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  1. The great airport arrival.
  2. jaymann


    I mean the Telegraph did report: "A spokesman for the Isle of Man Constabulary said that following discussions with the chief inspector of economic crime that it was unable to comment." Read in to that what you will. You do love drama speculation John...
  3. jaymann


    Emerald was refused its operating licences less than a week ago and has to redo the process. They're well behind where they expected to be.
  4. jaymann


    We do and they did. It wasn't a PR, but issued in response to questions from a journalist at the Telegraph. Even if we didn't comment, the article would likely have still run, but it was important to note that *we* have reported an issue. I reached out to John out of respect to his profession expecting that confidential respect to be reciprocated and to avoid speculative ramblings.
  5. It is what it is, economically makes sense because it still rented. But the market right now is playing right in to the agents hands and it demonstrates just how inflated the market is becoming. Have a client with £5k/mo budget that has been looking to move over for some time now offering well above market rents to find somewhere. But pets won't work. Given a choice, landlords don't do pets generally if they can avoid it. This is also why I disagree with some of the elder statesmen of former politicians here arguing against housing being snapped up by investment for rentals. The rental market desperately needs more capacity.
  6. Had a friend recently separated, arranged viewing of a house for rent in PSM listed £725/mo. Agent called after 24hrs saying due to viewing demand price is now 925/mo and are they interested... happens all the time it seems.
  7. I don't know a single person in Tynwald that would support Ashford for CM and Allinson has burnt himself over last 6 months. I see CM - Alf Treasury - Shimmins Health - Ashford Enterprise - Thomas or Hooper
  8. If you're after user friendly with GBP Faster Payments, use UpHold. Have done for years, would always recommend.
  9. I was of the impression they were due to convert it to being for testing arrivals.
  10. As I understand, the outstanding charges being looked at are wilful neglect under H&S matters. Doubt that'll go anywhere either.
  11. jaymann

    Manx Care

    Having trawled through the regulations @Josemis citing, I've come to the conclusion that this was a perfectly legal and legitimate gathering. The regulations are found at https://www.tynwald.org.im/links/tls/GC/2021/2021-GC-0070.pdf Important points of note are: Part 2 - Prohibition of events and gatherings 4. Under regulation 33B, an event or gathering may take place in a public place or a private place unless it is prohibited by a direction notice made under regulation 33C. 5. For the purposes of regulation 33C all events and gatherings are prohibited subject to the exceptions specified in Part 3 of this direction notice. Then you look at Part 3 which states: Employment and Emergency Services 9. A person as an employer or employee may attend a premises not required to close under any other direction notice or in the case of emergency services wherever they are 2 required to attend in fulfilment of their services provided that the conditions in Part 4 are complied with. Offices have not been legally mandated to close and the official advice by the Government is to work from home where you are able to do so. The provision in Part 4 refers to it being acceptable providing the following conditions are met: Part 4- Conditions to which the exceptions are subject 27 The conditions referred to in Part 3 are – (a) any restrictions specified in any other direction notice or in the Regulations; and (b) taking appropriate measures to mitigate the risk of transmission of infection with Coronavirus are adhered to, which shall include any protective wear, face coverings, social distancing, or other public health guidance published on www.gov.im. In summary, it's a perfectly legal meeting and no different than queueing at Tesco in as far as the regulations are concerned. My biggest annoyance with this is that only a matter of weeks ago, the Chief Minister berated employers and offices, even threatening to legally mandate that they close through new legislation (ref https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/we-may-legislate-to-stop-people-going-into-offices-says-cm/). You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Do not tell us all to be responsible and facilitate something that may well have been handled perfectly fine via Teams like the rest of Government is doing in the most part or if these members of management are key, did they really all need to be in physical attendance as appears to be the case?
  12. jaymann

    Manx Care

    Just saw this on Twitter... interesting.
  13. This is the most recent masterplan as I understood it...
  14. How dare you. How DARE YOU use common sense. This is EXACTLY what should be happening. But it would damage the farmers voting for some of the boys this next election, no doubt.
  15. jaymann

    Cost of care

    You can't assume all homes are the same though. This particular home had been charging particularly low (by industry standards on the Island) rates for residency, this is seen as a somewhat substantial increase from where they were. The truth is several care / nursing homes are now being very reluctant taking in new residents when there's cases around and it damages the business. I'm not going to argue the 'moral' bit about private individuals paying for care because I get it, but it's a business. Governments want private funders to open and run the damn things, running with the risks that come with it. I can say with absolute knowledge that the biggest cost increase in running a care setting right now is insurance. A home that previously may have paid ~£10k/yr in liability insurance is now going to need to pay at least 10x if not 15x that figure. It's ridiculous. Ultimately that cost will be passed on to residents.
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