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  1. Freedom is worth nothing to you. If you get your way, yes you are going to have your geriatric island for you and your care home chummies. I won't be here in that case.
  2. Lockdown has shifted risk from the professional class to the working class. Untended consequences of ill-thought policies.
  3. The point is that in places in which the virus has been allowed to run its course, because the government was unwilling or unable to stop its spread, the pandemic comes to a halt. It is self-limiting in some manner. There are still many questions about the way in which this happens, but one cannot deny the evidence. New York is just another example (graph below as of today).
  4. End October or early November, we will have the first reliable data about Covid vaccine efficacy in the real world, from the more advanced double blind studies currently under way. I think IOM government plan is to wait for that information to come through and then start charting an exit strategy on the basis of that expectation. Unfortunately, if the trials were to point out to an effective vaccine solution, their policy will be to stick to current restrictions or even make them stricter. My concern is that this will prove a miscalculation. Any vaccine roll out on the general popula
  5. The Swedish economy, and indeed many other economies, have been hit marginally in respect to the UK. See it by yourself in the attachments below (source: The Guardian, thus no right-wing bias here). Note that even China managed to keep itself nearly completely functional during the pandemic. The area of Wuhan that was shut down, with population of 11 million versus China's 1.4 billion, is less than 1% of China. That is evident from the graph below as concerns China GDP growth. The UK under performed across all measures and the bill will be enormous. And we haven't saved anyone, as ev
  6. It was deliberately written in nutter language. The fact is that soon or later the border has to reopen, thus there will be new Covid-19 cases, and since the government position is the one of zero Covid-19 tolerance, then mandatory masks will be introduced (even if they are mostly useless). My estimation of IOM fines makes perfectly sense: 9,000 Guernsey’s fine for not isolating / 1,000 UK’s fine for not isolating x 100 UK’s fine for not masking = 900 IOM fine for not masking Any sug
  7. Coming soon to the Isle of Man: the mind control devices... Accompanied by 900 pounds fines for failing to comply while buying groceries at Tesco, which is so dangerous! If the Guernsey’s proportion to UK fine is to be maintained: 9,000 (Guernsey’s fine for not isolating) / 1,000 (UK’s fine for not isolating) x 100 (UK’s fine for not masking) = 900 (IOM fine for not masking). I am sure that among those 2,000 civil servants employed by the IOM government there are some mathematicians good enough to work out this proportion. Nevertheless, I am plea
  8. As long as we get a great boat in the end (and travel is mask free).
  9. Mona's Queen looks like a perfect name. Manx Lady would be my second choice. Has the government published any document regarding the exact specifications of this new boat?
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