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  1. So they never do a last minute appeal for marshalls? Lol
  2. It is casual though. The whole volunteer situation and not knowing if you'll have enough of them rocking up for the day. How could it be any more casual?
  3. A conference centre or gallery for what? There's enough of those that sit empty 80% of the time in Manx Museum, Villa Marina, House of Mannanan. It was best demolished.
  4. It sort of is though.. a rag tag bunch of amateur volunteers with no background checks or vetting. That's pretty casual.
  5. The marina was never getting built. It's total pie in the sky. Peter Karran wanting to build a spaceport in Onchan Village would be more realistic.
  6. Thanks for sharing that. I have known for a few months that DOI were aware (internally at least) that the only realistic option is for all the pink tram concrete to be lifted - but this is the first time I've seen one of them break ranks and admit it publicly.
  7. Can't say I have. What shite has he been chatting now? The only evolution he's doing is the size of his gold-plated pension.
  8. How is it trolling? The current system is bonkers, and the only reason some people want to hold onto it is they pay less than average (less than their fair share). The local authority system also needs to be smashed up and put in the bin. The current system was appropriate in 1896 but not in 2021. We need to evolve.
  9. Work out the actual cost of providing services and then divide it by properties on the island.
  10. Personally I can't wait for the horse shit to get smeared across the new red/pink cracked concrete. That will be a delightful colour.
  11. Wrong again, I don't live in Douglas. If you choose not to use anything there than that is your personal choice. Fact remains the island is too small to have 20+ different ratings. They all need lumping into one
  12. If the gas is under there then it needs to come out and fund the new green agenda.
  13. Nah fella, we live on a tiny island barely bigger than a medium sized town. The rates system is a joke. Whether you choose to use the services or not is up to you, it's your personal choice. The services are there regardless, so we should all be chipping in to fund them.
  14. That's a great epitaph to almost everything on the island.
  15. May of them sat there in their converted farmhouses paying pennies in local rates. An all island rate is the first step we need towards an equal society. Then scrapping the tax cap.
  16. But didn't you say something about the TT being the ultimate testing ground for manufactures?
  17. Don't know why we don't promote this more as a practical form of transport. Way more practical than a push bike.
  18. You've hit the nail on the head. Just like the group who tried to oppose the redevelopment of the old Griddles building because there were some 'historic' cobbles in the basement. Lots investment has been lost over the years because investors simple can't be arsed swimming in the sea of treacle that is the planning process as soon as the history groups become involved. Also see the rat infested warehouse that became 'registered'.
  19. They're not dirty words. People just choose to get their adrenaline hit in different ways these days.
  20. One thing the DOI/MyProm machine has remained silent on is the fact that all the red concrete from Broadway to Summerland has to come up. This will take months of costly disruption for Prom businesses. Why don't they come clean about it?
  21. There always used to be signs saying cars only.
  22. Campers shouldn't be parked on the Prom in the first place. Delivery drivers will just abandon/park their vehicles outside where they're delivering. They always have done.
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