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  1. Yes, I am aware of that. it isn't about the set up though, it was about who was delivering the care. Hopefully Manx Care see things differently. The local consultations were about to start when Covid hit sp presumably they might be held in the not too distant future.
  2. Well said @Gladys. That is what concerns me. Integrated Care indicates they intend to introduce and make full use of charitable and volunteer resources on the island as an adjunct to statutory services. The boundaries of confidentiality and accountability are not clear as yet. I have previously been in some discussions where the proposal discussed was that postmen have been told to keep an eye on vulnerable people on their post rounds and report them to a local (voluntary) co-ordinator if they think further investigation of circumstances may be necessary. Presumably that information which overrides any confidentiality, goes to the local GP or District Nurse. The problem comes when they miss something or fail to report it. Who is accountable. ? Another scenario was to have the local community hubs as places for people in a mental health crisis can go to for help / support, manned by (trained) volunteers. The proposal looked at what could be available out of hours. These ideas are part of the previous DHSC planning so I hope now the new Manx Care have shelved these ideas and will develop Primary Care services with voluntary / charity services fully supporting (behind) statutory services and qualified staff - not replacing them as a cheaper option. Something to watch for.
  3. Again though it is abut confidentiality. We are too small to handle the information. I know of two people admitted in the last day or so as emergencies so any announcement on Covid would automatically inform me of their clinical state. Not sure that is fair really.
  4. Ego vs Money.....this will be very interesting. I have long considered what exactly it is that gets a politician out of bed in the morning and to do what they do, often in the face of personal adversity and strife. Ambition, ego, legacy, money, family, sense of history, being different, influence - the list could be endless. I sense an interesting social observational experience coming up. (or something like that.)
  5. Thats exactly the point I was making - only that sounded better. Corrin Home though is a a good example then of the Government being the final resource if a charity folds.
  6. I see Mr Quirk is now expressing his views on the Promenade debacle. Is there no topic he is willing to express his views on ? Like the shenanigans in his own back yard ? Look forward to that. Popcorn anyone ?
  7. Presumably this is regarded as the most efficient way of of providing emergency social relief for disadvantage groups / individuals and bypasses the "unnecessary" red tape and administration needed if it was run by a Government Department. It keeps staff "off the Government payroll" and gives people with time on their hands something worthwhile to do, but where do the volunteers etc stand when it comes to accountability for the services they provide. For example, the Foodbank announced recently the difficulties they were experiencing and I assume they are saving the Government a fortune in social care etc.
  8. As you can see, everyone gets on really well with each other here....it's idyllic really.
  9. I don't think CoMin have anything to do with it but yes, this is what I am hearing.
  10. I would not expect to know that. But I would like to know which charity the shopping bag money is going to. What if it never gets there.....
  11. I think if people donate money for a case on the island (or elsewhere) they are entitled to know where it is going. When I get asked for example if I want to a shopping bag (for a price) the question to which charity the money goes to is usually "head office". No one ever seems to know who is benefitting, and yet it is government mandated. I understand much community 'integrated' care will include /involve charity and volunteer based to save money.
  12. Ah. Now I understand. It seems then the local authorities can just run up expensive debts then (as they won't have budgeted for unexpected legal fees presumably) without anyone being able to question on whose authority they do it. Was there ever a case when the y could be held personally liable for when finances went awry or is it just taken that in fact they can spend whet they like on exactly what they like. Surely. the DOI can place sanctions on Boards?
  13. I have just read in this weeks Courier about anonymous' letters apparently sent to Onchan residents containing "untruths ' about a Mr Crellin. It has concerned residents and it has been handed to the police. It doesn't say why. I don't know, or care really, what is going on in Onchan. But is it not time we had a body of people who could "swoop" in and sort out local authorities when they go "off piste" and end up spending more time, effort and energy, and therefore wasting ratepayers money, on activities like this that damage reputations, all sound rather 'petty' and don't really go any where anyway. I expect the next thing will be lawyers involved, more headline grabbing and reputation and character assassinations that must be grossly diverting for staff and other non involved people. Is it time for Onchan to be amalgamated with somewhere else? Every year seems to bring fresh problems. Is it something in the water? Which local authority performs best on the island. Perhaps Onchan need a lesson in better local government and guidelines on how adults are supposed to behave. P.S. - Don't look at the Commissioners where I live. Not the best example.
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