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    Firm closing

    I’m really enjoying the co-op tiger skied loaf. It’s as expensive as shite and healthy was, but 10 times tastier and is fresh too!
  2. The word you seek is merkin
  3. It’s cheaper than Disneyland (actually maybe not. Last time I went on a bus I thought the bloody fare included taking the actual bus home with me).
  4. I’m really sorry to hear this. What a nightmare. I guess that’s Turkey off your future holiday wish list.
  5. I wouldn’t trifle with someone who’s been in custardy
  6. No, sister, it’s not just you. Those rails have been up and down like a barmaid’s knickers. (I’m allowEd to say that cos I used to be a barmaid).
  7. I agree totally with everything you say. I too use the Groudle Road most days and I have ground my teeth down to stumps in rage about the millions of pounds that have been sounded on the rails etc there. And it’s not just in the last 18 months either. It seems to be every year. I try and drive in the middle of the ‘road’ to avoid breaking my spine and ruining my car!
  8. Itsmeee

    TT 2022 ??

    I don’t understand why the petition is asking for the Hospitality Suite only to allow sponsors in, not members of the public. Surely if they pay, anyone should be allowed to go in? What’s it got to do with the schedule, the scoreboard or any of the other gripes this petitioner is whinging on about?
  9. Today my friend you have won the internet.
  10. Itsmeee


    Possibly a typo. Maybe they mean ‘sad act.’
  11. It’s Alf’s sword of Damocles
  12. Itsmeee

    TT 2022 ??

    A tattoo on the forearm maybe?
  13. He’s probably sulking because despite another reshuffle he still hasn’t got a ministerial post.
  14. And full of unnecessary apostrophes. Please make it stop.
  15. At least 5 people in my team of approx 20:have it and someone came to a meeting this morning coughing and tested positive at lunchtime
  16. Itsmeee

    TT 2022 ??

    As Max says, there are female riders - Maria Costello (who competes on solos and in an all female sidecar team), Jenny Tinmouth, Carolyn Sells etc The deputy clerk of the course is a woman. Carl Cox, team owner, is black (please don’t say ‘coloured’) There is a well known trans team owner. A lot of the race officials, marshals and other volunteers are female. Heck, some of the officials even come from Laxey. I know!
  17. Branston pickle on cheese on toast. Under the cheese. Them’s the rules.
  18. Itsmeee

    TT 2022 ??

    Why do you call Gary Thompson ‘the so called Clerk of the Course?’ He IS the Clerk of the Course and he is employed by the ACU, not the Motorsports Team https://www.acu.org.uk/About-The-ACU.aspx I would suggest that you have absolutely no idea how complicated and difficult the role is and you wouldn’t be able to step into Gary’s shoes in a million years.
  19. I hope you’re not suggesting that our Laxey correspondent is full of shite?
  20. Genuine question, because with don’t know. Does the upcoming ban on building and selling new petrol and diesel vehicles include motorcycles?
  21. Sometimes I wake up grumpy. other days I let him sleep. I thank you.
  22. The IOM newspaper website is atrocious, so let’s hope some Gef talent rubs off
  23. Itsmeee

    TT 2022 ??

    Crucial difference: riding a bicycle the wrong way on a closed road where cycling is forbidden during TT is illegal. Racing a motorcycle in the TT is not illegal.
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