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    TT 2021 ??

    I can just imagine the Netflix documentary in a few years covering Fyre Isle of Man. Joking aside, its not a bad idea.
  2. For those who haven't seen, here's Manchester figures, they don't look great. But on the flipside, look at the second chart. Hospitalisations and deaths are not spiralling anywhere near the same levels as new cases and testing.
  3. jaymann

    TT 2021 ??

    I mean the Douglas South one was pretty accurate.. oh wait
  4. jaymann

    TT 2021 ??

    I'm sorry, but we need events like the TT - or motorsport appeal in general - to attract tourists. It is cheaper for a family of four or a couple to go all inclusive to Marbs or some other much warmer destination for a week than it is to come here with risker weather and expensive dated hotels. The coach holiday companies have collapsed, the grey tourists will remain vastly reduced for years to come. Newquay has always had vast amounts of flights from various airlines historically with low cost flights and it drove tourism. Jersey has (had?) holidays with flights through Jet2 and Transavi
  5. Its a very valid point. Our current situation is attracting new people to move to the Island. Older people. But I know of several Gen Y, very smart people that see the border situation as prohibitive to their being and too restrictive for them to mentally flourish and are looking at permanently moving away.
  6. jaymann

    TT 2021 ??

    As is my understanding too.
  7. It's not really something you can call me out on, nor is it for me to tell someone to register here to reply when there's questions inevitably coming from all angles. But I believe they're aware of this thread. I honestly wasn't aware of the Lambo or anything surrounding it up until reading it online recently and we've been notified that an FAQ is now up at https://manncoin.im/faq/ My honest view - and I'm sure the folk at MannCoin won't mind me publicly saying this - is that it seems bonkers that the FSA wouldn't want to regulate or have any degree of oversight. They've been categor
  8. I'm not sure where they can be found, but the details were disclosed during a workshop held by Digital Agency a number of weeks back. @Roger Mexico The model seems to be changing - from a Gov perspective - to make the Island's blockchain proposition more appealing. Digital Agency maintains a presence at the Hubb, although somewhat reduced from what it was in the first 12 months and the incubator is adapting to the needs of the Island in how we support existing on-Island businesses to survive the current economic crisis or support people in launching businesses in other sectors out
  9. Flawed thinking and just suggests you have no understanding of the technology or its use. The BCO has financially justified itself pretty well in its first 12 months of operation. Also whilst MannCoin has been in dialogue with the 'Blockchain Office' it is not a member of it. I certainly wouldn't define it a as a catalyst for sudden abolishment of the Gov piece.
  10. Was this morning's 10am briefing planned already?
  11. Provision of a registered office isn't a service we provide, we aren't a CSP, Fiduciary, law firm or otherwise. It is a natural provision by way of our business as we are - in essence - a property business that rents out office space. A space that requires business substance, ie actual jobs and bums on seats. They have made and been in contact with the Government Blockchain Office and I believe they were advised by the FSA that they were not required to be registered for anything, but that may well change. The 'Blockchain Office' model is changing and I'd expect the changes will ena
  12. Hi, The Hubb is my business. It's a 10,000sqft complex and nobody we have 'operating' out of there is on hot desks. They're all private offices that go through the same due diligence / KYC process of any other office space you might be taking out. I should make clear: Manx Tech / MannCoin & Ettyl both maintain offices within the space to date. Hubb - nor it's directors - has any direct involvement in MannCoin other than the fact we provide some degree of advice and facilitate their physical existence here. The owner/director is a Manx resident though and they have been through th
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