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  1. It's a testament to the gullibility of society that Uri Geller and Peter Popoff have continued to sell their nonsense and exploit people long after being exposed as massive frauds. I don't think people taken in by them are stupid, they're just lacking in critical thinking skills and use of logic and reason. I don't agree with atheism but I do sympathise with the atheists' opposition to religious irrationalism.
  2. Just as long as you remember that nihilistic atheism is a religion along with all the theistic religions. "There is no god" is a theological statement of faith. You're not agnostics.
  3. The newspapers on the IOM have been doing doing this since the 19th century. It only acts as a deterrent to people of sound mind and judgement. This is evidently not the case with many of the prosecutions when you read between the lines in the coverage. We would all be better off if they were referred to the mental health service, particularly if it's a first offence, rather than them being taken through the criminal justice system.
  4. Yes, I wasn't saying she's the first. This is a recurring problem with IOM Newspapers and other local media outlets. Printing young adults' names in the newspaper for petty or mild offences is over the top and damages their ability to transition to normal productive lives. A bit difficult to get a first job when your name's been splashed in the papers for stealing some tan lotion. Yes, crimes have consequences, but these are hardly hard crimes: the focus should be on getting these young people to become productive members of society rather than to punish them.
  5. As I predicted. These establishment champagne socialists all live in a bubble of their own CO2 output, with low intelligence sycophants from the general public praising them, making them believe they're comedic geniuses. You can see it happen on Twitter with has-been celebrities and actors. It's sad to see.
  6. Agreed. The entire thing is ridiculous. I had a telephone appointment (after waiting about a month for it) and the doctor was useless. It was like talking to a simpleton. And what's the scientific basis for those plastic screens in the receptions......you know, the ones with big holes in them through which to speak and hand things back and forth like pens and pieces of paper, or breath, sneeze and cough through........?
  7. 10% voluntary redundancy lol. Do you really believe that? Lloyds Bank claimed a similar figure when it turned out to be double the numbers they claimed.
  8. I'm sorry, the other people's replies hadn't appeared on my browser at the time of my reply.
  9. If she was a millionaire and ran over a pedestrian or something, her name wouldn't be in the papers. Double standard as usual.
  10. I don't know. While I think people should receive some kind of punishment for a crime like this, it hardly seems so extreme that you splash an 18 year old's name all over the newspapers. We all made stupid mistakes when we were younger. Surely broadcasting their name in the paper and on the internet for the rest of their lives and impacting on their future employment is over the top consequence to what is just youthful stupidity. I think this is actually a disgusting and spiteful article by IOM Newspapers against someone who is basically still a child and the crime is a childlike one as well.
  11. I take back what I said. We shouldn't have a Manx honours system either. Imagine unironically receiving a Tynwald Honour Medal and not cringing.
  12. Many staff won't be going back to their offices, ever. There are going to be mass lay offs.
  13. I wasn't even saying it as an endorsement of Trump. I was just stating facts. I think Trump is an absolute prick, but his rivals are even bigger pricks, if you get me?
  14. Don't bother Scotty (who has an IQ of about 32) with the facts.
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