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  1. Legally, yes. I don’t know though whether the procedure is actually available on island. Maybe someone who knows more about the medical provision on island can tell us.
  2. He managed to get abortion legalised. That’s a pretty amazing achievement in my book. He has my admiration for that.
  3. I’m surprised your wife didn’t keep her own name.
  4. I read that 3 times as ‘schools open in hot tubs’ I need to lay off the houmous
  5. This goes to the heart of the matter imho. I wonder if any of the many people jailed in the last 12 months have grounds for appeal in the light of the decision to take no action in SPCo cases?
  6. You need an apostrophe after ‘others.’ 😂
  7. And what about the poor woman who was fleeing domestic abuse and got locked up for breaking COVID laws?
  8. Itsmeee

    Good News

    That reminds me. Must buy a new razor
  9. Itsmeee

    Good News

    All those people worried about a microchip in the COVID vaccine tracking their every private moment and you’re sharing details of your lady garden, your ‘back garden’ and your valley. How refreshingly open and modern of you 😂
  10. Will it be illegal to dispose of a toddler by tying them to several helium balloons? (Asking for a friend)
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