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  1. You started a thread about trying to escape your debts by moving to the Isle of Man, if you had any nous instead of posting your woes on social media just pop into the DED and get some free money under the pretense of creating 40 jobs. Thank me later.
  2. You racked up debts not them, they probably have their own shit to deal with that quite possibly was not caused by sheer stupidity. You come here looking for a dishonest way out, then ask people to 'be honest', get honest with yourself, get a job pay off the cards and move on, as for mental health thats the biggest excuse going, you made your problems you will be mentally stronger for taking ownership and not trying to blame others for your problems.
  3. I miss the old section from Crosby to Greeba had some nice fast flowy bits. I ride down there loads, it is a success you can't really say otherwise, always plenty down there including commuters the path is not horrid just a bit boring.
  4. The real Terry Fuckwit was a hobby bobby.
  5. You still partial to a uniform Terry?
  6. Just wait until they pave Onchan, with all the dog poop, the butt could be a slip and slide.
  7. The new MD worked for Forces radio, as did Mark Tyley as did the guy that recently died in motorbike crash, like the Governor it is seen as a cosy little retirement job for brits.
  8. Love it Dangly, classic psyops from you there fella.
  9. I know a couple of people at a low point that got taken in by this lot, it's not cool, pretty shit really thankfully they woke up to it and learnt a pretty humiliating and expensive lesson, hopefully the reduced salaries are a sign this cult is on the decline. Sadly some 'Christian's in the establishment' have family in the church and so can't see it for what it is, a load of old mangled dogs dangly bits.
  10. Cycling down a pavement holding a camera to make some anorak social media video post? Twat was overly polite if anything.
  11. Think I know who you mean, is he a regular poster on here?
  12. All the old people who have just moved here because they weren't getting healthcare in UK?
  13. Was a heart warming festive sermon from Howie, but poor Tiny Tim grimacing throughout rather took the shine off then in steps the Grinch.
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