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  1. Your bizarre views are irrelevant. The point was about appointments.
  2. 5m for a new store. You would think somewhere within government estate there is room for storage .
  3. I hear RBS/Natwest are giving up Howard Pearson House. If that is the case that looks to be very bad news for the sector because that only ends one way. Anyone heard the same? Captain Mainwearing works for them i think. Any ideas Captain?
  4. That'll become clearer over the next few days I suspect.
  5. A couple of points. Blacklist- it is simply wrong to state what you have above. The island has spent a long time being at the forefront of complying with and leading on transparency. The reality is, to some degree, out of the hands of the IOM. Your final point about mismatch of employment is utterly bizarre. There are unemployed people in hospitality due to Covid. There are challenges around import of labour for other sectors. You think the government can address this how? By giving the lass working at the Sefton a crash course in bricklaying or surgery?
  6. Well there is actually. It's deluded to think some people will not miss appointments. This is real life. It happens. Go and have a look at the board in Palatine Group Practice. Each week is has the number of missed appointments. It happens. Go and speak to any beauty therapist, chiropractor, hairdresser, optician, restaurant. It happens. What makes you think this would be any different?
  7. Supply in March was always going to be ramped up so no doubt now they have confirmation of imminent doses they can switch with the confidence enough is inbound.
  8. Total bollocks. There isn't a single appointment/ bookings business anywhere in the world that wouldn't be delighted if just 15 out of 5000 per week didn't show up. Sometimes people can't make appointments and these things happen at very short notice. I'm actually surprised it is so few.
  9. Help what? Then what would you do?
  10. How many no shows in total have we had? We've done about 22000 jabs i think.
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