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  1. We're fortunate that Quayle is stepping down. But we need to deselect anyone who has tried to copy his style.
  2. You may have noticed we have developed a public sector that has grown a great sense of entitlement. The economy on the island is unsustainable so any interventions from someone with a business acumen like Musk is to be welcomed. As to how great the benefit will be, well that depends how well we sell the island as a place to do business.
  3. Hopefully they essentially copy and paste the application that was made to de-register the rat-infested warehouse in Ramsey. That was pretty successful.
  4. Absolute bollocks. What do you want, communism?. We actively need some true industrialists to jump start the economy. If not then we're truly fucked.
  5. DOI are definitely going for the low hanging fruit. Rather than address people being killed on the Mountain. They'll build some fancy cycle lanes.
  6. Probably the arrogance and shitty demeanour towards anyone who dares question his precious DOI? Having said that the same attributes are often displayed by HRH Chief Minister at the Media Briefings
  7. What this all boils down to is the total unsuitability of Tim Baker to hold office. Weak, ineffectual and arrogant.
  8. Tear it down now. Sometimes it's easier to seek forgiveness from the planning department than get permission.
  9. Looks like the new Flybe will be launching next year. They're recruiting for various positions (adverts on LinkedIn). Might be nice to have an airline with a clean slate serving the island, IF they have learned the lessons of the previous Flybe.
  10. That's an awfully long winded way of saying your model is (as expected) wrong.
  11. On the subject of Peel Road, the cycle route needs to be along the back of McDonald's, Milestone, KFC and under the old railway bridge. Bring it out at Tesco by the bus depot. Better to have a fully segregated route than this dangerous monstrosity.
  12. There's all sorts on the Prom that I think may not comply with the minimum road standards. I could be wrong.
  13. It's easier to throw shit at the chair from the sidelines than it is to actually be chair. Quirkio is all mouth.
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