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  1. Doesn't appear to be any agreement between applicant's engineers & those appointed by DEFA
  2. Don't the minutes suggest that the building is structurally sound and the steel reinforcement isn't necessary?
  3. So the certain members of government who were contacted about reducing the rate of VAT on food & said they couldn't do anything were not in fact correct?
  4. The words tarmac or traffic do not appear in the minutes
  5. It used to be said that VAT rates couldn't be changed unless there was an EU variation arrangement/agreement in place elsewhere Presumably they can only now be varied in line with the Common Purse
  6. "He [the representative from MNH] expressed disappointment with the unadventurous design of the proposed replacement, expressing that in such a site, a more imaginative approach should be taken"
  7. Looks alright on Streetview - what happened?
  8. If that's all true then their appeal will surely be successful
  9. Which Tynwald Select Committee is holding government to account on renewable energy generation?
  10. I'm sceptical of the 'hundreds of people expressing their support' but there has to be support for modern architecture & modern building standards from government or we're not going to get anywhere with up-to-date home insulation A good architect could surely make a design incorporating the old warehouse features into a new plan? There's a few houses on the island I know of that have done this with little problem
  11. What, with Alan & Eddie's austerity programme? They just chose to spend as little as possible on anything other than the institution of Tynwald and the massive edifice of government Doing away with higher education grants in order to preserve grants for farmers was the nadir of that administration
  12. The Climate Change Transformation Board has little funding - perhaps £3m Most of the Climate Response budget of £42m appears to be in departmental budgets It is not there to give CoMin a great big kick in the pants, more of a much restricted sop from CoMin to public opinion
  13. This & the built environment reform one would be a good start Wattaperson's Poverty Committee isn't achieving much Economic Policy Review Committee have their moments These & others are supposed to hold government to account The Constitutional Reform Committee is conducting it's affairs in language no one can understand
  14. Frankly I think good financial control went out of the window when he was Treasury Minister, but I'm only an uninformed bystander
  15. This is why we must have a Tynwald Sustainable Energy Committee now to ascertain both the immediate requirements and the public will, & to give government a great big kick in the pants
  16. Perhaps the owners/developers should press the Council of Ministers for an update on progress with their 'Isle of Man Regeneration Strategy & Principles', as introduced in the Comin Built Environment Reform Programme https://www.gov.im/media/1377118/bg-built-environment-final-1.pdf
  17. You make it sound like Manx Gas - unviable in the prevailing circumstances, a v. serious situation Time for a Tynwald Sustainable Energy Committee to set the objectives, & tell CoMin what needs to be done Perhaps Mrs Christian could lead it
  18. Think I saw the CM being quoted at the 'One Plan' conference something along the lines of 'the GMP want it & it has to be paid for'
  19. The main deficiency of our system at the moment appears to be that the nation is not giving the House of Keys a steer [Seasoned political journalist comments on Cannan Economic Plan] https://bit.ly/3MhFWFY page 41
  20. What then are they there for? The main role of a board of directors is to perform the duties of strategic planning and oversight
  21. How many Tynwald private briefings have you been to?
  22. You can see from the recent MUA advert for someone to take on responsibility for renewable energy that there just isn't commitment from the board as a whole, & that's why they need to go You're quite right that the lead from CoMin - £0.2m in the sustainable bond fund for renewables - is absolutely pitiful, & that's one of the reasons why we are in the current energy mess/disaster situation The GMP have been criticised for not giving politicians a lead, & now is the time the collective boot was put upon the backsides of those in leading positions to get things moving on sustainable energy nb. What it has got to do with the MUA board is that they are responsible for energy production
  23. It's a scruffy dump nowadays, far different from it's heyday as a British Transport Hotel
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