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  1. The Blue Baron appeals to the expat vote, & as an experienced political figure he is capable of motivating them to get out and vote for him Doubtful that'll be enough for him this time round as the local population is highly motivated for change
  2. Well they've long supplied veg & spuds on the island Of course the United Kingdom will have better soils
  3. Southern & northern plains are pretty good for crops aren't they? It's the uplands which might benefit from new forms of sustainable farming or forestry if Tynwald might be persuaded to fund it & the farming community were amenable
  4. Could you list them for those of us who've shifted listening habits?
  5. There surely has to be a sustainable plan for agriculture to incorporate into the next programme for government Has DEFA written one?
  6. Time to take the vote away from the Bish & make MLCs obtain a public electoral mandate
  7. Achieving a Leader of the Opposition would be good with me
  8. I understand that larger radiators will be necessary - do they require greater flow & therefore new bigger pipes?
  9. Why did he have to start from the pits?
  10. Looks to me like the vaccine is preventing a lot of vaccinated people from getting the virus, & the numbers vaccinated & confirmed with the virus is very, very small What it doesn't show is the numbers double vaccinated either dying or suffering long term disabilities as a consequence of being infected with the virus
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