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  1. Just a reminder that a highly active member in this thread has previously suggested a halving of direct teacher cost per pupil, presumably by halving teacher pay, “greedy feckers”. Or perhaps doubling class sizes. This same poster strongly criticised a local school for sending out warnings re: ice. Tragically, an employee at a nearby school suffered a fatal accident after a fall on ice at around the same time. But it is teachers who “make themselves look very stupid”.
  2. My understanding is that it is a bit of a paradox, there is indeed more cash out there, but less is being used for transactions. Since Covid there has been a tendency for households to keep hold of a bit more ready cash as a safety net. There are also far more self employed people who may keep hold of and/or get paid in cash.
  3. Plus a tenner each way for the privilege of walking your own push bike on, tying it up yourself with some rope and leaving it to the vagaries of all and sundry. Zero facilities for your tenner, 100% profit. Adds £40 return for a couple on top of the prices identified above.
  4. No, you are creating your own narrative yet again, you have stated “a minority of members are in favour of strike action”, you have no idea whether that statement is accurate. I will remind you that 52% of votes cast were to leave the EU, but turnout was 72%, so c37% of the potential electorate voted to leave. Using your logic, the UK would still be a member. You have also stated that I am pushing a “massive support narrative”, another inaccurate statement, I have never stated that. I am, however, aware of the correct usage of your and you’re. Finally, a Banker criticising Maths skills, the irony. Any idea when the taxpayer will get their c£23bn back? Get back under your bridge.
  5. It has everything to do with Roach and his union, NASUWT members in Scotland are on strike, unless you don’t know the difference between England and Scotland? The Headteachers ballot did fail to meet the threshold at 42% turnout in England but it was the first time in 125 years they had balloted for such action. NAHT in Wales did meet the threshold and will take action. Just to clarify for you, teachers are planning to take industrial action in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. Keep pushing your lack of member support narrative, it is quite amusing.
  6. If only you had waited a few hours …… https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-64265029 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-64282976
  7. Interesting anecdote, my own experience was the exact opposite, it was the older staff who were picketing, I would say the average was 45 ish, younger staff often feel they can’t afford to lose a day’s pay.
  8. It would appear this week’s strike action could have been postponed if DESC had agreed to consider some suggestions, not commit just consider. What a shame the Minister/CEO decided against such a move, everyone could have been at school today. I blame the teachers. NASUWT 'would have suspended strikes'
  9. Just stop feeding them, they thrive on their irrational positions, one of them has actively stated they would halve direct teacher cost per pupil (see page 79), when challenged on whether that would be a halving of teacher pay or doubling of class sizes they went missing, that is their tactic, just ignore them.
  10. Might be an unpopular view, but my experiences at Conrod’s were generally poor, very slow service and expensive. Tried it one more time just before Christmas, two slices of cheap white bread toasted was £3, no attempt to add any value. There was one other person in there, 12.30, Sunday afternoon. There are simply far too many places offering the same product range and experience, little to no innovation and differentiation.
  11. Multiple structural issues that have been hammered to death on here but one fundamental problem is the lack of new entrants, the current academic year for teacher training is 41% short of target for secondary. Maybe a decade ago, the UK training providers faced budget cuts and reduced the funding to schools to take trainees on, as a result the number of on Island trainees collapsed due to the additional costs, penny wise, pound foolish. EDIT: there appear to be c7,000 vacancies across the UK, getting people to move and stay here is exceptionally difficult. If you take these two issues together, demand far outstrips supply.
  12. But, according to an article published today, a decade of almost the worst pay growth Teachers and social workers suffer most from ‘lost decade’ for pay growth in UK
  13. No need to make anything up, he was wrong.
  14. Your posts are often irrational and occasionally bizarre. The last straw for me was your attack on a local primary school because they warned parents the paths were icy. Your increasingly troll-like behaviour is unhealthy and you insist on being the loudest person in the room, leaving little room for healthy debate and discussion. You constantly ignore or discredit facts and base the majority of your points upon unfounded assertion and anecdotes. I’ve made the decision to cease replying directly to your posts, this will be the last said occasion. Thankyou.
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