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  1. 59 minutes ago, AlanShimmin said:

    Until someone is injured/killed/other 

    Does the shitty tram even need to be stopping all over the prom? 

    If the lard arse tourists are so desperate to be dragged along by a horse then they can make the effort and walk to either end of the Prom.

    What a bizarre thought process.  Unsurprisingly. 

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Roger Mexico said:

    This makes no sense to me.  Surely the data have already been input and the problem is converting to the correct format and getting it on the appropriate database.  There may be problems with the software or permissions, but that's different from what they are saying.  As so often with DHSC they just seem to be making up any old rubbish and not caring that it makes no sense - or even worse being fooled themselves.

    The NHS use a number of systems as stated on here by people that actually know, rather than guess.

    So data input can be quite a legitimate reason.

  3. Just now, Utah 01 said:

    Well let's start with the recipients of the £34BN Bunter has doled out for his 'world class' T& T system.  Or do you have a finger in that pie that you've not told us about.

    What the fuck are you on about (again:rolleyes:)?

  4. 36 minutes ago, b4mbi said:

    The whole redevelopment (narrowing, less parking, keeping / widening the horse/electric tram tracks, roundels, shared space etc) IMHO is one massive traffic calming exercise, reducing vehicular speeds on the prom. 

    (but OK they've taken the chance to update/upgrade all services to properties on the prom)



    And probably rightly so.

    The future is getting traffic off the prom and people out of cars in general.  It's completely logical.

    They just also need to ramp up parking charges and increase public transport options.

  5. 3 hours ago, Derek Flint said:

    They have ultimately installed something that is intrinsically unsafe by copying what was there, when the opportunity existed to do something new that prevented passengers having to board and alight into a live lane of traffic.


    Yes, because loads of people have died due to this?

  6. The 6 day test seems a bit pointless as well.  Test and release after  a day.  Spend 5 days out and about.  Then get another test.

    As for businesses,  i would want my staff double jabbed and I wouldn't be shutting for reason after that.

  7. 1 hour ago, The Phantom said:

    My child had a bad cough late last week.  Called GP etc on Fri eve, ended up with a test for her for 9:50 am.

    Went for the test Saturday morning.  Was told results probably same day as we were early, but might be before 6:00 pm following day.  Spent the entire weekend in isolation waiting results and heard nothing.  So called at 7:00 pm and was told we didn't show up for the test so no result.  A bit of messing around later and looking at the email for the Covid test... 

    The email said the test was for 9:50 am on the 9th (Fri).  We didn't call the GP until Fri afternoon.  So it seems you now need to time travel! 

    About 20 mins on hold and they eventually managed to find the test result which was luckily negative, but realistically had to spend all of Sunday in isolation due to their admin error! 

    If all they had was a cough you shouldn't have called really.  Kids get coughs.

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  8. 48 minutes ago, Pieman said:

    Yeah, heysham late is a bit tricky, it’s a long way from home and we are on bike too, not easy doing near 300 mile in the early hours with a teenager on the back who’s knackered! 

    We will try steam packet to see if we could try to switch to evening boat night before, but it will be tight, 225 miles in 3.5hours….. and hotel said today thAt she has to have test prior to check in, so not sure how that works if on the late boat. 
    need to make calls tomorrow. 
    When we booked it last week, 111 your end was very encouraging about how it would work, lots of capacity etc. Then today, the lady I spoke to basically said ‘no chance’. 
    It seems to depend who you speak to, but with such conflicting info and time being so tight, I’m not sure it’s going to work out. 

    Cases and tests are escalating on the island.

    Last week and this week are probably seeing different testings numbers.

  9. 37 minutes ago, Annoymouse said:

    I’m not surprised, I see the Fynoderee distillery in Ramsey has been forced to  temporarily close due to a number of staff being forced to isolate and are awaiting test results, had all staff been double vaccinated they would’ve been allowed to remain open or at least they should’ve been able to if the direction notice is to be believed.

    If I was to own a business in hospitality or anything involving face to face contact I’d only be employing double vax, sod being repeatedly forced to close at short notice due to a few unvaccinated employees, it would cost a fortune and ultimately be damaging for business.

    There very little reason for people not to be vaccinated.   It's selfish not to.

    I see there was some nutter presented a petition on Tynwald Day about none vaccinated people being treated differently to vaccinated people in relation to isolation etc.  Freedom of choice she was banging on about.

    Yet the same woman was vehemently against the Abortion Bill recently progressed.  It seems she is pro Freedom of Choice.  Except when it doesn't suit.

  10. 32 minutes ago, Annoymouse said:

    To add to my previous comment, they tested negative day 1 and the 2+2 partner was allowed out no problem, then the test on day 6 was positive and they they’ve been told the household has to isolate regardless of vaccination status, but they aren’t required to have a further test? They’ve seen the mixed comments on Facebook and are in the process of speaking to 111 again.

    The positive case has had 1 vaccine, absolutely no symptoms whatsoever and is quite pissed off that she has to isolate while 2+2 can travel freely without any tests, can only see that getting worse while more people are being forced to isolate.

    I know of a similar situation.

    They're going to be in a perpetual state of isolation.  Apart from the 2 plus 2 person who is free to come and go.  

  11. 2 hours ago, doc.fixit said:

    One of my concerns is that a grandson who is six is coming over in August. Even though he may test clear before coming he could pick it up on the plane/ in the airports, then even though he has a test here on arrival could still be carrying it and we won't know until his next test or until one of us shows symptoms. Hypothetical I know, but.........

    It's a risk reward thing.  As many decisions will be.

  12. 1 minute ago, Chie said:

    Given there are 2476 pages to this thread and I really am not reading each one....do you think we are really truly done with lockdowns. Or do you think there will be another one at some point given the rapid rising number of cases from known and unknown sources?.

    Known and unknown sources dont matter any more.

    We are in the phase of learning to live with it.  That should mean no more lockdowns.

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  13. 1 hour ago, doc.fixit said:

    I still don't understand the logic. Just because you are vaccinated doesn't mean you can't catch it or carry it............I think?

    It reduces the risk of catching it or transmitting it.  It reduces the implications if you do catch it.

    That's as good as it gets hence why if you're fully vaccinated you can crack on.  

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  14. 9 minutes ago, Annoymouse said:

    It hasn’t been resolved? I know someone that has just tested positive on day 6, they live with someone else 2+2 and the whole household has been been told to isolate regardless. 

    I know someone in the same position  and the opposite is the case with those vaccinated 2 plus 2.

  15. 17 hours ago, Derek Flint said:

    They could have run one sailing a day. There was massive deck capacity for trailers due to there being very few cars. It would have challenged logistics for sure, but it would have reduced fuel costs by 50% - and the environmental impact. 

    Sailing twice a day was flag waving. Nothing else.

    Operating costs were down from nearly 25m to just over half that.

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  16. Just now, Happier diner said:

    Yes but look at the drop in revenue.

    Hardly a surprise.  The two biggest passenger volume events cancelled.  No visitor or off island traffic.  Hardly a surprise or rocket science.

  17. 12 hours ago, Numbnuts said:

    Not looking very good but while I expected a loss not by that much. And we have the ongoing issue with the new landing in Liverpool looming and a new boat coming up next year. 

    Most of it is a paper loss if you look at it.

    Depreciatiom and Amortisation takes up a huge chunk.  The pension number is an actuarial calculation and means little today on cash flow.

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  18. 30 minutes ago, John Wright said:

    And meat prices would be £50 a kilo. Throughput would be minimal. Cost per carcass would be astronomical.

    Why do we subsidise farmers and they immediately ship their livestock for slaughter in the uk? Surely that should stop?

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