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  1. There are at present no recognised legal road markings there. So either it’s not finished, in which case it shouldn’t be open, or as the copper we spoke to yesterday said, you’d better make damn sure you’ve got a dash-cam so you can prove what went wrong when it does.
  2. Was talking to 3 coppers standing looking at this artwork today. When I asked them about the legality of the road markings under the Road Traffic Act their response was ‘ nothing to do with us, they have no legal standing whatsoever’
  3. Itsmeee


    Sir Nicholas Black of this parish
  4. Are you Christ John? Roxanne called, and lo...
  5. Itsmeee

    Manx Care

    The grammar and spelling in that notice is appalling.
  6. That is truly revolting. When I am the Supreme Leader, chewing gum will be illegal.
  7. Depends which pub you’re going to. I’ll fetch my coat...
  8. That dates you! (And me, because I knew what you meant)
  9. If uk delays ending restrictions on 21st June, as some predict, it will give IOM government perfect no-blame excuse not to lift our border constraints. I hope I’m wrong.
  10. I ended up popping in to the MT shop in strand street on Saturday after over a week with no emails to my phone or iPad and having been told when I phoned MT that it would all be ok by the end of the week. The young lady in MTtook my phone off me, changed two settings and bingo - all my missing emails reappeared. I thanked her, asked what this information hadn’t been made readily available to customers by MT, she said that the staff hadn’t received much information either. I told her I knew it wasn’t her fault, but that it was shocking service. Anyway, you need to go to settings, mail, acc
  11. You win the internet today. and if we were a.lowed to club our MHKs, maybe the threat of it would be enough
  12. My emails haven’t come through to phone or iPad since Friday, but I can log onto MT and retrieve them. I called helpline last night (Tuesday) and was told that the ongoing maintenance is causing problems for users, is due to end at midnight tonight (Weds) and everything should be ok after that. Not holding breath....
  13. What’s going on with DA’s parting? That’s what I want to know.
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