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  1. I'm not sure if anyone here knows more or better, they probably do. But my understanding here was that Loganair have been awarded slots for the IATA W21 season which runs up to end of March. They were refused slots for S21 (Summer 2021). However, BA are currently offering multiple airlines that don't compete with their own business 3 year leases on slots at Heathrow to help them keep them used and T5 ticking. Eastern are negotiating with them for Teesside and Leeds, Loganair w/possible Gov backing are also at that table for IOM.
  2. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/govt-commits-significant-sum-to-back-loganair-flights/ Commercially confidential so other airlines don't get into a tizz that Logan are being paid over the odds, maybe?
  3. I think spreadergate is a whole different issue than shreddergate!
  4. Not sure if this was already posted. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-55052381 Reduced isolation in England with paid for 5 day test. Oh @Banker pipped me there! Would be really useful to see what science they're basing this model on and whether it's something Howard and Ashford might consider.
  5. I think the agreement is only until such time that COVID situation relaxes and the borders open back up.
  6. I don't think these Winter slots have, but slots for Summer 2021 may have done.
  7. One thing that I keep hearing is some confusion from Ashford. If you rewatch the Moulton piece yesterday he stated multiple times that he was asked to read it out by the author But I seem to recall him saying previously that he called the person up asking if he could read it out. It is clear that someone briefed DA to read it out when the opportunity arises during the briefing. He didn't help himself by picking the wrong opportunity to trigger it.
  8. I'm not one for blowing anyones trumpet usually, but I think we should appreciate that @rachomics is even prepared to come back to the table after all the going on. Even if they want her first child and to plant a chip in her, she's still prepared to consider it. To me? Kudos to her. Most of us would tell them where to shove it. I don't believe she's doing so strictly for commercial gain and moreso for the benefit of our Island.
  9. Indeed. Its ironic because Oxera advised the Government on the offshore gas & gas price regulation and I don't recall anybody in Tynwald or COMIN doubting them then. I still firmly believe that our strategy built entirely around the UK (England) is unwise and we need to see a bigger world beyond. We all know that the UK is more of a mess than most places in Europe, I'm not entirely sure its the standard we should align with.
  10. Juan was very poor on Moulton show yesterday. Pandering to Ashford at every opportunity. I personally agree that this wasn't a letter from a constituent (although they may have been). It was a letter from a DHSC employee to their Minister of said department. It is therefore very different and I still believe that such letter - being a grievance - should be recorded against a personnel record. That doesn't mean the FOI Josem submitted would produce anything else. But the destruction still seems highly inappropriate to me. I don't agree that its the media trying to make something out o
  11. A bit like this recent report? https://www.oxera.com/test-and-release-scheme But we still pedal the 7% effectiveness PHE estimated back in July I think it was. The unfortunate problem is that we can see how other people do many things, but until we start actually doing some testing at various stages ourselves, we won't know how effective the reporting is for our own Island.
  12. I'm not sure if they'll be doing it on the prop, based on previous discussions in this very thread. I'm pretty sure that'll switch to PTS. But yes. Whilst I believe easyJet did participate, your point is spot on. Then again, the big guys like Ryanair and Jet2 are massively undercutting the likes of Loganair and Eastern in the charter market at the moment because they'd rather fly at cost and rotate crews through work to keep them current on the aircraft and also rotate through the aircraft themselves. Its not as clean cut as you make out in the current environment.
  13. Good job we are nothing more than a devolved council of the UK.
  14. I'm not sure it can be a requirement any time soon when what I heard today suggests we won't start vaccinating people here until at least May. It is going to take a very long time to vaccinate the world.
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