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  1. Fair point re political activation. We will have to agree to disagree on the other point
  2. I am talking about more clearly definable performance monitoring. I am not advocating an unpaid role i am advocating a salary that shows support with the people who really need their representation and pay increases that represent visibility/effectiveness and results . Isn't that how most people are judged in a profession? perhaps training and the lack of experience is the main problem with the IOM gov.....they are amateur at best and many lack real passion because they are just so removed from reality. Your post supports that.....be wealthy or get wealthy either way nobody thinks e
  3. I didn't say pay nothing i said pay the minimum wage and earn a good salary based on effort and visibility in your constituency. There are a lot of jobs that really dont pay that much on the IOM and there are other specialist roles that do, if an MHK has no prior experience why is the electorate paying for them to learn on the job. I know of no other type of employed role that pays you to learn the ropes in their time! An MHK should understand the hardship of the lowest paid before swanning around on a high salary with expenses. If i was healthy enough to put myself forward i would but
  4. I think you raise a very valid point and i would suggest the same should apply to all who are funded by the public purse. However my point in this regard extends to MHK’s. Lets not forget those on minimum wage have families to support too and who better to advocate their real issues than those going through the same. If an MHK performs well then i think a reasonable pay to reflect the hours they put in is an absolute.
  5. How are the doctors managing for private work in the meantime?
  6. My daughter is dead. Mr Knob you miss my point or perhaps you dont, who knows. I dont think its permissible to submit a cv for a job and miss out the bits that made you.
  7. Aimed at everyone, effort brings reward; visibility brings reward; results bring reward. MHK’s should start on minimum wage/sickness allowance/job seekers allowance rates just like the poorest people they are representing and earn their salary
  8. Lets not be naive here or indeed a knob. This parliament is an old one and the island hasnt done too well with its choices in the past.....pay should be performance related especially when people paying those salaries are the hard working tax payers. If they dont meet their manifesto or they dont achieve certain targets why should they fund their piggybanks with my money
  9. Self promotion is fine and encouraged if they promote who they really are......Claire christian is a privately educated snob who cant even admit her Buchan education. My daughter went to school with her sister, they are all very privileged and they should admit that and not pretend otherwise
  10. Agreed, money for nothing especially with an general election so close
  11. Perhaps a little fur and fancy may make for a more colourful tynwald sitting.....imagine Howard having a Claire Christian make over
  12. I can assure you i have much better taste than that ManxKnob, i’ll have a bag of knobs tho!
  13. Christian is a self promoting show off and i dont know how she has suppressed the “its all about me” card for this long!! Always posing for photos of herself in mirrors, loud and only drinks champagne....So much in common with those she wants to speak for.....however shop may do well out of it!
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