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  1. Well the ships still stuck.
  2. If they don't move it soon then Dandara will be trying to build an estate on top of it and DOI will be adding cyclelanes to it.
  3. Ideally they'll collapse the facade in once they get the buildings secure. All the Victorian and Edwardian facades are a load of old guff. Rip them out and put scenting modern and energy efficient in. Nice big windows and balconies.
  4. Tell Manx Radio and IFGL that!
  5. Explosives would do it. Just pack a ton of dynamite under the thing and hope for the best. I definitely 100% don't guarantee this approach.
  6. All the shitty coach tours will be coming to see you. Do you do CEG Orbit pots of tea for one with two cups?
  7. Most people view buildings not collapsing as a positive. Strange that.
  8. The next CM just needs to read the riot act to the CS. The constant fuck ups, over spends and failures just can't be tolerated any longer. Government headcount outside of emergency services, health and education should he cut by a third. That would sharpen things up and clear out the dead wood.
  9. The more old crappy 'hotels' that are demolished the better! The neighbours either side will be thrilled. Prom works drawing to a close in the next 12 months and then construction on apartments kicks off.
  10. What they won't tell you is that the tunnel was actually completed along with a connection to the island. I'll probably be taken down by the powers that be for revealing this!
  11. The Nation's Propaganda Mouthpiece was also saying how the charter would earn the Packet £250k... so surely they'll be shouldering some of the cost for the breakdown? Nice contract if they've negotiated all the profit but none of the cost...
  12. bUt ThEs iZ teH Ca1M bEf0rE tEh sT0Rm wE mUSt l0Ckd0Wn teh b0arDer N0W!!!
  13. Depends if it's deserved or not.
  14. If this sort of behaviour continues then we'll see a rise in vigilante justice on the island.
  15. There were plenty of infections as we were still pretending zero covid was an actual thing and it had broken through (again)
  16. Quirkio is nothing but a ranting, shit-stirring political dinosaur.
  17. The family should be allowed to break the arms and legs of those who were lobbing stuff at the person's house. All the namby pamby youth justice bollocks will have zero effect.
  18. On a serious note, just release a few more wallabies to broaden the gene pool. Just because twatty bollocks at MWT thinks something is a native or invasive species doesn't mean it has to be culled. The endangered shitehawks they're worried about probably aren't even 'native'. I mean what is being done to protect the Manx Pterodactyls? They're as native as you can get.
  19. Blind, diseased and inbred they may. But that still doesn't make it ok to cull the population of Foxdale.
  20. So if the anti vaxxers are correct about the vaccine making us all magnetic - what's the end game? Are we all going to get raptured in some kind of massively magnetic rapture? Then the anti vaxxers will inherit the earth?
  21. Things are a bit further along than that. https://neuralink.com/
  22. Weirdly they haven't actually uploaded the rejection onto the FOI answers page.
  23. I suppose it could be worth an FOI to see if this is actually "is or may be required in an ongoing investigation/legal proceeding".
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