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  1. Banks don't have to offer anything. There is no way you could bring into force something like that. The final decision is always resting with the bank. Just as it does with any other business. Juan is wasting everyone's time.
  2. You sound like you are on some sort of illegal substance. Is that a real opinion?
  3. BS. All of the above.
  4. No. Which is probably the issue . I have the Patient Access one but need to contact the surgery for some sort of code or link.
  5. Do you have to contact your group practice to get a letter from them for certain details to link the Patient Access App to the Practice?
  6. The Patient Access app had poor reviews around logging in etc. Didnt try to download the app. The NHS app said " not available in your country "
  7. Poor reviews on the Patient Access app. You can't download the NHS App on the Isle of Man?
  8. Great spot. Real shame it is closing.
  9. It's pubs restaurants etc that matter. Most people are ignoring the "cant see each other " bit anyway. No reason to keep these closed and stop lifestyle businesses from working.
  10. Friday? No chance. Schools are back Monday . At the earliest the rest will open then. Woudlnt surprise me though if there is some completely illogical decision made to keep people out of social settings for another week after that
  11. I know someone who's just been on holiday to the Maldives. From Jersey. When they returned to Heathrow there was some confusion initially as they didn't have a registered place to go so they were held up at immigration. It was cleared up though and they were allowed to transit on to their Jersey flight
  12. It just seems utterly bonkers. 575k is 4 years worth of work for two architects on 70k a year. To be fair I've seen it done privately too. Where they seem to exponentially ramp up their fees on a big build when the actual work isn't that much more than a build of a quarter of the price.
  13. Well that isn't going to work very well.
  14. This shows what we are dealing with though. These are the sort that spend too much time on Facebook and Twatter.
  15. Interesting report. There won't be many that have read it of course. The 600k seems to be a bit of a headline grabber but in reality isn't a surprise or in context a lot of money. It's clear government needed to strike a deal that was fair to the operator and gave them assurances of beds that your wouldn't ever fill overnight. That's just silly to think any different. Dave Murray appears to have made some fair points although there's a lot of piss and wind in there that isn't merited and has been seen through. The most alarming bit for me in that whole report was the £575k
  16. What might be more helpful is to explain the numbers you quote. It's clearly a different proposition than at outset. I suspect there may have been a change in appetite from Peel Ports to fund it. They've been selling assets i think so perhaps they don't have the liquidity and it ended up the way it has. It's usually cheaper over the long term to do what is being done. Might take 20 years to get there but it's a facility that will be around a lot longer than that. Plus the potential to sub let it to other users too?
  17. To be fair Max you're not that stupid. The only time it was "free" was if it was supplied and built and owned at someone else's expense. The long term cheaper alternative is to take control yourself.
  18. Have you met Tom Moore? Prince Philip had plenty of positive impact on the lives of many people. What a bizarre comment.
  19. I thought I heard it on the radio. I can't find anything but I'm almost certain that I heard them say it was simply a type error and that the original 38m had not changed.
  20. Seems like a potential logistical nightmare. Paper based subject to easy fraud. App based is invasive and some will struggle with it.
  21. Decent interview. Spoke well I thought. You can also see from what he is saying that the last "unknown " case looks to be more likely linked but the person with Covid either wasn't being honest or has a memory problem.
  22. Do we have a system in place that will allow people to evidence their compliance or does it rely on a letter from the surgery?
  23. It isn't 53m though. That's already been clarified?
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