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  1. While the dust is settling on this it's clear this will be the subject of the biggest Public Inquiry since Mount Murray.
  2. He said Manx success, not Mancunian success.
  3. People will be investing in bull bars.
  4. Fucking wankers at DOI. Just instate it as a roundabout.
  5. He needs to come clean about the fact there's going to be 6+ months of work to break out the concrete and then replace if either with tarmac or other concrete.
  6. So with Loch Prom looking 'complete'(ish) the countdown is on to see who will be the first company to dig up the new road.
  7. DOI hiding behind the excuse of the design being from a consultant is shameful. If they had shit on a plate and told them it was a meal, they would have questioned it. Why didn't they speak up over this? Although don't forget the spec was also basically design by committee. You had the motorists, horse tram anoraks, Manx Blind Welfare, Cyclists, Electric Car users, the Walkway campaign... it's ended up being nothing to everyone
  8. If it was shared space then you wouldn't need a zebra crossing and a traffic light crossing.
  9. Nobody is. I'm not. But I hate the hypocrites who will be on there Tuesday morning banging on about the biosphere bollocks and how we all have to cycle to work like a weird North Korea.
  10. https://www.thehoworths.com/2009/08/red-arrows-to-be-carbon-offset/
  11. Still can't really square off the whole Biosphere stuff and then Manx Radio inviting the Red Arrows with their 7,000 tons of Jet A1 and burning 75% diesel smoke trails.
  12. Massively unsuitable choice of junction for such a busy route
  13. Well there's the mainland tunnel (Calf - IOM) and the IOM-UK one.
  14. The whole issue here isnt whether it's a roundabout, an unmarked junction, the zebra crossing is too close to the junction to legally be safe, the marking (or lack of).... The issue is why the crayonistas at the DOI have installed this absolute cluster fuck on one of the busiest intersections on the island. It just needs to be a standard junction job fucking done.
  15. I hear a certain former MHK almost came a cropper this afternoon there.
  16. I reckon next one will be an asteroid scare or maybe even one of them mega volcanoes.
  17. It's like white dog shit, you just don't see it anymore. Supposedly 'we' fixed it. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20190823-can-lessons-from-acid-rain-help-stop-climate-change
  18. He's part of the problem and needs to be removed from public office.
  19. It's where 3 roads converge. They can call it whatever they want... but it's a junction and I'm sure that will be what they find if it's ever raised in court.
  20. The zebra crossing right on the junction will get someone killed. From what I can tell it's also below the minimum distance from a junction.
  21. Yes, privatise the process. Jobs that don't need to be done by government should be provided by the private sector. Buses for example.
  22. I troubled them for their line and verse on the roundels so I have it for any future issues. This is what they sent. Also available to view on the FOI page.
  23. Too much deadwood clogging up the system. Clear it out and the system will work better.
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