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  1. It's one giant piss take, like on Ant & Dec where they get the celebrity to do more and more outlandish things.
  2. It's all the fault of the massive Co-op. Nothing else can compare.
  3. You see him as the next Chief Minister?
  4. Paging Dr Doom. Paging Dr Doom. And social distancing until 2049.
  5. Agree with pretty much all of that! Any money being spend on 'tourism' should be opened up for bidding. Allow the private sector to pitch ideas for new and inventive attractions.
  6. Good point. What we are not getting is value for money - the endless millions poured into MNH, railways and other guff year after year.
  7. Not IOM tourists. It might be true in Venice or Barcelona, not Douglas.
  8. Maybe what we need is not more tourists. But actually less/fewer (delete as appropriate) of them. Then we can stop wasting money on the crap array of 'museums', old trains and trams. It would be cheaper to pay jobseekers to those who are employed in these roles.
  9. It's not a lack of instinct. It's just called being a smug little cunt.
  10. Any ideas what we are supposedly paying anyone £350k for?
  11. That's what goes on in Sea Terminal HQ
  12. Politics. Prom is higher profile and may have a bearing on somebody's re-election chances? Exactly this but then he has Braddan School Road and Kirk Michael School Crossing blow-up in his face at the same time. I'm calling it now, if re-elected he will be education minister. He handles schools so well!
  13. Until this actually happens I'm not going to give a shite about my 'carbon footprint'.
  14. No, they can't. They're blaming the fact they had to demolish and rebuild a wall as being the reason for the overrun. If the work was scouted out properly and planned right then if wouldn't be an issue. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
  15. Like Senna Road, Howard Street, Granville Street and Regent Street?
  16. Any other place apart from the Isle of Man it would be remarkable.
  17. Money has been separately allocated for resurfacing the walkway. It was never part of the £25-30m+ scheme. Not sure when they plan to start that. Imagine DBC doing something useful like resurfacing the walkway? It's a nice idea but imagine the size of the self-congratulatory plaque that would be required?
  18. The crossings are basically right on the junction. It's mental. Fine, it's an uncontrolled junction we can put that one to bed for now and revisit it when there's the inevitable RTC. But the proximity of the crossings need to be revisited urgently.
  19. UK guidance is for plenty of distance between a crossing and an uncontrolled junction to allow motorists to process things. But hey, DOI knew best and pissed all over the best practise.
  20. The Broadway pedestrian lights and the faux Zebra crossing are both illegal. They are below the minimum required 10 metres from the junction. They had this issue the last time a pedestrian was hit when the first set of lights when in while the works were on-going.
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