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  1. Thanks for posting the history. Its really astonishing. Didn't Heywood try for MLC recently but didn't get in? Probably go for MHK next year.
  2. Brexit has not happened yet. If you want to debate who "runs" the island then I suggest starting a new topic. Dr Glover is back and that is all that matters for this thread.
  3. Our geography allows different approaches. It's not rocket science. But, have it your way, we are a self determining nation then. That should make our choices much easier when Brexit happens then. We shall see. That is all.
  4. We can set it with certain parameters so as to tie in with the UK. Who determines those parameters ?
  5. No they don't I'm afraid. Most of those issues are determined off island and only enacted here when told to do so. Thats why we have to have Royal Assent. I think most people know it but find it hard to accept. We are fast becoming , or have become, little England.
  6. Very true. This is the first step now in the new integrated community assessment process for medical staff that has legal ramifications. It is essential it is done correctly by trained staff and, more importantly, recorded.
  7. ....and then do exactly as our English masters tell them to do, or we won't get bailed out. Dr G - please carry on doing what you do as that is much more important.
  8. I think it will be voluntary, at first. the we will be 'nudged' to have it. We will no doubt hear much, much more about the hew normal and gradually lose our 'choices' in order to to enjoy our 'freedoms'. Bit like banks and post offices I suppose.
  9. Not on this occasion unfortunately.
  10. Apart from being the worst advert for a VW ever - don't say she has sex at all in the link.
  11. Who would be that unscrupulous to ask another posters wife to take a risk like that....Is she pretty?
  12. Now that is a very interesting question. Why do they do it?
  13. We know there is a government agenda to "nudge' more and more people to use online services and then to "share" some of the data to make it easier to plan, manage and to reduce costs and hopefully reduce the civil servants in jobs and replace with more technology. My caution is about the extent of the sharing of data around the corridors of central government and access to it all by some civil servants. It is already happening and without satisfactory explanation or information to the public. Anyway, whatever happened to choice about how to pay your bills?
  14. Are they allowed to run a commercial operation from a government building? They have just done up the town hall main counter I hear so maybe they are planning for just that.
  15. No,No,No, - people would never do that. Not here they wouldn't.😱
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