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  1. That's what I heard - I think it said hospital admissions were up due to Covid.
  2. I'm sorry but anyone who talks about 'customers' rather than patients needs to have a look at themselves. Will it be right that patients will want to come back again if services are that good. ?
  3. Covid changed a lot of things so quickly that probably would have just evolved anyway, particularly in data and information exchange which was necessary for a co-ordinated approach of things like border policy, vaccination procedures, lockdowns etc. That and the travel restrictions, the paperwork, the telephone apps were all brought in and some vestiges of that co-operation will remain and be built on for the future. I'm not saying we will see Covid again but valuable lessons have been learnt that as much as we would like some isolation we have to work closer together with so many other areas for as much as our own benefit and future safety as anywhere else. Apologies for going off track.
  4. https://www.gov.im/media/1373779/mcals-brochure.pdf In the latest Manx Care annual report there is a more up to date section about it and who is staffing it.
  5. Sorry @Gladysbut those days are fast disappearing. What happens now in one jurisdictions affects so many others, and. so quickly. Just look at the current financial crisis in the UK - will have a massive impact here. We are now so interconnected I don't see how maintaining the illusion of independence can be maintained. I really wish it were not so. No politician can say all that though.
  6. Oh, I think there is. The changes that have been instigated, and those still yet to come, have been set out over two administrations and funding for them planned over a similar time frame (wasn't it £20 million over 5 years at £4 million each and every year no matter which administration is in.). I remember someone at the time commenting about committing future administration to annual funding for it on such a basis. They are here now and are doing just that with strictly no political interference. I understand the message has gone out now to all MHKs - do not get involved in constituent health matters directly - they have to go through MCALs just like the rest of us. And that is where they will get their answers from as well. Maybe we will end up just like the Isle of Wight service but we are too small now to fund and actually staff the delivery of a sophisticated health and social care system that is robust and safe enough to meet current and future needs.
  7. Agreed. There have been opportunities that sadly may have been missed mainly due to the concept of maintaining 'independence' from the UK and rejecting any notion of closer ties to benefit people here. It would, and to some extent still is, be politically unacceptable to get 'too close' despite our financial arrangements. Reciprocal agreement doesn't get mentioned a lot nowadays.
  8. Just watched it. Absolute disgrace. No managers put up to face the commentators. Have to ask as well - where were the medical staff ?
  9. Good to know. Will be calling in tomorrow.
  10. Its scary, is what it is. If CEVs are not being properly prioritised and organised then where does that leave the rest of us ? (they should be in my opinion too).
  11. There is no Plan B. We can no longer go it done, it is too expensive. Partnerships with UK NHS is the only way now. Although I think they could have been a bit more open about some of the "problems" they have encountered.
  12. Ok - still some ways to go......
  13. Won't they be prohibited by law in refitting them by then ?
  14. Some good stuff in this. https://www.gov.im/media/1377887/manx-care-annual-report-service-year-2021-22.pdf
  15. Bailey has said he is ready to step in with higher rates before November if needed. I think it will be. Another half a percent maybe. There is about £2billion in savings accounts they want people to spend but higher interest rates only encourage more saving surely ?
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