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  1. I'll confess I missed that bit. Moving on, the awkward truth about Trump and Johnson is that their supporters don't see the offensive remarks, the racism, the abuse of women, as an issue. Anything that annoys the woke liberals is music to their ears. In the US it's the hicks and the KKK supporters, in the UK it's those who rally round Brexit. Some say Johnson isn't as outlandish as Trump, but I don't agree. Only the other week he was calling Starmer a terrorist sympathiser and threatening to break international law just to look tough, not to mention his previous comments about lette
  2. There's loads of it, you had the leaders in Bolton trying to blame their lockdown on a person who went to a few pubs on a Saturday night, just as he was encouraged and legally allowed to do. It's not just Johnson, bone fide narcissist that he is, pulling this trick. I think anyone who didn't defer their uni place this year was mad. And I'd be on the first boat back if I was a student across right now. Pubs shutting at 10pm and getting the blame for Johnson's failure, or 14 days scuffing about in bed then straight out to Outback. Tough choice. Joking aside, it must be tough stuck in a
  3. Absolutely, and if I were a student being told all my work was online and I couldn't socialise then I'd be on the first boat back too. I've no issues at all with it, they're Manx residents and as long as we know who they are for contact tracing it's all grand. I think the government have the right balance with the restrictions: it's not an open door.
  4. The students are already coming back, turns out that getting pissed in Outback is more appealing than being sent home at 10pm.
  5. Yes, and I'll explain why. To come in you need to be a Manx resident, you need to be essential to the island (health, economy, etc), you need to have a job offer or you need compassionate grounds. So you either need to be/have these things, or you need to be prepared to lie about it. Now of the liars some will be caught and some won't. But most people will abide by the rules and take no for an answer. As for self-isolation, any community isolation is taken on trust, it has to be. You can't check 24/7. Some people will break the trust and get away with it, some will be caught- or
  6. I think the balance is about right, it works *enough*. The other choice is shoving everyone in the Comis.
  7. Point is it is mostly closed to most people.
  8. The border isn't entirely shut, but it is mostly shut to most people. I'm sure there are ways around it, and I'm sure some ways can't be detected, but for the most part it's doing its job.
  9. I'm not a Covid True Believer, and Whitty and Vallance cheerfully pulling figures out of their arses really pisses me off. But it's a real thing and- controversially- I think the Manx government have actually done a good job in the circumstances. The border is shut because the UK is run by morons.
  10. tetchtyke

    TT 2021 ??

    The UK are setting their mark out advertising that duty free will return in January. If the Steam Packet sell something that people might want, you might see more people wanting to go to Ireland. No doubt the Steam Packet will decide not to bother.
  11. If Boot had suggested using RBSI executives he'd have been allowed to go hunting.
  12. I have absolutely no idea what you're on about? My point is the border situation sucks but I prefer it to the UK's method of social distancing, trashing the economy, masks AND 14 days quarantine for travellers from most of Europe anyway.
  13. It's far too early to tell if Sweden's economy has done better or worse than anyone else's. But no country exists in isolation and so their neighbours' economic woes will drag them down too.
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