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  1. Employment & Equality Tribunal Dr Rosalind Ranson V Department of Health & Social Care (Directions Hearing) 28th September 2021 Public hearing or not ? Moderators - PS -Can somebody please merge these two threads on Manx Care together off deemed appropriate.
  2. Totally agree. I understand from a recent case that if the person only 'believes' the disclosure is in the public interest (or maybe even part of their job or role or even Code of Conduct) then that is sufficient to make such a claim and be protected from any discriminatory action. Is that correct ?
  3. Apple

    Manx Care

    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-care-hit-with-urgent-enforcement-notice-for-gdpr-complaint/ Again, not good 'optics', as they say. I have been supporting someone with a complaint and they still have not had all the information requested from medical records - nearly 3 years later !! Isn't it the public Manx Care Board meeting next week - not seen any announcement yet so maybe papers have not been finalised yet.
  4. Very surprised to see Dr Ransom's name on the Employment Tribunal hearing schedule. Presumably then she has been dismissed ? Anyone know what has gone on ?
  5. I hear that Sir Jonathan, Andrew Foster and Kathryn Magson have deigned to visit our island recently. Wouldn't it be nice if they all thought that for the money we are paying them they could actually live here (is it a tax thing?) or could actually spend some time talking to the public about what is happening, or about to happen to our health services. For me, Manx Care had a great opportunity to demonstrate honesty, openness and trust by explaining why they breached the GDPR rules and their answers to the current. General Practice problems. They didn't. So much for public engagement !!!
  6. I think it ?may. be Cab Off but maybe someone else knows. This is the reason for all these people, old and new. https://www.gov.im/media/1373337/iom-primary-care-at-scale-strategy-v16.pdf It does not paint a good picture I'm afraid.. Resources and collaborations / relationships relabelled as problematic in this report. It raises many potential questions for the election candidates and enables them to give very detailed responses if they wish.
  7. https://www.gov.im/media/1350969/dhsc-governance-structure-april-2021.pdf This will presumably be changed post election.
  8. https://www.gov.im/media/1369368/detailed-programme-structure-january-18-2021.pdf Speak for themselves. I hear there are some frustrations with progress to date.
  9. Budget reform and Diversifying the economy - probably something they all have. There is more detail in his manifesto but he can go through that himself. To be honest, the manifesto is probably a third longer than it should be but it would be good to see other candidates following suit. Just a thought.
  10. Is that for the commissioners and staff ....? CE not back yet I see. Long suspension this....wonder why ?
  11. https://www.covid19assembly.org/doctors-open-letter/ I don't know if this has been posted before, but there are a lot of medical and nursing signatories to this. I've been 2+2, and glad for it, but have concerns about children being vaccinated. Nurses in Cincinnati reported overnight - One third saying they will leave their hospital jobs if vaccines become compulsory.
  12. Not with anyone I have spoken to apparently her main usp is that "she knows lots of people". A bit thin on national issues, and of course dragged down by the events in PSM over the last few years. Kemp manifesto has arrived and I have to say I am impressed. Very full and comprehensive if also a little self congratulatory in parts. Might actually be worth a punt as never voted for him before. If he gets in then Manx Care will have to probably work that bit harder with all their new managers etc. Not such a bad thing maybe.
  13. I don't know how to fix it, but it's going to take years. I imagine at least some of these apply to the IoM. Not necessarily. My nephew is a GP. The insights provided from recent discussion highlight reinforce to me the imbalance between primary and secondary care sectors has been and is a growing problem. There are easier solutions but whether Manx Care could consider a more patient focussed solution in taking take a more collaborative approach than what I think it is capable of achieving. We shall see. However, : https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/surgery-left-extremely-understaffed-after-partners-leave/ The practice states it is a funding issue and Manx Care will support them by locum medical staff and with nursing staff. The absence of the usual political oversight at the moment the DHSC strategy for a more sustainable solution to the GP issue is evident.
  14. https://inews.co.uk/news/long-reads/gp-crisis-is-as-serious-an-issue-as-covid-a-doctor-on-why-she-is-furious-about-the-state-of-her-profession-1167646 here is the link (hopefully) The GP makes the point that patients are sent back to their GP for things that A and E staff have close to hand like scans etc, resulting in added pressures for GPs and unnecessary trips back to the GPs. Clinical staff being asked to work in other areas when needed seems to have been useful in Nobles for some staff and maybe could be extended. In the past the potential for outpatient clinics by GPs and local clinics by hospital medical staff was being considered. Might actually be better for patients.
  15. Interesting article in the I newspaper today about the shortages of GPS in UK and how overwhelmed some of them feel. What does come across is that the role of GPs could be better supported in their roles by Hospital medical staff, including A and E staff. One suggestion is that GP surgeries with clinical staff shortfalls could be staffed on site by hospital staff who are not clinically engaged due to Covid.
  16. IIRC someone suggested Mr Kemp was a whistle blower. (dared to air). Does anyone know what about ?
  17. What, like the Promenade...?
  18. One of the larger challenges facing the UK recently has been the reported vast sums of money being paid to companies run by political 'friends'. Lobbying by ex Ministers and the awarding of large financial contracts to those close to Government has come under fire, particularly now large profits and remunerations are being announced. Can, or does it happen here on the island.? On a large scale probably not. But does political favouritism / influence happen? Registering business interests for politicians does not necessarily prevent the impression, if that is what it is, that there is no conflict or preferences given to anyone, either Inside or outside of the government systems. 'Influence" can be a potent force, sometimes in play unknowingly, but I think is an unspoken dynamic that rarely gets acknowledged.
  19. Probably because we can't be bothered to go the thread on the General Election in Current Affairs to post yet more stuff on the candidates and their foibles rather than discuss the shenanigans going on at the top of the health services and Manx Radio. Anyway, should we even care if Ranson is employed here or not? If she is then what are we paying her top notch salary for? If she isn't, how much is it costing to get rid of her? These and more questions will not be answered as they really don't concern the public in any significant open, accountable and transparent way. And we don't air our smalls in public.
  20. Who actually said that? Is it in fact Government policy at the moment? If so, what is our target population? I agree we should accept these refugees. No problem. In the UK funding goes with them.
  21. Apple


    Speed regulators fitted to all cars, and higher taxes and higher insurance for anyone penalised as well for tampering with them. 20 is plenty in villages, 30 - 40 elsewhere. We've got the big trailer lorries doing 50 + down some roads.
  22. For the most part England has left the island alone as it suits their purpose. It is much ...ahem...more effective and efficient to have certain businesses and transactions conducted through the island's systems. Every so often it seems a gaggle of Brits (OK, what is the collective name?) seem to be appointed to come over and put the island back on track. Being small though in the modern world is a big disadvantage. We should be part of the UK in a more formal setting. Amalgamation is a lovely word. It has started with the health systems. Can't stop it now.
  23. Wasn't Skelly due to some criticism for something he had done previously and they wanted to keep him so the only way was. to give him another role? The talk down South was that he wasn't standing again for MHK. Has everyone seen Dr Heywood on the 2 minute video post - crumbs.! What are we putting these people through?
  24. Give over. No decent clinician would bump up patients on a waiting list. I know it is often rumoured that private care patients get their appointments and investigations sooner but they should not be getting their treatment above anyone on a waiting list unless there is a higher clinical need. Surely.
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