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  1. I'm not sure of the point you are trying to make. We are a small island, you do get elected with fewer votes but that's the nature of a small democracy. It also allows for practically direct representation in that you can approach your mhk for redress if needed. The poblem with it, that I see, is that some seek to exploit that for their own means. They actually seek to exploit this small voting requirement for election and move here to get elected for their own personal objectives. In the likes of Jersey and Guernsey, this isn't possible with stricter residency and representative requirements. With our current rules, we are an easy target for a charismatic cult leader, hypothetically of course In the case of those elected tonight, I do not see that. They appear to want the best for the Island. whether you agree with their view of what is best for the Island or not, at least it is not just about themselves and their own enrichment.
  2. The largest field ever in a by-election, shit weather, the crank vote and still pulled in less votes than Fowler. That was the perfect storm conditions for Ian Clanton and he was still one third the vote of second place. If we only had a reaction shot of him finding out he was so soundly beaten it may well have been my highlight of what has been a pretty shitty year. So long Ian, don't let the tower of refuge hit you on the way out!
  3. The beauty of democracy is that everyone is entitled to vote for who they want, I get and embrace that. I am however genuinely interested in how you can view Ian Clanton as doing the "least damage"? He is clearly a fantasist and his exploits with the youth are highly questionable. He has no experience of doing anything except talking from what I can see. These type of people, narcissists and cultists, need to be shown for what they are before it's too late. Pandering to their fantasy now will only serve to increase the danger posed.
  4. You may be joking with that link but it is a genuine concern of mine that he is developing a cult with the youth followers he has. I honestly think that he is deploying brainwashing techniques on some. Did you see the alternative Tynwald Paul Moulton "interview" with two of his followers? Clearly something wrong with the pair of them, talking about anti-5G groups not getting access to Tynwald and stuff
  5. Hahahaha you're hilarious. Because we don't agree with you, we're gaslighting? The man is a crank and because a candidate laughed at him they should be dismissed as not being of political standard? Edit: I see VinnieK has actually caught you out on the real reason why you are so defensive. A Clanton Crank you are the and your opinion duly dismissed as such going forward
  6. No you're absolutely right. We should elect a mentalist who wants to build a billion pound floating egg instead because Claire smirked. Definitely how we should proceed as a democracy
  7. It's a perfectly normal reaction to someone talking absolute bollocks. They can't win, if they show no reaction or emotion they are bemoaned as robots.
  8. HM's team are a group of teenagers with no life experience. I kid you not, his "team" are the disfunctional kids from school. He should be a laughing stock but because our media is so incapable of doing any research he is being portrayed as a viable candidate. Has anyone asked him where he gets his money yet? Has anyone asked him whether he takes money from his followers? Has anybody asked him whether he still thinks God spoke to him? These are just a few questions that spring to mind. He's a wannabe L. Ron Hubbard or possibly Marshall Applewhite, I can't tell which yet.
  9. Then you're not looking hard enough. He used to claim he was a reverend and had a ministry in N. Carolina. He has designated himself as a king of a made up country. He has assumed the name of the title character to a made up Sci-Fi story that he created. He has his followers call him his majesty (HM). He wants to declare himself president of the Island on the back of a self written declaration of sovereignty. These are just a few items that spring to mind. But yes, nothing to see here. Let's roll out the red carpet.
  10. Hahahaha, like any of the candidates can use a computer. I have lurked for quite some time but this character really annoys me. How is he treated even remotely seriously?
  11. Should that not be a question he is being asked by the media? Where do you and Oscar get your money Ian?
  12. I mean, he writes a sci-fi version of a semi-autobiographical story about his university study abroad expedition and then tries to make it happen in real life? (Lend us a billion to build a floating egg ) Absolute fruit cake, I do wonder whether he has popped too many mystical figs himself! That's a reference to his book, if you've not read it. And if you haven't read it, don't bother, it's shocking writing. In a 163 page book, I counted the phrase "young scientist" 640 odd times *Edited as numbers were transposed
  13. It doesn't matter how much he tries to dismiss or hide it, he's a crazy person. Anybody even considering voting for him needs their own head examined. Where the hell does he, an American, get off telling us how our country is run terribly. For someone who has been here five years he does an awful lot of whining about the place. Him and all his followers, because it is a cult he runs, can do one as well. The old phrase springs to mind, if you're not happy, there is a boat in the morning.
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