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  1. Apple

    Manx Care

    Now that reads impressive, a no nonsense person who will probably not be shy when it comes to airing his views. It appears that Mr Ashford has made the right choice.
  2. Can I drive in McDonalds and get food without leaving the car?
  3. Apologies for posting this again but perhaps it is. rather relevant at the moment. Edited just now.
  4. I agree with the shortages outside of the island but I would argue we have not been making the best use of our previous local staff. I know several ex staff who would have been happy to be approached to work at Nobles. On the other hand of course the way some staff have been treated there in the past some would not set foot in the place again. Our recruitment and retention strategy has been letting us down for a while, not just this year in my view.
  5. Apple

    University Life

    Agree about the Union bar but there is no way you would do that, or put a cone on it's head.
  6. The new PiP system is vastly different to the old Oracle system. Vacancies and staffing numbers were no longer reliable, hence the need for change. Trying to compare any statistics to what is in place now is the old apples and pears issue. Whether this includes bank and agency staff is still unclear. Sickness and mandatory training failure to attends are still concerning.
  7. Hopefully these will be subjects for the next presentation later this week, if the journalists are allowed to ask that is. Ashford has said that Nobles is now ready for an escalation of cases requiring hospitalisation more or less immediately. Wonder if they will use the newly refurbished private wing, and /or if anyone has signed to take it over yet? I need more honest and clarity on the next steps being considered so I can make decisions for what I consider to be in my families best interests.
  8. Wasn't that the same response to the speed camera issue by Mr Flint. and mr Baker? It should be a mixture of both. Of course, as I posted before, bad laws do not good citizens make. Quite the opposite in fact.
  9. Isn't there? Are you sure about that....?
  10. I assume this was for Gladys but please allow me to intervene. The lockdowns, here and in the UK, should have happened earlier, by at least two weeks. This opinion has been aired by others and in the press. We had several weeks to prepare but it took too long to mobilise the resources for the NHS and the care homes to be in a position to respond effectively as the virus became more widespread. The UK did appear to be arrogant in it's preparations to the point of "it can't happen here". Strategies and funding for both of those areas have over the years been impaired in my view and man
  11. Been my recent experience. Was told leave it with us to sort out. Nothing since.
  12. Boris lost the confidence and the trust of a lot of the British public when he let off Cummings and the Minister (forgot his name) for breaking the spirit and the actual law when lockdown first imposed in UK. He lived up to his reputation then and has continued to do so. According to Private Eye the timing of the announcements and the implementation of restrictions he has made have just happened to coincide with the social needs of his family life. As for using students to develop the herd immunity - they will not forgive him for that.
  13. Apple

    Manx Care

    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-care-boss-wants-better-management-focus/ Please can anyone translate what this means ?
  14. Wrong emoji there. Should have been a snigger, or a fall off chair laughing. My apologies - I was trying to find something to represent a tongue in cheek statement - don't want to upset the people who matter...(see, there again, could have used an emoji of a tongue in cheek)
  15. Could not agree more. How long was it between Beamans in the NHS and the notification of the Independent Review? Few years?
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