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  1. SleepyJoe

    Legco 2021

    You're not, no
  2. It was Dr A's own statement that he is 'very left wing' It is he that thinks it
  3. I'm keen to know who they are, so I can have a good skeet at the detail they put in their planning applications There is a new building standard on the way I believe, but I'm not sure that it'll call for the very highest standards that the passivhaus people do
  4. SleepyJoe

    Legco 2021

    More than Henderson did, I suspect
  5. Who is building to passivhaus standard?
  6. Mr Hooper describes it as one of the most ambitious shop local initiatives ever https://www.gov.im/news/2021/oct/11/loveiom-gift-card-scheme-now-open-for-merchant-applications-from-within-the-hospitality-sector/
  7. Over half a million pounds has been set aside for this scheme https://www.loveiom.com/loveiom-gift-card-scheme-now-open-for-merchant-applications-from-within-the-hospitality-sector
  8. How many £££ millions does Manx Gas owe to IOM Government?
  9. Unlucky Alf has £400m of borrowed funding available for climate related contingencies
  10. Well insulated new builds shouldn't need a whole lot of heating, surely?
  11. Gawd knows what the unwritten standards are
  12. SleepyJoe

    Legco 2021

    Shimmins kept a watchful eye on Unlucky Alf as Treasury Minister. I'm normally against MLCs in departments but I hope if he is appointed he'll replace the utterly useless Henderson, & observe the goings on
  13. Better we diversify our energy sources than wait for MG to diversify their business
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