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  1. Buy a Tesla and get them both in one...watch that cable.
  2. And apparently the US sending tanks as well. With the UK and Poland and other Nato countries it seems Ukraine may eventually get around 100 of the 300 tanks they have asked for. It will take some time for them to arrive, get supply lines sorted and determine strategy and leadership. But still no jet fighters. This will be a long confrontation and could very easily escalate by miscalculation.
  3. Like any new laws the potential impacts have to be careful considered. There will always be unintended consequences that no-one foresees.
  4. When all the subsidies drop out and the impact of this years budgets become clearer there may be some hard choices for those on lower incomes.
  5. ..and due to this war we are now 10 seconds closer to Doomsday. 😱
  6. Isn't there is an 'out' that if developers don't put in the appropriate number of parking spaces on one development they can correct the deficiency by creating more on another development so the total equals the overall requirements.
  7. Douglas Council used to announce the empty properties and show long they have been empty at each monthly full Council meeting. I assume though Government have a way of monitoring the situation centrally.
  8. Bet B and Q run out of elbow taps this weekend.....😀
  9. Yes, the public are gradually being nudged in that direction. Some will never get there I suspect. It's not cheap to fund replacements computers, repairs, inks and papers etc but also to install and maintain a reliable internet connection. Maybe it should be added to the cost of living assessment. In Government itself though it is still not happening within the Government on the scale they would like. Reams and reams of paper sill being used.
  10. I would have thought that the safeguarding issues, controlled drugs and prescription pad issues would be death with as priorities, if they have not already been actioned. Carpet cleaning as mentioned by the Nursing Director on the radio this morning is low hanging fruit. The CQC inspections though have made a start and now there are some consistent baseline standards to start the process of consistent and continual improvements. The CQC reports have been published which is to be welcomed. The individual practice action plans to address the more serious problems, where there are any, should also be published, and soon. The speed at which that can be done would be a great boost to the Manx public and practice patients and that Manx Care means business now and things are beginning to be changed for the better and not left to fester. That may also send a signal to some of those MHKs who expressed any concerns about the Manx Care Annual report. Let's get on with it.
  11. It would. Making online use compulsory and exclusive would require the Government to provide computers and internet connections for free to every household. And then of course a raft of penalties for non-compliance would be needed. All Governments probably would like to be totally paperless but in reality we are not going to see it just yet.
  12. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ai-robot-lawyer-artificial-intelligence-do-not-pay/?intcid=CNI-00-10aaa3b Microsoft have reportedly made a significant investment in AI and features will be incorporated into Office etc. This is only the beginning.
  13. I saw it and made a comment about it on a different thread. There was a suggestion posted iirc ? Im not sure this is the right way to go at the moment. I'd rather see suitable remunerations and positive changes to terms and conditions for all hard working staff first.
  14. That creates a lot of thoughts and questions. I had not considered the complexities of residency and tax purposes before. Thanks for posting.
  15. Nominations closed less than two hours after this announcement....@ 0800 hrs. Why ?
  16. Thats exactly what I said. Strange isn't it.....
  17. Become Chief Minister and go for broke...?
  18. The CQC assessments are the right way to go. I would expect now that where needed (all but 1 practice) an Action Improvement Plan has been or needs to be developed and published so patients and the public are assured that issues such as safeguarding policies are in place and work to meet the needs of vulnerable patients. As the annual (?) assessments continue it would be expected that higher standards are going to be required in a series of gradual and comprehensive improvements. That is what it is all being done for presumably. Closing the audit loop. Just been highlighted on BBC North West with Hooper saying the findings are not related to patient care. In my view that is wrong. I hope the very real concerns that have been highlighted are not overshadowed by everyone now rushing to say everything is safe and well and no concerns here, or the actual benefits that can be achieved by these island wide assessments will all have been a waste of time and money. Let's not have the usual mantra of "nothing to see here, let's move on". This is a major step for the island's health care systems and their importance needs to be taken seriously, and not treated dismissively.
  19. No Thanks, no need. I live and vote here. The report signify and reflect much and many of the concerns expressed in Tynwald last week. I suspect that the "management speak" that the reports are set out in has been used to minimise patients anxiety about how their local practices meet, or do not meet, initial CQC standards e.g. keeping the practices controlled drugs safely and areas being clean and tidy (in regard to infection control) are quite basic requirements but still end up in some of the reports. In some the vaccinations percentages for children should be a real cause for concern for the Public Health Dept. Looking further at all the reports does show that despite the nigh on £300 million we spend each year for the Manx Care / DHSC that, as said last week, we have yet to see the much hoped for data to show the improvements we were expecting. As someone in Tynwald intimated last week, the Manx Care annual report was sadly lacking in some key data areas and that the DHSC's response was even sadder. (my words).
  20. Surely the turn out is completely influenced by the quality of the candidates. Thats why younger people don't vote in my view.
  21. I was thinking more Greece and Spain regions but there's more places in similar climates and a lot more heritage.
  22. I get the impression that things are not great at the moment. No new DHSC minister announced yet and probably because no-one wants it (other than Ashford probably or an ambitious newbie). The vocal support from the rest of his colleagues doesn't seem that vigorous or emphatic enough to inspire energy or inspiration for where we need to be. Maybe it's just me but we just seem to be going through the motions till the next elections. Maybe his budget will create some excitement and lift the place up a bit. We need it.
  23. Is that what people going on holiday want anymore, when its cheaper and warmer to go to somewhere sunny to look at heritage sites .
  24. Totally agree. Estonia has turned itself around and would be a useful example to follow in some of these aspects. I know some of my family and friends will not come here actually because of the bikes...
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