I don’t , only met him once , nice chap. Point I was making was we get weak MHKS for that very reason.
  10. In a pub in south England today. Not a mask in site. Service at the bar. We’ve had enough l life needs to go on.
  11. Don’t agree. He is not establishment by any means. And irrespective of what you think of him the Island is in his heart , and I like that. And he cares about those who need help and support and that can only be a good thing. I’ve only met him once so don’t really know him. But I could tell , don’t know how, but he was not in it for the money. He genuinely cared and though he could change things for the better. Sadly , he could not.
  12. And while we bang for how ‘great’ our NHS is let’s not forget how hopeless they are. At record keeping , having an IT system fit for purpose , at coping with anything. Let’s face it the NHS failed , mainly I will say because our respective governments don’t fund them properly. So we have a tough choice , continue with a crap health service , or increase our tax rate to 30 % basic and 45% above say £50,000 and scrap now the tax cap ( which is let’s face it unfair ). I’d vote for a brave person who proposed that , in a CM vote. And that is what Declan will never get and that is a shame. On us all.
  13. Tell you what , one jab in the IOM and one 1 the UK then you have zero chance of getting a pass from the IOM or the UK. Not sure why but since it affects few I doubt anyone cares.
  14. This is the best post I’ve ever read on here because it is completely correct. The whole system needs overhaul and as Declan says no 1 is a CM candidate with a clear manifesto for us ( like the electorate , stupid as we are ) and WE chose want we want from our government. Surely the idiots in charge can see that , well they can but don’t trust us.
  15. I’m pretty sure this company is well run with directors who are committed to their employees , customers and other stakeholders. We should cherish these companies and not deride them. They are a lifeline. I don’t work for them nor know who owns or runs them.
  16. You are half right , you are also a wit and half right there as well.
  17. The finance sector hasn’t actually gone away. It’s evolving like everything else but it is still there. And if the Isle of Man was geographically where Monaco is it would be , well , Monaco. Sunshine and glamour does of course help , easy in the Med but a bit tougher in the Irish Sea. Those other 2 ideas are just silly in the extreme.
  18. if you’d been there around that time you wouldn’t remember.
  19. Most people here only speak fluent bullshit. In the unlikely event you want to speak a language of no use to anyone perhaps start on www.learnmanx.com took me 30 seconds to find that adding to my suspicion that you are also a fluent bullshit speaker.
  20. What have the vulnerable ever done for us ? No viaducts , roads or good sanitation I can remember.
  21. that’s the most sense you’ve ever posted.
  22. I hope that never happens. Borders should stay closed until the world is totally covid free.
  23. So we have a council of ministers spouting green policies yet fund trains powered by coal. You really could not make this up.
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