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  1. Won't really make much difference to the traffic flow generally. A two lane contraflow is going see the same one lane down the way and the two lane up the way doesn't really add anything from a volume perspective. It's a pointless dual carriageway. Great for flying up there quickly mind
  2. I'm genuinely surprised you're still floating (like a turd that won't flush) round here to be honest. headbanger.
  3. I'm not up his ass at all. Don't confuse that sort of thing with correcting a bellend like you.
  4. They're chav tractors Doc.
  5. He does pay his fair share.
  6. Er....... because they pay the UK tax due on their companies as it becomes due?
  7. That traffic light system isn't going to work in my view.
  8. No surprise there. Good luck to her. She should leverage her Dad's help and assistance for sure.
  9. He will walk back in. No doubt about it. He does the fluffy unimportant shite well. Voters like that. I'm not endorsing him by the way. Far from it. You have to remember one of the alternatives could be Julie Edge.
  10. Imagine only paying 200k in tax.
  11. It's the number needed to give Liverpool a realistic chance of finishing above United I think?
  12. Yes but Liverpool fans are vile scum so of course it would be different.
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