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  1. @John Wright is probably right, and more. I am not that important, believe me ! I don't have any current influence over any operational or strategic matters so I don't see myself as a problem. I would be being naive if I thought I had any solutions or answers, so I don't make any. I hear the complaints and frustrations that I experience myself, that I get involved with, and some posted on here. I do not make them up. They are real for those that theses things happen to. I also listen to those who work in the services still. However, In the vast territory and scope that is the DHSC / Manx Care one person's point of view makes not any difference at all. It does indeed. But in all fairness there was not the money, the access to extra resources, and the political will to make the changes that were necessary. That has changed. Good. I am happy to keep my views to myself and self censure in future. Not a problem.
  2. No it isn't in general and It's not the first time it has been considered. Medical staff have to give 6 weeks notice, but that doesn't apply to all staff, yet. Some staff book their holidays well in advance, some people have to take TT off, etc. Do you seriously think this is being done for the benefit of patients? Potentially the admin side is not geared up for it as @Roger Mexicohas indicated. As for my cynicism and paranoia @John Wright the strategy documents for the development of services previously published have clearly indicated enlargement of charity and private services provision. DA closed the PPU stating not more NHS patients (apart from Covid). Do you think those 20 beds with their numerous side rooms will ever be open for NHS patients when this is all over ? Only if you can afford it according to DA. Let's hope Mr Hooper sees it differently.
  3. Sorry. - typo. Should of course read -How would that help the hospital - if any treatment is required where else can they go ?
  4. Goods news on the horizon...? Molnupiravir is a potential oral / capsule Covid treatment awaiting approval in US. Made by Merck. Let's hope it works and gets approval.
  5. How would tat help the hospital - if any treatment is required where else can they go ?
  6. Probably best not to call it that then.
  7. if the governance of the isle of `man depends on 'chance' then we m might as well scrap all the elections along with the hope and spin that goes with them. A nations people should be able to elect people on their plans to govern, not wait until they decide what to do when they get into office. That is democracy.
  8. Reported today Italy has one of the lowest rates of infection in Europe now and their economy is gathering good momentum. Place to go for hols.
  9. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/hospital-appointment-scheduling-to-change-to-reduce-dna/ Only 6 weeks notice for Out Patient clinic appointments in future, resulting in more people having to take notice any future travel plans into account. If people turn down appointments as a result then the hospital can not be blamed for adding to the waiting lists. I think this is another nudge to encourage private appointments as they now gradually dismantle the systems in the public domain and encourage more growth in private and charity services. Thats the debate yet to be had with the public though and politicians don't have the mandate for it. So it is being done with stealth and on the QT. I wonder what Lawrie and his Lib Van pals will make of it all, and whether they will have the gumption to own up to what is really happening, going forward as they say.
  10. A certain Mrs Edge would love to have seen that I reckon.😂 So, what else can he do. All that money and all that talent going to waste. Thinking about that does he get on with David Ashford ? I have never seen an exchange between them in Keys.
  11. That was in regard to the post office, not an invitation to make any personal comments...😀
  12. It's the sort of role currently that if anyone wanted to do it then questions would need to be asked about why on earth they put themselves in that position. It would automatically disqualify someone. No, it's a screaming and kicking sorts of post. How about Claire Christian then ?
  13. The new Chief Minister did not look or sound very comfortable or confident to me. he has done the best he can with what he has got to play and work around with. I almost feel sorry for him but I think he has made several basic errors in his team building and selection of members. The naked political manoeuvrings and ambitions were all on show and to be honest in my view does not bode well. I sense the potential for some fireworks between DA and KLB as they jockey to become Alf's, and everyone else's, favourite to become the next Chief Minister. Long way to go yet though. Allinson may have to wait a bit longer for his chance at the title.
  14. Whats Barber done wrong to be punished in this way then?
  15. https://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_695269.html Covid Ward open again at Nobles apparently due too a lack of side rooms. Typical late Friday afternoon news flash. Doesn't mention the 50 - 60 beds reported to be closed. What have we come to when Manx Care can't even be open and transparent. Welcome Mr Hooper to our new health and social care service. I wonder if he will stick to his principles of Lib Vannin.
  16. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/10/14/asia/suicide-children-japan-intl-hnk/index.html This is very worrying. Suicide rates in Japan links to pandemic. And some other factors ?
  17. I would actually like it if they would stop sending reminders for bills not actually received. Apparently their billing providers are not sending them out as they should. Print my own off - blooming cheek !
  18. I think it is a combination of all these things. And the gloves are coming off. Wobbly times. Might even get Andrew Foster and Kathy Magson back over? Next DHSC Minister to sort out. Anyone hear yet ?
  19. Sadly I agree now. I did have some high hopes initially of the change to Manx Care (apart from the timing in a pandemic). Spinning events into good news stories has lost its shine now, and we seem to have moved beyond the mediocre. Maybe a new Minister could actually deliver what the flannel and guff delivered in Tynwald said it would but frankly I am yet to be convinced.
  20. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/elective-surgery-temporarily-suspended-at-nobles-hospital/ They must have just arrived as the hospital hence the unscheduled announcement. It is a pity there was not enough planning or management time to tell people this was happening as it presumably had been ordered months and months ago. I hope no-one was prepped for theatre today and then cancelled, that would just be cruel. Maybe we are taking time out due to the lack of theatre staff, which would make sense. For those staff due to 'stand down' during these interruptions I assume they are rescheduled to work elsewhere.
  21. Is agreeing with that statement being an accomplice?
  22. Agreed, and as @Roger Mexicopoints out it is the way of the island. I sit in hope that somewhere, behind a closed door, it all makes sense and we are just not privy to what keeps (some of) us in the lap of luxury we enjoy here, as in ignorance is bliss thinking. However, when you look around and hear what some people are experiencing, then maybe the reality that there is something fundamentally flawed about the way the resources of the island are put to use. Can this new administration correct the balance - I doubt it. By the way, the airport reminds me of a UK council estate built in the 1960's. Shabby now.
  23. I was curious about that too, but I don't know enough about transplantations in the States. The report also stated there were still well over 60 million people not vaccinated but there was slow improvement from two months ago.
  24. It is sensible. I am not disagreeing with the policy. It needs to be implemented / emphasised here and the UK as soon as possible. The point is that all potential donors must have available the information that they have been vaccinated at hand should they be in a position sadly to make such a donation. I don't think a little white card in a wallet will cut it. I understand we are still awaiting to hear whether it will be compulsory for all health and scoaif care staff to have vaccinations or be forced to work elsewhere.
  25. What are the odds on a current Department being turned into an arms length management organisation and have its staff transferred to them. I would go for the DOI or the DoE. (called Manx Tourism or Manx Construction). And CT to oversee it. No-one imagined (or mentioned) at the start of the last administration they would do it to the DHSC but it has set the pattern now. Where next ?
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