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  1. It is a mental assessment that he needs more than a trial in a court of law. But the government also turns out to be so ridiculous.
  2. Who said that the government should invest in private health care; or facilitate it. It is supposed to be driven by demand and fund itself. I just pointed out that the island is not designed to be self-sufficient as concerns its healthcare needs. For the simple reason that there has never been a demand; one was supposed and allowed to travel to England to procure what was not immediately available at Noble. I am not speaking in support for private health care. But is a fact of life that a nationalised health care system is rationed and private health care can be a useful complement.
  3. The problem is that there aren't private clinics in the island because it is assumed that one is able to travel to England if a test or some medical procure is too much of a long wait on the NHS. People do complement what is available on the NHS with private health care, especially for examinations and consultations. The border situation has taken away that opportunities for most of us, apart the most desperate. It is an untenable situation.
  4. Just for curiosity, what do you mean with "I am blocking user"? You are not a moderator. There has been far worse on this forum. I did not harass anyone; as trolls typically do. I don't remember the last time I had bragged about my academic qualifications; I could not help when I was accused to be a flat earther. I actually have a doctorate in Physics; plus a degree in a professional subject. You realise that there is a part of the British and American press/establishment that is instigating, nearly openly, rebellion against lockdown. It is not a struggle I am fighting on my own as a
  5. I have a doctorate in physics. I am sure I know about the earth.
  6. If I am mad, as you have hinted, it if a kind of madness that is incredibly functional. I always got away with it. And prospered. The point you see; you are using Covid to "fix" me. And those who see the problem from my perspective (I may belong to a minority; but not alone by any mean in this struggle). I am telling you, it won't work. We will turn it on its head.
  7. Gladys: If I had children, I would not hesitate a moment signing up to the MMR. And I had all the vaccines that made sense to have myself. MMR is beneficial to children all things considered. And it is mostly a public health issue, rather than a political issue. Covid has been used by the left as a mean to a different kind of society; one that fits their ideology of state control. That is the reason why I won't have a Covid vaccine. Or offer any other type of cooperation as concerns Covid. They should have thought twice re-purposing the virus. A number of European states have MMR requirem
  8. You are absolutely free to live your sick life in the basement of your house. Just don't try to stop me living my life in the open spaces and fresh air. Because if you do, you may end up shot in the back of the head. I truly mean it in the most literal sense. There have been 150 police arrests today in London among those protesting the Covid dictatorship. If the repression does not end soon, it is only the beginning and it will evolve into a more serious type of violence. Those pretending to control us, don't seem to have an idea of the kind of anger they are unleashing.
  9. Forced vaccinations would be deeply corrosive of the fabric of society, in a way that some of you seem unable to understand. It would lead many young people to understand the true nature of their government and hence despise it.
  10. Damn Roger Mexico: You are the most mischievous of posters. You deleted one piece of what I had written, to make my own posting demonstrably false. I did not say that it would have faded away in the sense of actually disappearing; I meant that it would have faded away as a serious illness; or as an illness at all. There are four human coronaviruses that infect us all time and cause no more than a cold. They are called 229E, NL63, OC43 and HKU1 and if you want to read more, just google on the topic. It is true that it is a new virus and that a margin of safety had to be built in our respon
  11. TB, Polio etc are enormously more awful than Covid-19. In their "natural" state; prior to the vaccination era. Covid-19 would have gradually faded away even without a vaccine. Not that it would have disappeared; it would have simply ceased making people more sick than a normal cold. It is a virus that our immune system can learn to handle and eliminate on its own.
  12. I am sorry the economics of that will change. There are new technologies coming. Heavy vehicles will all be powered by hydrogen. Whether normal cars will stay with batteries or go with hydrogen, it depends on how much energy storage in batteries can be improved.
  13. Some electric cars don't have a neutral position in their transmission: their wheels are always connected to their engine; when the wheels turn the motor also turns with the wheels. If that type of car is towed, its engine could be damaged. Particularly in vehicles with a liquid cooling system, turning the engine without the cooling system in action can overheat the engine and damage it irreparably. However, there is nothing to stop car makers engineering a car with a neutral position in their transmission. Nor it is expensive. In general, an electric car is much more reliable than a petr
  14. I just checked and it is not necessarily a requirement. It doesn't ask much information beyond the address.
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