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  1. Simply because the economy can't take another lockdown. We don't have another £18 - £25m to lockdown for another month.
  2. There is just no care or pride put into the upkeep of our roads. Central Douglas (excluding the prom) the so-called gateway to the island is an absolute disgrace. DOI can't even be arsed to repaint the white lines. Filter lanes are not all obvious, roundabouts, giveway, stop markings. They're all faded away.
  3. Bloody hell are you trying to give us nightmares
  4. I hear Ian Longworth is leaving DOI to become Chief Advisor on the Boris Burrow.
  5. If these these figures hold out and continue week on week then it could well be time to look at re-opening. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2021/feb/22/uk-covid-live-lockdown-schools-vaccines-boris-johnson
  6. They could start by being less shit.
  7. All the covid related shenanigans over the past 12 months has really highlighted what a lack of journalistic talent the island has. I mean sure the lads and lasses at IOM Newspapers try their best and are fond of FOI requests, Gef make what they think are funny cartoons and Howard O'clock, Paul Moulton has grown skillfully adept at acting like a wart on COMIN's collective arse, and Manx Radio throw in the occasional Fastyr mie to show they're justifying the £1m+ subsidy.... but none of it is coherent, competent journalism.
  8. I really doubt the ability of Moulton to unearth any earth shattering revelations.
  9. Would be interesting to know if there is such a thing in Manx law.
  10. Have I missed something? What is a D notice and why would one be issued to IOMTV?
  11. Howie and Ashie will have their fingers and toes out to count these cases...
  12. Thank you for your insights, Howard.
  13. If the vaccine supply chain continues to support that level...
  14. The heritage railway figure is bollocks. They've neglected to include all the spending they classify as capital expenditure.
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