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  1. I don't know a single person in Tynwald that would support Ashford for CM and Allinson has burnt himself over last 6 months. I see CM - Alf Treasury - Shimmins Health - Ashford Enterprise - Thomas or Hooper
  2. If you're after user friendly with GBP Faster Payments, use UpHold. Have done for years, would always recommend.
  3. I was of the impression they were due to convert it to being for testing arrivals.
  4. As I understand, the outstanding charges being looked at are wilful neglect under H&S matters. Doubt that'll go anywhere either.
  5. jaymann

    Manx Care

    Having trawled through the regulations @Josemis citing, I've come to the conclusion that this was a perfectly legal and legitimate gathering. The regulations are found at https://www.tynwald.org.im/links/tls/GC/2021/2021-GC-0070.pdf Important points of note are: Part 2 - Prohibition of events and gatherings 4. Under regulation 33B, an event or gathering may take place in a public place or a private place unless it is prohibited by a direction notice made under regulation 33C. 5. For the purposes of regulation 33C all events and gatherings are prohibited subject to the exc
  6. jaymann

    Manx Care

    Just saw this on Twitter... interesting.
  7. This is the most recent masterplan as I understood it...
  8. How dare you. How DARE YOU use common sense. This is EXACTLY what should be happening. But it would damage the farmers voting for some of the boys this next election, no doubt.
  9. jaymann

    Cost of care

    You can't assume all homes are the same though. This particular home had been charging particularly low (by industry standards on the Island) rates for residency, this is seen as a somewhat substantial increase from where they were. The truth is several care / nursing homes are now being very reluctant taking in new residents when there's cases around and it damages the business. I'm not going to argue the 'moral' bit about private individuals paying for care because I get it, but it's a business. Governments want private funders to open and run the damn things, running with the risk
  10. jaymann

    Cost of care

    I think if you compare to the cost of a hotel, permanent 24/7 care and three meals its not a bad price. Its also pretty cheap compared to many homes across. Yes care is expensive but if you look at it in context, it really isn't.
  11. This bit is tosh. Nobody has been regularly cleaning contact surfaces in the prison for some time. I am content that the advanced control measures and infection prevention regime put in place will reduce the risk to officers and prisoners.
  12. Apparently they're trying to wake the Governor up to see what they should do as a number of on-shift officers have been identified as close contacts too. It shocked me to find out that other than masks and sanitisers, there is no deep cleaning of contact surfaces taking place in the prison. You think the Gov would have learnt from the Steam Packet fisaco.
  13. Looks like a number of prison officers have tested positive. No doubt we'll see calls by the Governor in the press in the coming days about getting them vaccinated, which they haven't been yet..
  14. Had a call today to attend for my first vaccine tomorrow, which I can't due to self-iso as returning back from travel. But it does seem highly inefficient that they aren't booking people up far more in advance than this, no?
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