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  1. I'm sure I read it as October in a DfE media release Trying to extend it into November would be a waste of whatever public money is involved in the attempt
  2. It's in the KPMG recommendations that brownfield sites be developed as an economic contributor Whether we need a glamour outfit like MDC to do it is moot
  3. Somewhat late in the day they have realised that the visitor season starts with Valentine's Day and the February half term, and ends with Hop-tu-Naa at the end of October
  4. This island is devoid of appealing modern architecture & it's little wonder with the 'we don't do change' brigade having far too much influence 90% of our building stock is of little architectural quality & for the most part very poorly insulated How are we supposed to achieve 'vibrant island' status, by getting the MDC to punt millions on the nurses home?
  5. Conservative government in the UK does have polices for redevelopment of urban areas - I'm surprised the Cannan administration haven't adopted them More worrying to me is Ashford as chair of the planning committee
  6. Development of brownfield sites is highlighted by KPMG is their final report as a national economic opportunity Did it make it into the Cannan Economic Plan?
  7. Didn't he work for the brewery in the summer, throwing beer barrels about? I can imagine him doing that
  8. It's like Saddam setting fire to his own oil wells
  9. Think Mrs Caine was saying there that £££ millions have been taken out of/away from the £40m for cost of living crisis subsidy - dunno if that's for heating or what Mrs Caine also states - if I hear it right - that installation of 20 megawatt + of renewable energy generation in the form of wind & solar is to begin next year Those of us in favour of renewables can only hope that funding for this isn't also directed elsewhere beforehand, but with this administration you just cannot be confident that they'll deliver on their promises
  10. It's in the planning vision for developers to be incentivised to develop urban brownfield sites, perhaps at higher density than usual
  11. Question why Douglas is given priority, but guess it's where government owns the most sites which could be developed if they were motivated to get round to it
  12. Does the MDC have funding to buy anything?
  13. Does the eminent Professor have the public trust?
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