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  1. You can't retire at 53 in civil service pension terms these days. Resigned more like. Hopefully
  2. That's actually a great idea.
  3. Cavendish will be knighted if he takes that tour stage record.
  4. That's because it is unlikely to have happened.
  5. Close your account then? Or take in your payments by card (and moan about their charges no doubt). Which basically everyone is doing. Free banking is a thing of the past pretty much. Personal accounts will be next. But this isn't uncommon in other parts of the world anyway. The UK have just got used to free banking, that's all. Banks are doing exactly what you do. Charging customers for a service that costs less to provide that what they charge you.
  6. Why would you expect them to do it for free? You don't even have to use cash. You could get paid via a card. Using something like Sum Up. Which you will have to pay for too. How do you pay your suppliers at the moment?
  7. Just to be clear, do you genuinely think locking down is the way forward?
  8. Kids get ill all the time and often take weeks to recover properly. I'm unclear as to what you think the answer is? Covid isn't going away. Are you suggesting a permanent state of lockdown?
  9. It's definitely not over. What is over though is lockdowns. The nuances of it now are around coping with it . Clearly locking down houses isn't practical.
  10. I see now that Hamilton doesn't have the best car by a distance he's struggling.
  11. Kids who have had covid will get a 90 day exemption from isolating.
  12. It isn't really just themselves though is it? If it was I would agree completely. There is no logical or sensible reason to avoid vaccination. It's the sensible thing to do from a health perspective but equally for the impact on others. I'm not hugely concerned about getting covid personally. But I have chosen to be vaccinated because it's beneficial to others and the right thing to do. I have several close relatives who won't have it. Personally I would like to see life made as awkward as possible until they get their shit together.
  13. There are definitely some positive kid cases. Whether it's panic stations time is another thing.
  14. Always have some of the folding stuff on me. Generally use card but happy to use cash too.
  15. I'd like to see more effort made to force people to get vaccinated. Apart from a very very small segment of people there is no logical or medical reason not to be vaccinated. I know at least 6 people (I'm avoiding 5 and the new 3 just so Pongo doesn't get bent out of shape) who are not getting it. No logical reasons for the stance either. It's like talking to flat earthers.
  16. Clearly the tax payer js, rightly, paying for them. Personally I'm avoiding all forms of testing because unless it's really bad I'm keeping my head firmly below the covid parapet. If you're not careful you can end up in a state of perpetual house isolation when you have kids at school
  17. Were they wondering why it was closed? Or did they know it was closed but taken over for a look? Stop moaning. It's beyond boring.
  18. Valid points. Probably right too. That said, the time has arrived where life needs to return to normal. That'll mean some people fall by the wayside. As they do every day. That's life. But when you compare that to the damage that has been done with lockdowns etc over the last 18 months then it simply becomes the lesser of the evils. As much as people kick and scream and moan about it, the vaccination programme has been the line in the sand. I'm certain most of us have probably had Flu. Most us will, in time, have had covid too. It will damage some. It will kill some. Some won't even notice. But if it means we get back to normal then it's clearly a price worth paying, on balance. Which is how governments are now looking at it.
  19. Won't really make much difference to the traffic flow generally. A two lane contraflow is going see the same one lane down the way and the two lane up the way doesn't really add anything from a volume perspective. It's a pointless dual carriageway. Great for flying up there quickly mind
  20. I'm genuinely surprised you're still floating (like a turd that won't flush) round here to be honest. headbanger.
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