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  1. Disputes aren’t always about pay, sometimes conditions too. From Monday, it would seem you can leave the Island with two choices, self isolate for 2 weeks or 7 days plus a test. Unless you work in health care/education/public facing etc, when you will have to isolate away from work for the full 14 days, even if your test is negative. I can only assume that in order to travel health workers will have to book say 3 weeks off, week away, two weeks isolation. Pupil facing school staff will currently have to wait until July 2021 to travel or be in breach of contract. I would assume any subsequ
  2. PP is the driving force, with his good buddy from Conister Bank throwing a few quid in. Currently boasting of 800+ entries, some are kids so free but main entry is £50 so must easily be generating £25,000 in revenue plus sponsorship etc. Unsure if the road closures are at market or mates rates? Love local sporting events run by various clubs, add a lot to local society, this is commercial.
  3. Thanks for the in depth analysis, if you could just elaborate a little?
  4. I agree, a very small number of successful people have little to no education, but I would suspect that the overwhelming proportion of successful people have significantly benefitted from a substantial education. Of course, this very much depends upon the definition of ‘successful’. Sadly, a lot of people who think they are blessed with ‘common sense’ often act entirely irrationally, often smoking, drinking and eating far too much and relying on highly educated people to resolve their problems.
  5. Why not go back a few short years: Junior Doctors are expensive and maybe now is the time to question the efficiency of the whole system shebang. Working from home, then why not operations from home? It's not just for lockdown. 50 years ago, many people were cynical about Open University, which used Royal Mail and CRT television, broadcasting at some unearthly late or early hour on BBC2. But it has worked. How about structured and supervised operations from home. It would need talented and well paid Junior Doctors to be involved (I would draw them from the pool of Junior D
  6. Open University, by definition, is targeted at adults not 4-18 year olds in the main. Remote PE lessons? Not much team sport/social development there. Remote Science demonstrations/experiments, who provides the equipment/chemicals? Health and Safety disaster. Remote Design and Technology, do most households have specialist equipment on hand? Remote ICT, would probably need Island wide software licenses, might be feasible. Remote English/Maths etc, probably much easier to initially resource but surely there is a time and a place for one to one support/advice/guidance?
  7. Did these people contact the school at the time and seek some resolution?
  8. That is simply an outrageous assertion and somewhat disrespectful to those students, especially in Years 10 (GCSE) and 12 (A level), who actually did.
  9. Is that 80% of all people, 80% of people you have spoken to, or is that number simply made up on the spot? For one last time, the overwhelming advice was to avoid using zoom due to child safeguarding concerns. Do you honestly think this advice should have been ignored? Do you truly understand the term ‘child safeguarding’? Strangers tend not to prey upon MHKs and clearly do not prey upon yourself but there are occasions where children, often as young as primary age, are lured by such people. This is not the fault of teachers, was not unions blackmailing the government, it was protecti
  10. Again, 100% correct, if unsure ensure parents supervise children whenever they are using zoom, nothing at all to do with teachers. The overwhelming advice was to avoid zoom for use as a teaching tool during the lockdown period due to considerable safeguarding issues. This advice was adhered to yet you seem obsessed with changing the narrative. Just accept you are, yet again, barking up the wrong tree on this issue. There is no shame in being wrong, just don’t let the story get in the way of the facts.
  11. But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  12. 100% correct, the guidelines state zoom sessions should be supervised, by parents!! This was education in the home setting, not at school, how on earth does someone in their own home supervise someone’s internet activity in another?
  13. Yep, the NSPCC, that well known teaching union, unless they simply made it up to justify doing nothing? Blackmail? The leading children’s charity in the UK had serious concerns about using zoom with kids, are you genuinely suggesting this should be ignored and was an opportunity for blackmail? https://thecpsu.org.uk/news/2020-05-nspcc-warns-of-zoom-security-risks/
  14. My understanding is that there were significant concerns regarding the security of zoom, video calls had been infiltrated with porn and therefore there were significant child protection issues. In those circumstances, I would suggest the decision was entirely correct. I am quite certain most parents would be unhappy if the intervention had not taken place. Of course, you might know better and teachers might be to blame?
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