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  1. Foraging Vintners have a made an application for a beach bar for 3 years https://gef.im/2021/04/17/plans-for-a-cosy-drink/?fbclid=IwAR3EO-b0ajJL_JyBhLJq_t8qD1oS-MFVIVrQPO6kg8uia03ccJOOZRpGvRg
  2. I think you've highlighted the actual gist of the matter there Max PE Commissioners & others just won't recognise the fact that the Cosy Nook is a beach cafe & Chef Raekwon is correct in what he says above needs to be done to improve it
  3. Are there grounds for appeal in this case Gladys?
  4. What kind of legal people don't accept the rulings of an employment tribunal?
  5. But the building proposed to replace it wasn't a beach cafe
  6. Let's wait til KPMG have produced their study on the future of the island economy for Minister Cannan
  7. But how much demand is there for it?
  8. England, Scotland & Wales form Britain. 'Great Britain' includes their adjacent isles but not the crown dependencies so far as I am aware
  9. The 21st century architectural imperative is to build upward not outwards What is the real demand for greenfield industrial building space down north there?
  10. It would be great to see an architectural rework of the existing Cosy Nook site with some of it's key features retained or accented
  11. It'll be a longer walk - they'll have to lay on a bus
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