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  1. Doesn't matter what they spend on - the thing is that it would mostly be spent locally
  2. Yes, this is the thing - put money in the hands of those who already have some & they just spend it travelling the globe, together with 'world class shopping in Liverpool 1' Put it in the hands of those on low to middle incomes & they'll spend it largely on island
  3. Amadeus has it all in his back pocket & is waiting for demand I think
  4. I believe the trickle down effect has recently been confirmed as absolute total bollocks
  5. You're right - an MHK should have 'a drum to bang' He/she should put themselves forward as a potential MLC instead - there may be an opening quite soon
  6. He seems quite happy to be print stuff by 'A Reporter'
  7. It is unacceptable now that so much of the tax/NI burden is laid upon those on low to middle incomes Allowing the wealthy to live here tax free would be a step too far
  8. It is time CoMin adopted an agenda chosen by the voting public
  9. The people of Douglas South will decide for themselves How do people join the Manx Labour Party Fan Club?
  10. Did the knotweed consume the house?
  11. The unfortunate thing is that CoMin doesn't put forward a manifesto Closest thing voters may get to it is the Agenda For Change from Mr Thomas Will Mr Cannan post one this year too?
  12. Donkeys, horses, sheep and goats too & humans can eat it https://www.finedininglovers.com/article/4-recipes-fall-love-japanese-knotweed
  13. I very much doubt it was deliberately cultivated for feeding bio-digesters, more perhaps a 'green' method of putting what is there & unwanted to useful purpose
  14. Mr Cretney is in charge of election campaigning for MLP, not just Ms Maltby
  15. There is a bit of it about but people tend to keep quiet on the issue I've read that it's great for bio-digester installations
  16. Ms Hodge - who came here with Mitchell to lecture IOMG about tax evasion - was found to have benefitted personally from a Luxembourg trust arrangement Margaret Hodge benefited from tax haven | AccountingWEB
  17. Up to £200,000 pa on their personal income is I think what HNWIs pay at the moment
  18. Where does Ms Maltby basically say that?
  19. Cammell Laird have been part of a group plugging the idea of a 'disaster relief ship' for some time now Wonder if it'll turn out to be the same thing?
  20. The MLP candidate withdrew from the Douglas South by-election very early in the contest for the seat
  21. You'd have to find a truly massive phonebooth to fit in all the MLP members
  22. Some suggestion the Foster resignation will also take the Sinn Fein Deputy FM out of office General election in NI may ensue
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