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  1. Very few trees? If you're Stevie Wonder perhaps.
  2. Did you have to come here? Of if you are from here did you have to go to an Amber country?
  3. It definitely does happen. You are usually in the "thick" of it
  4. This will have 7 pages of uttet melt down on here.
  5. The wild life will move. It's no big deal.
  6. They were not good enough at penalties. Or the keeper wasn't good enough at saving them. You could further add they were unlucky not to take the penalties first rather than second as there is an advantage to going first.
  7. It's an utter bollocks point. England lost because they were not good enough. End of.
  8. Beckham didn't lose England two world cups. You clearly know fuck all about football.
  9. I doubt that. You'll be an anti vaxxer. Certainty.
  10. If I'm running a customer facing business at the moment the staff would be in face masks and I'd be wanting them vaccinated.
  11. Ideally I'd like to force people but it'll need to be done by stealth. We need to make it completely impractical for people to function if they have not been vaccinated. Anyone with a genuine medical documented reason could be exempt. You'll be an anti vax whopper. Sat up in Andreas with your pencils in your ears and up your nose with your under crackers on and your Jim Royale polo shirt.
  12. That caution those is largely paranoid nonsense. There isn't an argument they can have from a science perspective. Billlions of vaccines have been administered. Huge amounts of data exist.
  13. A very very tiny minority of adults that applies to. As well you know. You can make rules all time to placate the lowest common denominator.
  14. Really, it's that sort of hysteria that feeds the flat earth anti vax brigade.
  15. It shows the vaccine works and the government need to make life as difficult as possible for those who won't have it. I have two relatives that won't have it. One elderly. The other late 40s and working in a business of their own where contact with others is mandatory. Utterly insane. The changes tomorrow will reward vaccinated people. As I pointed out to the person concerned, you'll be spending a lot of time not working.
  16. I'm sorry, are you comparing Knighter to Colley. Jesus wept.
  17. I think you're confusing me with someone else. I'm not going anywhere in the short term.
  18. The biggest problem now probably isn't a health one. It's the damage being done when people have to isolate when they are fine thus impacting on all sorts of business and people.
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