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  1. Apple

    Manx Care

    No axe as I don't take it all personally. I never use the word "you" in replies to keep it so. Things do go wrong on occasion. When it does sometimes not everything is disclosed to patients and families. it should be in my view. Secrecy is not confidentiality.
  2. How about a woman for Speaker - Barber ?
  3. Apple

    Manx Care

    https://www.gmc-uk.org/ethical-guidance/ethical-guidance-for-doctors/candour---openness-and-honesty-when-things-go-wrong/the-professional-duty-of-candour The Duty of Candour as I read it applies to all aspects care and treatment that may directly or indirectly harm patients including organisational and systemic causes. Delayed or missed appointments I think should be included. It's not always down to patients not turning up. The monthly stats used to state whether missed appointments were caused by patient or hospital reasons.. Not published any more. Why not? I also wonder these ar
  4. Apple

    Manx Care

    Apparently works out to 46 missed out patients appointments a day ? Sorry but I don't see that. We have had several reports of the failures of the Admin to send out appointments in time, late postal appointments after the due time and / or date. They were under tremendous pressure with stop /start workloads and with having to move into other jobs /roles. I have said before the answer is to publish the lists monthly like they used to, which of course they didn't want to do as it makes comparisons very much easier. Of course any improvement on the current waiting list will be se
  5. Learning from Abbotswood... It's very difficult to have and maintain a sense of pride when I get reminded of things like this. What went wrong ?
  6. Apple

    Manx Care

    For medical treatment. The full charges for other aspects of running and maintaining the hospital were not fully covered iirc. Eg - I have had conversations with non Consultant medical staff who were not happy to 'cover' the PPU when the responsible Consultant was not in the hospital as it was not what they were being paid to do (ie look after NHS patients).
  7. Why do Specsavers still insist in wanting personal details of who goes in their shop but people can walk about freely in Nobles without having to leave their name at the front desk. Both need make and sanitiser. Isn't that enough ?
  8. Agreed. It surely must just be down to incompetence. Or is it........🤐 😉
  9. They can't just call the police in willy nilly for when highly paid and important people are involved - they may get charged or accused of all sorts. That's only for plebs.
  10. Apple

    Manx Care

    It was being refurbished and redecorated so a private company can come in and take it over. DA said at the time it was never going to be used for NHS patients again. He was wrong. Still, once Covid restrictions are removed I am sure Manx Care will reinvigorate the old plans and further reduce NHS beds again. It's not like we need them anymore. BTW - private care at Nobles does not pay for non medical staff etc or all the overheads. That still come out of the NHS budget (or used to). People if they wish should be able to avail themselves of private care. But not at a hospit
  11. Apple

    Manx Care

    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/mental-health-patients-dont-always-get-help-in-time/ And we have more here from a GP telling us what is wrong but not what they are going to do about it. Surely they have agreed urgent referral pathways and have clinical guidelines already in place to help patients to access the specialist services they need ?. Or will this fall now on to volunteer groups and charities ? I see the next Tynwald is due to "debate' the Manx Care Mandate some 8 weeks after it was introduced. No doubt Ashford will remind everyone it was "unanimously" ag
  12. Don't mention Manxonia or the loss they made on it.....
  13. Apple

    TT 2021 ??

    Is it me or is it that the people who come over to watch the TT and ride their bikes are just looking a little bit ....older ?
  14. I tend to agree. There are still those with serious health problems that are susceptible to the risks that Covid can present. I am all for everyone taking the risks and managing them on their own behalf but disagree with anyone else taking chances on my behalf without my involvement. Thats why we have the government listening (hopefully) to a more balanced argument than just do this or that. Given the views I have read on here lately (how many people dying is acceptable) frankly inhibits any discussion and reduces it almost to playground level. Although not a complete fan of w
  15. Not a lot as far as I know. She could start by educating people how to spell according to this. Eduction is very important. She lists her priorities as 'eduction, the environment and Island infrastructure, especially roads and flood mitigation'. Mrs Caine is a member of the Department for Enterprise and political lead of Digital Isle of Man. If re-elected she hopes to focus on 'better social and environmental policies that benefit more people and a speedier adoption of renewable energey.' That covers an awful lot - maybe being a bit more specific might help.
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