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  1. What a bizarre thought process. Unsurprisingly.
  2. The NHS use a number of systems as stated on here by people that actually know, rather than guess. So data input can be quite a legitimate reason.
  3. Not much safer at all. Given it isnt dangerous.
  4. What the fuck are you on about (again)?
  5. And probably rightly so. The future is getting traffic off the prom and people out of cars in general. It's completely logical. They just also need to ramp up parking charges and increase public transport options.
  6. Yes, because loads of people have died due to this?
  7. The 6 day test seems a bit pointless as well. Test and release after a day. Spend 5 days out and about. Then get another test. As for businesses, i would want my staff double jabbed and I wouldn't be shutting for reason after that.
  8. If all they had was a cough you shouldn't have called really. Kids get coughs.
  9. That's surprising given the case numbers and associated close contacts.
  10. Cases and tests are escalating on the island. Last week and this week are probably seeing different testings numbers.
  11. There very little reason for people not to be vaccinated. It's selfish not to. I see there was some nutter presented a petition on Tynwald Day about none vaccinated people being treated differently to vaccinated people in relation to isolation etc. Freedom of choice she was banging on about. Yet the same woman was vehemently against the Abortion Bill recently progressed. It seems she is pro Freedom of Choice. Except when it doesn't suit.
  12. I know of a similar situation. They're going to be in a perpetual state of isolation. Apart from the 2 plus 2 person who is free to come and go.
  13. It's a risk reward thing. As many decisions will be.
  14. Known and unknown sources dont matter any more. We are in the phase of learning to live with it. That should mean no more lockdowns.
  15. It reduces the risk of catching it or transmitting it. It reduces the implications if you do catch it. That's as good as it gets hence why if you're fully vaccinated you can crack on.
  16. I know someone in the same position and the opposite is the case with those vaccinated 2 plus 2.
  17. Operating costs were down from nearly 25m to just over half that.
  18. Hardly a surprise. The two biggest passenger volume events cancelled. No visitor or off island traffic. Hardly a surprise or rocket science.
  19. Most of it is a paper loss if you look at it. Depreciatiom and Amortisation takes up a huge chunk. The pension number is an actuarial calculation and means little today on cash flow.
  20. They wouldn't need much to cover it.
  21. Without the risk of sounding like Banker - how do the Channel Islands do it?
  22. Why do we subsidise farmers and they immediately ship their livestock for slaughter in the uk? Surely that should stop?
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