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  1. That's right. Can't remember what, but he definitely is
  2. She added a "No?" after that A good moment for her I thought Features on TakeoverTV
  3. The paying Manx public deserve 21st century public media broadcasting Get back to 'The Land Time Forgot' yessir
  4. Absolutely Vote Joney & Clare
  5. The furtive conservatives may get re-elected - some of them - but they're unlikely to be in the next administration A progressive government will only get things done if people stop throwing up objections to them doing so
  6. Education & Career history are here: https://www.tynwald.org.im/memoff/member/Pages/ThomasCC.aspx
  7. Think Geoff Duke proposed something like this up at Jurby back in the mists of time
  8. Mr Thomas should be the finance & enterprise supremo in the next government - at this time these things need an expert in charge, not someone who flys to external consultants for policy The CM should be the best communicator in the outgoing House of Keys, who is a woman
  9. It's not good, I'm struggling to find stuff Hope MLC SHarpe will bring her public media report back to Tynwald, updated perhaps to account for the horrors of today
  10. What programme was the Beth Espey interview on?
  11. 'Thor's Hammer' manifesto hits government website https://www.gov.im/media/1374396/mark-kemp-manifesto-updated-v3_compressed.pdf
  12. Yes you're right Looks like there's a couple of empty fields behind the Total tanks
  13. Could the power station site - with investment - be used for sewage processing? Is it large enough?
  14. That Mr Thomas wishes to see a system to be developed for the public to agree policy is of interest to many more than the electors in Douglas Central
  15. There's certainly a continued place for The Festival of Motorcycling It's been great to see some very old cars - with very old drivers! - around the island the last week or so
  16. I believe - though I'm not certain - that Mr Thomas has largely self-cured his penchant for paper
  17. We could at least have a progressive group and a conservative group putting their 'Agenda's For Change' to the electorate so we might at least have some sort of social/political contract with government Mr Thomas has put forward a progressive programme We're just waiting now for KPMG to finish the other one
  18. Who was the old bloke with glasses in the middle of the panel?
  19. These people are not in politics to run departments, they are there to create policy & ensure it is implemented - that's what we pay them for It's tragic that so many manifestos promise so very little
  20. Community leader Josum posts his manifesto on the government site One mention of the word 'economy' this time
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