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  1. More about the same topic: https://unherd.com/thepost/inside-shanghais-zero-covid-camp/ It tells about a young Ukrainian lady living is Shanghai who has been brought to an "isolation camp" because her covid test result was "abnormal". She is kept there indefinitely and not even been told when and which conditions she might be released. It would be utterly impossible for me to go along that crap for a sole day of my life. I am sorry CCP (Chinese Communist Party) I wasn't made for your shit.
  2. Wishful thinking! In the UK the rate of compliance with that requirement has been 17%. Meaning that 17% of those who had meaningful Covid symptoms bothered to get tested, let alone self-reporting to the authorities.
  3. If that is the case, I am perfectly comfortable with that; with being denied travel (from airlines etc) on THAT specific basis. I am absolutely happy with having market forces asserting themselves and regulating this matter! Bring it on. You see, in the real world, companies (and people) act according to self-interest. Here is a picture of me. When? Decades from now, in my nineties. Just after I said: “Screw the government and its f***ing vaccine!” And by then, I truly hope the lot of you authoritarians to be all dead. I will die on my own terms.
  4. Wonder why these Covid-19 cruises offloading their infections onto our island were even considered in the first place. It says “despite the ongoing border closure to non-Manx residents”. Thus, where permission had come from? Of course, we will miss the tree-planting and beach cleaning session.
  5. If only could teach themselves how to work... Covid-19 has been the excuse to do not work at all. Not even the work that could be done online easily.
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