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  1. Highest price I have seen for an ASHP is £17,000 but I guess you have to fork out for much insulation before you fit them, & then there'd be a chunk of labour £ on top for a big installation
  2. Government are offering free or reduced cost surveys + insulation grants up to £6k I think, could do with being higher Maybe Tynwald should incentivise investment in home insulation with a green electricity tariff for those who do it
  3. Deep retrofit is regarded as much less damaging to the environment than new build - however in urban areas older houses of what may now be regarded as low construction quality should surely be replaced with contemporary low rise design? High heat air source pumps are apparently under development for those older buildings that are deemed worthy of retrofit
  4. The Park Road site is down for a new primary school I think - are those the plans you mean?
  5. Will new buildings standards specify heat pumps rather than gas?
  6. Is it the MUA who buy the gas? There should be a question in Tynwald as to what the future holds for citizens who depend on gas heating to keep them warm in winter Either that, or whoever does the buying should be hauled before a Tynwald committee
  7. Mr Thomas is talking about the forthcoming work of the Housing & Community Board at the Manx Legion on Monday evening The workstreams of the Board are included as an appendix to the island plan that goes to Tynwald for a vote of approval on Tuesday It'll be more action than words thereafter hopefully
  8. What interests? Natural gas as a home heating system has no future Our interests lie in ensuring Tynwald commits to investing in the development of renewable energy production for affordable home heating ASAP
  9. Have you ever made a grant application with Isle of Man government?
  10. If you can afford to pay from £2,000 to £6,000 then you're unlikely to bother attempting a grant application with IOMG
  11. Home insulation is absolutely necessary, and grant aid + advice has to be made accessible to all
  12. Do we still have silo government with the department the contracting party?
  13. They just think the populace are a tool of their fcuking ambitions Pathetic
  14. We have corporatist statism under CM Cannan, & he isn't going to change one iota Probably best that their work is angled towards achieving Net Zero rather than their own ends
  15. It's more what the government hasn't done when it comes to developing our own renewable energy generation capacity (just under 30% of global electricity generation by the end of 2020) Now a sizeable chunk of the island's population is dependent on very expensive natural gas to heat their homes
  16. Yes, being left-wing does not qualify you as a true socialist
  17. Dr Allinson is self-declared as being 'very left wing'
  18. Closely followed by industry statement saying windfall taxes will adversely effect their competitiveness in the market place! Anyway here is a claim that container sized nuclear plants will produce the lowest cost energy of all: https://bit.ly/3f0VoGQ
  19. Locate to the whole headlands and the huge headland field opposite Cowley Terrace?
  20. Oops, tell a lie - some of the Japanese ones have been delivered already 7 delivered, 17 on order in total
  21. I saw an V-22 Osprey flying near the hospital in the summer Japan has them on order - the only country outside of the US to get them You'd think they be good for the RN carriers as they can take an F-35 engine as cargo
  22. Ashy is soon to launch a public consultation on social security benefits
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