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  1. Why do you think there was such an odd surge in serial killers back at the time and why do you think it ended?
  2. Actually, you're wrong. Free markets are always more efficient. The problem is when the government interferes and seeks to subsidise failing business models. If government kept out of it, and let successful businesses thrive, and let unsuccessful businesses go out of business, we'd find things run a lot more efficiently. The same goes for government's own public operations. Because civil servants have no vested interest in the success of a venture, they have nothing to win or lose, they come up with all manner of policies which would cause any private sector company to go out of business. They
  3. Excuse me but I have no "Manx pride". Nationalism is as stupid as socialism and communism. All systems of collectivist identity or power should be disavowed. The only thing we should invest our energy in is in ideology. I have more in common with many women in Hong Kong and men in Zimbabwe or Nigeria than with the average idiot in Strand Street, Isle of Man. You know why? Because those people, like me, understand that freedom is more important than childish tribalism.
  4. Curious to know what "flip flop" you think is going on here. I have always been a defender of free market capitalism All problems we see in the economy are not due to free markets but due to the absence of free markets. Crony capitalism is not free market capitalism. It is not even capitalism or state capitalism. The Isle of Man's freakish merger of state and private sector power is not capitalism but a hybrid of fascism and statism. But please answer, what different viewpoint have I ever promoted on here?
  5. Of course there is, but it's really not hyperbolic. Do you really think the Isle of Man finance sector (which is the basis for the island's overall economy) is going to survive the World Economic Forum's Global Reset agenda? We're nothing to them.
  6. Such hard hitting political insight. No doubt another big brained Buchan School or King William's College alumni in the making like you.
  7. Congratulate him for what? Losing the election, or stealing it? Neither is a matter for congratulation. Either way, he is a loser.
  8. Just a reminder that we still won't know who who is elected or re-elected president until mid-December. Trump won the election. Let's see if that is affirmed by the courts, or if the courts are also corrupt and will enable the Democrats and corporate elite to steal the election from him and appoint cretin Biden and Harris as their pawns in the White House.
  9. The free market works brilliantly. It has produced the greatest advancement and growth in the entire history of the world in the quality of life around the world. It's not a coincidence that we can find 20 varieties of donut but usually get forced to choose between two -- or, at most, three -- political parties. Free market capitalism works. Government and socialism do not work. FACT.
  10. Wrong. You cannot reform the system. You are wasting your time bothering to listening to the radio or other fake news media. The only way to meaningfully reform the Isle of Man and bring about independence is through revolution.
  11. What are you ranting on about? We have an NHS and no access to appropriate healthcare. We would be better off with a free market system for health care. And you're the moron you brought up Trump, not me.
  12. The only way to stop government wasting money is to get rid of government. Government attracts the most self-serving and disreputable type of sociopaths and psychopaths. As Reagan said, that government is best which governs least. We need to only have those essential aspects of government that are required for contract law and protection of individual rights. Anything else (entire departments) should be literally abolished outright.
  13. I had to wait over 15 years before I saw a mental health professional. The system is broken. People have a religious-like worship of the NHS but the fact is that it's a total failure. We would have nothing to lose if we privatised the entire health system.
  14. People do realise most of the hacks who work in the corporate news media are US or UK intelligence assets? Most of them literally worked in intelligence agencies or their front groups before joining news media. It's actually normal for news agencies to have military and intelligence agency officials there at all times to observe and intervene during the reporting. You don't see it because it's behind the cameras, but they are there at all times calling the shots.
  15. They've failed. The only way to push back against unelected bureaucracy is to abolish government altogether. And I fully support that.
  16. Yes. This time, the mass voter fraud is on a scale the likes of which we haven't seen since Lyndon Johnson had the election stolen from him.
  17. He's the first president in my life time who hasn't started a new war.
  18. No, it isn't. It's a common tactic of the corporate media to repeat a lie. It's called "Operation Mockingbird" and it has been very visible over the past four years of negative propaganda against Trump. P.S. I'm not a Trump supporter.
  19. No, it isn't. It's a common tactic of the corporate media to repeat a lie. It's called "Operation Mockingbird" and it has been very visible over the past four years of negative propaganda against Trump. I'm not even a Trump supporter, but unlike you and other low IQ people I'm capable of objective critical independent thought.
  20. Still too early to call a winner in this election. We won't find out until a week or two into December, just like in 2000 when it was Gore vs Bush.
  21. Let's make no mistake here. The Chief Minister and Health Minister are not serious people who make important decisions. They just sign orders prepared for them by unelected civil servants who operate behind the scenes. This is why voting is a waste of time as you're only replacing one lot of rubber stampers with another lot. Their competence or how good they look or sound is meaningless. They're just amateur actors posing as decision-makers.
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