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  1. Who cares? They were born here and we should be proud of that. Statue for Cav next. Manx legends.
  2. Certainly worth avoiding any form of testing unless you have absolutely no choice.
  3. Apologies, I thought you simply meant if someone in your house tested positive.
  4. That's incorrect. You can come and go as you please.
  5. A slight wiff of boredom in the air
  6. That isn't true. There's a boat in the morning.
  7. Ah, more editing. Read your own post. You said "well we did have a fisheries vessel ......". We still do (you are intimating we do not). Nothing Gawne did has changed that.
  8. Barry Gibb should come for a nose and do several nights at the Villa
  9. No amount of editing will change what you said above. You stated "Well we did have......." thereby intimating we no longer have a fisheries vessel. When we clearly do.
  10. I'm not sure that is the case for everyone. Especially island residents. They are submitting data to be passed on (Fatca/CRS) within certain criteria.
  11. Sorry, just to clarify- you are saying we no longer have a fishery protection vessel (Barrule) and it's been sold to Sierra Leone?
  12. 2112 intimated that we don't have a fishery vessel any longer. We do. And it hasn't been given away to Sierra Leone.
  13. I suspect you haven't really got a clue what you are talking about to be fair. The tax man doesn't have a direct insight into your bank account. Or the interest you were paid. Also, if they do want to find out data from your bank they'll need to produce an Order to gain access to the information. They would also ask you first for it I suspect if they doubted you. The tax office are not really interested in pissy amounts of credit interest. Dividends probably of more interest. And blatant tax evasion.
  14. Do you have a link to Gawne giving that vessel away?
  15. In relation to the obsession over jabs and numbers available - you have to remember your audience. Largely pensioners with fuck all better to do than have a mind working overtime on various conspiracies etc.
  16. Is it affirmative action though? Where companies employ people to fill quotas it's only an affirmative action from the perspective that a box is ticked. Not that best person for the job actually got the job, in the context big Tony us referring to
  17. Italy look no better than England.
  18. Not you if there is a quota to fill for the company. Sad but true. I wouldn't employ you anyway but that's an aside.
  19. Lad culture? You say that like it's a bad thing? We certainly don't want to disappear into a world of nothingness. It's like a race to the bottom at the moment. No one can say or do anything without someone being offended.
  20. Sorry, you think the tax office has direct access to your bank account data? Do tell, how can they just "take unpaid tax"?
  21. You're completely out of touch. That isn't how it works. Also, anyone that could "retire" at 50 gets hammered on what they get if they take the pension at that point. Fire Brigade and Police are not Civil Service.
  22. What ease of access are you referring to?
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