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  1. I'm going to need a bigger mattress then...
  2. Thanks for this and everyone comments on this. The link was really informative. The benefits from the published data and the recommendations are now very clear. It definitely is part of the way forward for me.
  3. That raises the rare but real possibility that the person who actually administers the vaccine may also be culpable then doesn't it. ? I must admit that aspect does concern me that those vaccinators who have only recently been trained to give injections can still get it wrong. If it is part and parcel of their professional training and everyday role then that would be comforting to know. And with gloves on we can all be assured there is no possibility of posing any cross infection risk to those being vaccinated. Thats why they wear gloves in hospital.
  4. Good point. A Spanish study shows a massive benefit in lessening ITU admissions. New Study: Vitamin D Reduces Risk of ICU Admission 97% Quote: The dosage of calcifediol converts to IU (international units at a ratio of 200 to 1). So 10 micrograms of calcifediol is 2000 IU of vitamin D, whereas 10 micrograms of vitamin D3 is 400 IU (a 40:1 ratio). The dosage given to the patients, in IUs, was: Day one: 106,400 IU of vitamin D Day three: 53,200 IU Day seven: 53,200 IU Once-a-week thereafter: 53,200 IU This is equivalent to about 30,000 IU per day for the first week, a
  5. Given that view and the evidence then should our Pubic Health Department be suggesting this. (I am not being critical of them but maybe there are a few more nuggets of 'advice' they can suggest rather than "don't do this" stuff all the time?
  6. Thanks for replies. I was sent a few links but his one seemed to sum it up well. Source: https://covid.us.org/2020/09/03/new-study-vitamin-d-reduces-risk-of-icu-admission-97/ Time to start it I think.
  7. Have been looking into the use of Vitamin D to enhance the immune system. Apparently it is highly recommended and seem to have a significant impact. Does anyone have any personal experience of this or is it just another false dawn ?
  8. Totally agree. Too many doing it though. There are much better ways of retaining all that knowledge and experience and re-engaging with public services without going on the payroll.
  9. The real tragedy is that some 15 years since an whole island medical records system was advocated and described by Paul Harper (iirc) we still do not have an integrated system that shares all clinical information between patients, GPs and Nobles Departments. Given that digitisation was a clinical and political aim, was budgeted for and developed at £millions of pounds so far where has it gone wrong. What has the money been used for instead is what I want to know. Good health and social care requires effective communication systems with data collection, audit and clinical reporting s
  10. The facilities at most GP practises to do the vaccinations are not sufficient or appropriate but the difficulties in accessing and sharing the right medical records is to me an utter shambles given how long we have been facing the national vaccination programme on this scale. We can not afford to clog GP surgeries and Nobles and the car parks with people attending for the jabs.
  11. Who would want the debacle that was Manxonia hanging round their political career for ever more. Let's face it, Hewywood seems to be determined for getting into the Big House at one level or another. Let's hope Skelly sticks around. And when they start the Bay Queen who is going to explain all the building material lorries and rubbish wagons etc crashing down that Promenade. Move the cars everyone when it comes. Poor Port St Mary.
  12. Apple

    Manx Care

    Barbara never went away. Wasn't she based in Crookall House as something like a Director fo something or other. She knows her stuff and where a lot of the bodies are buried. Its about time she was back in charge as I am sure the last few years has been a real eye opener there.
  13. https://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_667549.html Speaker has published breakdown of figures and occupations here.
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