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  1. If they join, they probably face being automatically expelled, whole thing is a right mess and a good test of fan power, sadly this particular brand of super wealthy owner is used to getting what they want. Re: more competitive, not necessarily the title race per se but the range of points is currently 60 points between top and bottom, 2 years ago two teams hit 100 points, that can’t be good for the wider game. Incidentally, in my entire lifetime England haven’t won a single semi final, the Premier League was supposed to boost the national game, whoops.
  2. Let them go, Premier League rule L9 prohibits any club participating in unsanctioned events. No more Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup or Champions League for those 6. They can play each other each week, interest will wane. English game will become far more competitive in the long run as ‘smaller’ clubs will share the spoils. Players will have to be banned from internationals too, shame but needs must.
  3. Surely the real inflation rate, that is the rate of inflation adjusted for inflation is always 0%?🤔
  4. I think you’ll find that they are ‘portfolio’ based subjects where kids have to produce a range of evidence. I can only imagine they have been brought in first to work upon those compulsory portfolios of evidence, the majority of which will be Btec qualifications. Some of those subjects also appear to require specialist equipment or facilities that may not be available at home. In order to comply with social distancing I would imagine the school has had to limit the numbers of kids in and has prioritized accordingly, what would you prefer they did?
  5. This is the bit I don’t understand, if 30+ kids can be in an enclosed space from the 19th, why can’t everything else open at the same time. 1,000 kids+ can go in the school canteen but you have to queue outside the chippy.
  6. But they can’t all be back tomorrow, the current position is 2m social distancing. I understand a typical classroom would fit 8 kids, you’re trying to fit a quart into a pint pot.
  7. I think, and this is entirely my own opinion, that bad mouthing anyone for NEVER (not my capitals) taking risks is entirely disrespectful. This entire thread is about Covid, I am saddened that the OP feels that Health Care professionals, predominantly public sector employees, haven’t encountered significant risk, often with the loss of their own lives. Whilst this risk is potentially managed and to some extent mitigated, “NEVER take a risk” is such a casual comment.
  8. Did you contact the school and express your dissatisfaction? If so, what was the reply?
  9. Just to clarify, could you please suggest what proportion of private sector employees regularly take ‘risks’, that is exposing themselves to danger as opposed to exposing shareholders to financial loss. Could you also suggest why the following, predominantly public sector jobs, in your own words, NEVER take a risk: Fire Officers Police Officers Prison Officers Paramedics Bomb Disposal Officers Surgeons Coastguards
  10. I don’t know how many are out and about or whether that is more than normal, but at Port Mooar there were 8 cars just now, in my experience the usual average is less than 1. I went via Shanks’ Pony btw.
  11. And just 3 1st doses yesterday and none so far today, I simply do not understand the strategy
  12. I refer to my post from over 2 months ago, either contact the police or their employer.
  13. Why is there this ongoing narrative that the private sector is oh so much better/efficient/productive than the public sector? Does no-one in the private sector ever ring in sick, work the system, pull a fast one, nip out for a fag, turn up late, get caught with their hand in the till, fiddle their expenses, delay payment to suppliers, fleece customers, rip off old dears, sell dodgy goods, short change customers, mis-sell insurance, mis-sell warranties, pay below minimum wage, pay excessive bonuses, avoid tax, falsely claim subsidies, launder money, insider trade, break the banking system, I c
  14. Scrap 90% of the state, I’d love to see that list. Presume: Education, Health, Fire, Social Care, Prison System, Coastguard, Libraries, Museums, Heritage, Post Office, Trading Standards, Health and Safety Executive, Building Control et al. Which 10% would you keep? Police, Defence, Judiciary, Regulators?
  15. The UK based exam boards regulated by Ofqual cancelled this summer’s exams in January. This announcement refers to Cambridge International qualifications, these are not regulated by Ofqual, hence the separate announcement. Surely part of governance is to act equitably, are you suggesting otherwise?
  16. After how many hours at school per day do you anticipate that diminishing and then negative returns to scale begin to set in, that is after how many hours does the additional contact time add nothing and then begin to detract? Would you support 5 year olds doing an 8 hour + day? Or maybe going to school most of the summer instead of enjoying life?
  17. In what way are you suggesting the UK is bankrupt, is there a suspicion that the UK government is unable to repay debt? I find this highly unlikely, considering the UK government has never defaulted upon debt and is highly unlikely to, given that existing debt can be settled by issuing new bonds. Of greater interest is the fact that the cost of those bonds is currently the lowest in history, so UK government borrowing is undoubtedly rising but the interest on those debts is actually falling.
  18. I would suggest that the majority of society would prefer the NHS to be relatively quiet and I for one have no problem whatsoever paying them “to sit on their thumbs”. Do you feel the same about firefighters? Coastguard?
  19. Strangely enough the market, much loved and understood by economists, would appear to somewhat disagree, but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story🤫 BBC Article, admittedly from 2017
  20. If it matters to you that much, maybe contact their employer or the police instead of constantly whining on here? You seem to have a detailed log of their movements, perfectly normal behaviour.
  21. Surely every time a salaried employee goes for a bike ride/to the shop/to the toilet it is on full pay? Maybe they fancied a bit of fresh air during daylight whilst non-contact with kids, I don’t think most reasonable people would have a problem with that. A bit like working on Athol Street (private sector where everyone works super hard and is highly productive due to the constant threat of dismissal) and nipping out for a fag three times a day?
  22. I think that is the crux of the local dispute, the cost of living here is higher than England/Wales.
  23. But there were no public examinations last year and may well not be this year, how does your “objective measures” system work then? Do you propose a similar system for firemen, pay related to the number of fires they put out? Ambulance drivers based upon the number of incidents they attend? Same for coastguards?
  24. Swedish model under fire. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55347021
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