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  1. Brexit is entirely within human control. On a similar note. I wonder what Josem thinks about this train wreck that he was trying to sell to us all?
  2. Think old Trev must have spent too much time sniffing in the Peel sea air, as just like this claim of £800bn, it's full of shit.
  3. Whoever was responsible needs their contract tearing up in the morning.
  4. Is anyone speculating? No. But it is notable and really sad to see an officer being stabbed in the line of duty.
  5. 3FM reporting that a copper injured in a knife attack in Ramsey. Grim https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/two-hospitalised-in-ramsey-knife-attack/
  6. I wouldn't ask them for the lottery numbers, they would be wrong
  7. I don't think we will hear their dirty little mouths admit the failure before September 23rd. But it's based on what they're working on at present.
  8. It's hard to tell where they have been intentionally removed and where it's just faced away through neglect.
  9. Don't think they can use them on the hallowed ground of the TT course.
  10. What we need is some proper invasive gangs on a contract. They come in, sweep out all the local low level gangs and the system is flusher clean. Then we just pay them a protection payment each year for their services.
  11. Prom now delayed until mid-January 2022 with snagging works until Easter 2022.
  12. Wrong. https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottcarpenter/2020/08/31/swedish-steelmaker-uses-hydrogen-instead-of-coal-to-make-fossil-free-steel/
  13. Isn't this what the so-called 'Town Centre Manager' for? http://dtcm.im/ http://dtcm.im/about/ Does the existence of Chris Pycroft – Assistant Chief Officer (Regeneration) hint at the existence of a 'Chief Officer (Regeneration)? The very core of this problem is Douglas Borough Council - it's not fit for purpose.
  14. Probably not "Another reason less to go into Douglas?" then if it wasn't a reason for you to go into Douglas anyway.
  15. Did you used to travel all the way into Douglas for the co-op?
  16. Didn't they essentially say the ones omitted from the dashboard were (potentially) deaths where covid wasn't the main cause? eg run over by a cyclist within 28 days of testing positive for Covid.
  17. There should be a cull of any 'hotel' 3 stars and below. Also anything with 'shared bathrooms' should be closed down with immediate effect.
  18. A week? They're now looking at 'finishing' mid-December with 'snagging' works in January 2022.
  19. Surprised they can't just follow the cats eyes in low-vis conditions... all major public highways have them...
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