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  1. In Sweden people live in cities. Once you exclude the parts that are nearly completely uninhabited, population density is actually greater than the UK. There is little population that we would regard here as "rural".
  2. Apart e-gaming, finance, law, accounting, auditing... And a government that has been, during the past few decades, responsive and led more by pragmatism than ideology; putting the interest of island first. The problem is that easy connection with the UK and beyond are a key ingredient for the success of the island. Even if its retirees and some MHKs (who have already been vilified on this forum) don't seem to be capable to see it. The issue is whether the covid crisis is one-off event or the beginning of a decline. Time will tell.
  3. It wouldn't be bad if the government releases some statistics about inbound/outbound migration; thus we know who is leaving and who is coming to live here.
  4. Let me understand, does that mean that quarantine on return to the island is reduced to seven days? It is not explained precisely whether the reduced period has already been introduced and due to be reviewed at the end of August; or if it is at the end of August that it may be introduced. It would be a game changer, because one week is much more manageable than two. The problem with leaving the island for any extended period of time is that one cannot know for sure what the policy will be on return. The government should offer a guarantee to those who need to stay away for a while for a j
  5. My guess is that it will go ahead. People will grow fed up of all the social distancing. Even without a vaccine, fatality from the virus is being cut to a small fraction of what it is now. A new drug just discovered, SNG001 it's name, has been shown to reduce Covid-19's fatality rate to 1/5. Read it by yourself here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/24/major-breakthrough-in-covid-19-drug-makes-uk-professors-millionaires As public fear from the virus recedes, government policy will be adjusted accordingly. Everything that the government has done so far is so crudely pol
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