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  1. I’m not justifying his actions at all but do believe he has issues. He may have faced charges for doing this to two people but the actual number is likely double figures and it’s not normal behaviour to go to such extremes. He seems to indicate (as do others) that he was charged with speaking out about child sex abuse and supporting the victims, this wasn’t what he was charged with, but I imagine a lot of people don’t know the details and as such are supporting him as he will tell anyone who will listen he is a fighter for justice for people who have been abused, not someone who harressed
  2. I wouldn’t usually comment on things like this but AF didn’t just plaster things on fb, he sent anonymous messages to the men’s work, family and friends. For over a year. These men werent the only people he has done this to, I am led to believe it was double figures the people who had complaints in against him with the police but harassment is a hard charge to stick, as I’m sure anyone with knowledge of these things could confirm and these are the only charges that could be held against him. I don’t know if what he has said is correct or not, I do know he has ruined multiple peoples lives
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