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  1. Jane PW would be a good choice for DOI minister and would likely be capable of deconstructing it.
  2. The issue with constituency v nation politics could easily be fixed by scrapping all local authorities and having 12 'commissioners'
  3. What power do those committees have? As far as I'm aware they have the power to summon witnesses and ask questions, but they have no power beyond issuing a report?
  4. DOI needs to be broken down into it's component parts to provide the essential services. The rest needs binning off - horse trams for example.
  5. It actually wouldn't be the worst move. A bit like when Bell made Peter Karran a Minister.... if you give them enough political rope...
  6. Because people are being paid big money to design something that is seemingly inherently unsafe. Where's the official confirmation that it's shared space? Even the idea of shared space has been binned off in the UK for being unsafe. https://roadsafetygb.org.uk/news/prime-minister-urged-to-get-shared-space-gone/ The UK Government was recommending a moratorium on all new shared space schemes in 2017, meanwhile the crayonistas were busy ploughing on regardless! https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/dptacs-position-on-shared-space/dptac-position-on-shared-space First job for the next DOI Minister is to urgently review the status of the Prom and clarify what this cock up actually is.
  7. The option to continue the same old same old Comen model has worked poorly. So why not take a new approach?
  8. If they drove to the road / conditions it wouldn't be an issue. Does every slight bend in the road need sign?
  9. Smith is massively part of the Manx Establishment.. just watch his Paul Moulton interview. If you sliced him in half he would read 'Manx Establishment' like a stick of rock. I would choose Kate Lord-Brennan as CM.
  10. Blockwork is an interesting excuse. This one has been relaid twice already before it was even open to traffic... just like the one at Sam Webbs.
  11. The join between the concrete and the tarmac has left lots of space for water ingress and freeze/thaw action will have that potholed in 18 months... But then maybe they didn't bother too much as they know all the concrete has to come up anyway!
  12. They can be inherently unsafe by design and not meet minimum safety standards.
  13. It is to a degree. It's having the tenacity and vision to put an end to the current regime at DOI. It can't be streamlined or have a change of culture - that's already been tried and they always manage to swerve it... remember Gawne and Reynolds promising to save +£2m a year at the airport? New structures are needed, but only in return for the current ones being thrown on the bonfire.
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