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  1. What does the 'president' even do other than scratch his bollocks all day?
  2. AlanShimmin

    Manx Care

    Why do they mess around with posting out appointments? Surely it's more efficient to email them? If people haven't got an email address then they should just get one, no messing about.
  3. Has anyone ever seen one of these voids? I'm genuinely interested. I've heard them talked about for years and years, but I've never actually met anyone who has seen one or knows of one causing issues.
  4. Get a qualified contractor and let them carry out the work. That way we get an honest cost for the work that can be included in the post-event cost/benefit analysis.
  5. It's like the horse trams. People bang on about them being some world famous attraction. Or Laxey Wheel being world famous as the biggest working* water wheel. People care much less about these curios than we actually think they do.
  6. Sleepy Joe has woken up from a nap. He'll be asleep again soon.
  7. They were 30 - 50 years ago. Just not now.
  8. There's no question it would be sackable in the private sector - on multiple counts. The first would be for the sheer omnishambles that this scheme had turned into.
  9. A mat? That's gone straight over my head. A proverbial flying carpet if you will.
  10. Fingers crossed that Quayle stands down. I saw Peter Karran and that Josem bloke in Costa the other day.
  11. There's a few spray painted circles gone down on the Loch Prom red concrete.
  12. The road thing will be fixed after the election. The next Tynwald will write a cheque for fixing anything and everything the ACU wants.
  13. Weirdly they appear to have used that exact method on South Quay. Don't know if anyone else has seen it? Never seen it used over here before.
  14. It'll no doubt be patched up with resin or whatever else they have in mind. Will last 12 months and then start to crack even worse.
  15. The red concrete may be decorative but it is also the running surface for one of the busiest roads on the island. If that starts to fail then it will have to be replaced. I take your point about deep down under the road. I was surprised they didnt appear to find more evidence of this. Any idea which buildings it is that have sea water in their basements/cellars at high tide?
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