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  1. He's like the Jersey equivalent of Paul Moulton. But useful
  2. Banker (insert other identical views) favourite place Jersey had over 400 cases in one day yesterday umi was told. Nearly 1400 there now. Although I believe mainly young people.
  3. Not really. Minor delay at best. They'll also broadcast it from places that don't tend to see crashes. Also, other motorsports run live broadcasts. People have also died.
  4. Staffing issues caused by lockdowns and border closures. It's happening everywhere.
  5. Great news. I've missed seeing decent size collections of supercars.
  6. Not one. It sort of reminds me of that bloke in Seven just pouring out bile into pages and pages etc.
  7. They did over 1200 yesterday
  8. I have no issue with kids charging round on bikes having fun. It's a right of passage. The people on the roads is a different discussion. The worst part though is drivers who insist on not passing a cyclist unless they have the room as if they were passing a car. It's infuriating.
  9. In fairness whilst Nick Black is incompetent the bottom of Broadway seems to only be a big issue to idiots who (a) dont have any confidence in their ability to drive and (b) simply don't like any form of change and seem to think they experts of roundels etc.
  10. Well that certainly should be the case.
  11. You could argue that for literally anyone. Contact traced or not. Who are we protecting now and at what cost?
  12. Maybe he doesn't contribute to them and is dishonest there too? How do you know he contributes to them?
  13. The PHA states you need to be locked away when you are healthy? Utterly bizarre. The current situation is untenable. Any one with any sense can see that. We have hundreds of people filing off the boat or plane, not testing, but if anyone ventures into a restaurant that subsequently tests positive the locals are all fucked. Im not sure how that makes any sense. In the UK people are deleting track and trace app. I can see why too. I went into a restaurant when over there. Dont have track and trace app (obviously) and had to fill in some box ticking form the venue didn't check or care about. Not that i would put proper details on there anyway.
  14. So his business dealing are dodgy due to his religious group? Maybe he's just a dishonest twat. Whether he's involved in LH or not? Has he specifically utilised the LH to be dishonest?
  15. You can guarantee no matter what is said it won't be good enough. As incorrect and wrong the laws may have been at the time the police were doing exactly what they should do. Enforce them. I suppose it Cannabis was ever legalised would we expect the police to apologise for anyone prosecuted for it? Or the great great grandchildren of people that were in the slave trade? I'm not sure Gary Roberts saying sorry really does much. And they certainly wouldn't want to open up options for suing the police force.
  16. Why would anyone need to prove that? The reality is we are supposed to be living with covid. We are not really doing that if the answer to a positive covid test is to shut down every venue they've been to. It seems to me that this is unrealistic for all concerned.
  17. In fairness to Josem (and any other MHK or aspiring MHK) it shouldn't surprise you if they go quiet on here. It's got a handful of vile idiots needing help so why would they lower themselves?
  18. The bigger concern in my view is testing positive and being stranded abroad. That is going to be happening. A lot. Then what happens? Imagine in somewhere like the US? You could see them carting you off to some sort of penitentiary.
  19. Behave. It was a yellow. Cynical etc. But a yellow. The tackle on Grealish was more likely a red. Amazed it wasn't reviewed. The Italian rolling around when completely unhurt helped. Great tournament from England. I suppose if someone had said to Southgate you won't lose a game, go all way and only concede twice he would take it. Fine margins. A couple of things can be taken from the tournament but England are now legitimate contenders for major tournaments.
  20. What a bizarre post.
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