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  1. They'll probably turn it over to BUPA to manage
  2. We'll see if salaries on offer go up considerably
  3. This was most interesting. IOMG make those who've had student loans pay interest on them at 2% over base
  4. Economic Plan due in Tynwald next month Should make most interesting reading
  5. I can't decide between an infrared heater or an electric blanket Seems pointless heating the whole blinking house
  6. Anyone tried infrared room heaters?
  7. Makes an Energy Transition Plan all the more urgent
  8. Getting your bicycle front wheel stuck in a tram track & somersaulting over the handlebars is a rite of passage on the Isle of Man
  9. What electrical infrastructure improvements are required to support a move away from gas for home heating?
  10. That to me looks like the Gammon Dam that James O'Brien has declared is starting to leak
  11. Strikes me as an issue that it is very much in the public interest to have been made public, especially if toxic materials are being leeched into local food sources such as scallops and crab
  12. SleepyJoe


    A worthy project for the Manx Metaverse
  13. SleepyJoe


    Time for an overhead monorail in the cloud!
  14. BiosphereIOM should prosecute them It's damning for our world heritage site status
  15. I thought it was voted through by Tynwald Anyway, they'll have the smiles wiped off their faces when Johnson bans metric measures in the UK
  16. Has the issue of dumping toxic waste at sea been resolved to the satisfaction of marine experts such as Dr Gell?
  17. SleepyJoe


    Scene of notorious murder the Golden Egg
  18. This hasn't been sited in reputable online publications in 10 years - perhaps someone found a cure for it
  19. On becoming CM Mr Cannan told the media that all the people were needed in departments to achieve 'the plan' Presumably the plan has now been modified
  20. Most have higher education in some form. Stu has a pilots licence which is difficult to achieve
  21. St Ninian's Court is on streetview but not maps
  22. We've probably got the most highly educated Tynwald in the modern era, tho' one or two dinosaurs still remain
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