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  1. The impression received - rightly or wrongly - is that CS/PS jobs & pensions are being put ahead of services to the paying public
  2. I can't see any MLP members crying over this, figuratively or on Facebook
  3. Don't see why anyone to the left of Atilla the Hun would shed tears for Ashford
  4. Well he has committed to change in government, so change in government there must be A reduction in the number of departments would be a very good start
  5. It's only there now on an ebbing tide
  6. I haven't seen them say this but it is absolutely correct It was ludicrous for Dippy Dave to seek to fund the gargantuan government establishment on a deficit budget for the full term of this administration - Tynwald should have thrown his budget right back at him The number of Keys members could be reduced by promoting digital (ie. online) democracy & creating greater interface between the voting public & more highly paid MHKs able + trained to make full use of 21st century media. LegCo should be abolished Anyway, here is a picture of an MHK who ate prunes for breakfast
  7. Remains to be seen if the new Treasury Minister also plans to preserve the gargantuan government establishment by dipping into reserves until the end of the term of office of the Cannan Administration
  8. To compete with the People's Republic of Peel?
  9. Will DfE be abolished, as Mrs Caine has suggested?
  10. Better to have ludicrously ambitious targets not to achieve rather than modest ones
  11. Mull has it good - not only is it a destination in it's own right, but also the gateway to Iona & most folks who go on pilgrimage or to visit John Smith's grave have to go via Mull
  12. The oil was thought to have come from a drain near the bridge I had a look & couldn't see any
  13. I'm growing rocket but it keeps bolting
  14. Somebody who is happy for Treasury to allow Cannan CoMin to run a deficit budget until the end of this administration?
  15. "Ms Faragher asks a question about the freedom of the press, asking why senior civil servants leant on at least one media outlet to silence the story but President Laurence Skelly says he won't allow the question."
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