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  1. I can agree with you here. But we can't keep doing this. They need to be better prepared for identifying contacts. This reliance on publishing lists of locations is too slow.
  2. A good outcome. But one must wonder if yesterday's ridiculous briefing and 'advice' was really worth it.
  3. But in this instance, Dr Ewart said they were following their pathway for dealing with cases in the presser. It's absolute BS. If they were, they wouldn't even be entertaining a lockdown (HQ said they hadn't ruled it out), they should be following the steps to reduce spread with minimal economic and public health impact. That starts with social distancing and advised face coverings.
  4. Last September when I travelled off-Island, I was in Zurich for a few days. They got on with life and introduced measures in restaurants and bars to ensure safe distances from groups. This is where IOM Gov simply fail to realise the damages their decisions cause to parts of the Island economy. It would be perfectly practical and reasonable for HQ to announce that these venues can remain open for now subject to additional measures and table separations. Instead he faffed.
  5. It's so lacklustre and messy. They could literally leave that advice there for weeks, no legal implementations. It's not straight forward and it needs decisive and clear advice. Not what is being given here. Great to see Mr Quayle being agitated and angry with Paul Moulton as per.
  6. If they say I can stick to my dinner plans tonight, I intend to. Restaurant will be out of pocket for lost stock and weeks of proper income if any form of lockdown comes.
  7. A lockdown is going to be kneejerk and overreactionary if it happens. I can certainly see the suggestion of introduction of social distancing and recommended face coverings for a few days, you know, as per that strategy they published but don't follow.
  8. Just another cluster forming then, no doubt they're on top of it.... I'm still not convinced that the Java staff should have been permitted back to work straight away. Really don't understand the logic there.
  9. Heard on the rumour mill today that HQ reluctant on lockdown due to daughters private birthday at 1886 at the weekend that they had UK visitors over for after completing isolation. Ultimately glad at this point that they didn't lock the Island down. But do wonder where the reasoning was in COMIN.
  10. This was my suggestion to Gov. All hospitality should have a checking in system that either the staff can do or visitors can do on their mobile devices via QR code. One person per group is sufficient. You can then instantly SMS, email, you name it and get those people in to isolation. The central register is controlled by Public Health and its very minimal from a 'Big Brother' perspective and no need to wait for the venue to provide manual data. We cannot continue relying on this social media campaign to encourage people to self isolate. I can't remember what time I popped out for a
  11. I'll be honest, many I know - myself included- had big nights on Friday anticipating it to be our last in a while. I think most of the public wouldn't be surprised to see any measures in the coming week.
  12. @pongoI think some context is needed. Biggest issue with apps is user compliance. If you don't have 50%+ of the population onboarded with it, destined to fail. Generally it is failing in big countries. Go look at Jersey instead and ask them how with around 60% of the population registered, it is helping them massively in crushing crushing the numbers.
  13. I'm told - by an MHK - 18 cases now, hair salon a big issue. Imminent lockdown. But it's conjecture.
  14. I'd actually prefer to see IOMGov do this completely sensibly if they can't follow their cluster mitigation plan and just plan to resort to these 'circuit breakers'. Give it a few days, complete the contact tracing and unlock if we can. This makes an awful lot of sense. I don't particularly agree with this 'We dont need a lockdown, yet' mantra which possibly permits continual spread for an additional few days. Just nip it early and cause less drawn out pain for everyone.
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