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  1. I dont think town has the capacity for the PC Worlds or Next superstores but i suspect the amount which islanders already order from these outlets warrants space for them in some shape. I think the island really fears change and it shouldnt!
  2. Didn't Next get knocked back for a large out of town unit.....small minds again, no vision
  3. She locked down her insta when she declared, however she has been the topic of amusement for some of us older locals for some time prior to that with her postings (all her posts were public).....the usual duck face poses, a few of her arse (her choice of clothes for a designer is questionable) and mostly ones involving dinner parties with endless champagne, i dont think she drinks anything else. Absolutely not the lady on the front of her claire4mhk page. If i felt i could post i would but there are too many to choose and most should have been “private” for her husbands eyes only
  4. Well £5k is a lot to me, i am sure it is a lot to everyone else that was/is without employment because of covid. If a wanna be MHK cant set the right example then who can.....i wonder if they used their £3k grant from gov to pay for it?? Tossers the pair of them
  5. No allegedly about it.....they defo enjoy the good life
  6. Not sure i agree, Mr C bought a Porsche over lockdown, lots of photos of Claire driving around with the top down making stupid poses. Those paire really are 2 idiots.....her MHK page is nothing like her facebook/instagram, totally in love with themselves
  7. I heard (well he posted it on instagram so not really a rumour) Mr Christian bought a porsche during lockdown and his wife still took the £3k from government.....those pair are definitely in it for what they can get. “Unity never had a greater voice”
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