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  1. And yet key workers can come over and be digging a hole in the prom in half an hour of arrival and that’s ok? Sorry we agree on quite a bit but I will never accept this apartheid like system where key workers can do what they like and everyone else is treated like a total moron who has to be locked up. If it’s ok for key workers to be out and about with no self isolation and sensible precautions then it’s ok for students to be allowed out for an hour taking precautions. The risks are the same (in fact they’re probably lower).
  2. But what are the grounds that exist to believe that people won’t follow the rules? There are few that I can see. Just a load of vocal baby boomers (normally) who seem to have a real problem with Manx students. Let’s not forget these kids have been living with mask wearing, and distancing, and practicing good hygiene for months when the average Manx resident has experience of .. doing exactly nothing. Sorry but the risks are minimal I’d say and we are doing a huge disservice to our own citizens by just assuming their all idiots and wanting to lock them down further. The Isle of Man’s problem now, IMHO, is the completely unrealistic objective of perpetual virus eradication at all costs.
  3. Yes I think most people think that way to be honest. It was sent by an employee to someone who regarded him as their superior in a work setting. It wasn’t a personal letter at all.
  4. Professionally it’s called a silo.
  5. The law, their parents, the fact that they can’t now share a household if all members aren’t also self isolating. So just about everything really. What leads you to pursue the belief or fantasy that they won’t? Are you jealous of people who gained degrees and seek to take this opportunity to stigmatize them? I’m genuinely interested in understanding why you think it’s an issue? The laws and rules are clear.
  6. How do you transmit to other groups in compulsory self isolation especially when most of them now will not even be self isolating within the family home?
  7. How would that happen? Firstly all the students are being forced to self isolate even if away from family in separate premises and secondly hardly anyone aged between 18 and 21 is going to end up in hospital as they’ll just feel a bit unwell for a few days while they’re self isolating. On balance largely a poor attempt at student bashing.
  8. No I meant buying a house is buying your way in. As so many seem to be doing which seems a bit unfair on off island Manxies.
  9. That’s properly cheeky though. She supplies them with re-agents at cost even though she’s a private business as she wants to help and they use them to flog tests to people to make money. You honestly couldn’t make this up.
  10. I fully understand what you’re saying but it would be easier just to let people back I suppose. The message seems to be that you can buy your way in but we don’t want any of our own back no matter what their circumstances are, It feels a bit wrong to me.
  11. Good point but a lot of people seem to feel that the country of their children’s birth should be allowing them back. Not forcing them to have to fabricate ways of doing it to get round the system. As I said it was just something I picked up from the radio. They seemed quite hacked off about the situation as basically their kid was stuck on his own unemployed in the UK doing nothing rather than being able to be supported by his family.
  12. The more I ask around the more it’s clear that it’s been a significant issue in the last nine months especially that is being brushed under the carpet.
  13. That’s probably right. I know several people of Manx origin who have been refused the right to return. There was one on the radio today saying their son had lost his job in the UK and wanted to return to live with his Manx family (presumably rent free to save money as he was unemployed) and was refused. Now stuck in the UK doing nothing on benefits. In exchange the focus seems to be to sell as much iffy overpriced houses that have been on the market for years to as many ‘new residents’ as possible. It’s about cash not birth or cultural heritage which many find totally objectionable.
  14. There is quite a bit of legal work involved apparently. I can put a German flag up in my garden. It doesn’t mean that I live in Germany.
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