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  1. It had nothing to do with eu exit agreements. They could easily have quelled the demand for travel by simply imposing draconian requirements on entry. Demand would die overnight. They based their decisions based on economics.
  2. No major UK multi national is opening an outlet on the island for tax reasons. They come here because they can make money or believe they can make money. It's that simple. Tesco didn't set up here because of tax. They came here because they thought there was an opportunity to make money. Which they do.
  3. It's hard to compare the UK and the Isle of Man. The UK have of course done a number of things wrong. The lack of control over flights into the UK at the outset was a major mistake. But at the same time there are a number of reasons why it's been more successful in the Isle of Man. One of the big advantages over the UK here is the relatively high standard of living created by the sort of jobs that can be done from home. So the lock downs here have cost very few people their livelihoods. And those who need support generally got it. The UK is full of disenfranchised people who are skint, now unemployed and largely care less because they have less to lose. Clearly our borders being largely closed provides a major control on people movement. There is no doubt the UK could have done a lot better but it's very much a different animal to the Isle of Man.
  4. Rate increases all over the place shouldn't come as any real surprise.
  5. I saw it live. I guess the reason Piers was polite was because there was actually nothing to be impolite about.
  6. Sad people with literally nothing going on in their lives.
  7. Strange mentality. The island seems to ve having some positive press. I haven't seen any interviews or comments that suggest we are heading as low as we can to get a few quid. The positive aspect is that it may inspire the sort of people that we really do want here to relocate here. Or set up businesses here.
  8. I agree. I think the key thing here is - how little do you have to have going on in your life to starting picking at someone over this type of thing. There are some genuinely sad, jealous and petty people around.
  9. I dont know what is more ridiculous - reading that site then quoting it. Or reading it and quoting it without reference to it.
  10. Yes, but the point is that it makes no sense as far as a tax play is concerned. Part of the problem here is, by your own admission, you have no idea what you are talking about.
  11. What do you mean by no foreign travel? There's been flights every day to S A.
  12. Costing the island money. It's easy enough to see how it's viable.
  13. Flannels is a small part of a lot bigger picture there. I agree with you about volumes but I suspect it washes its face in the wider context. That aside, you don't set up a multinational here unless you think you can actually make money. After all, you don't have to consider tax when you are constantly losing money. Most of the stores here will feature quite high up in the overall performance of those chains. The likes of the M and S here for example is in top quartile of all their stores. In fact it's very high. Similar with a number of other businesses. The Curry's store here will be doing more than enough to justify coming here. Quite what will happen to the former Top Shop store remains to be seen. But I suspect it'll have some interest.
  14. Worked out what? Out of interest, do you serious believe that the primary driver for attracting the next multinational here is tax?
  15. I'm not sure another lockdown is inevitable.
  16. Toyshop/Topman were paying 250k a year. Any new rental agreement will not average out at 190k a year. There will be a decent rent free in there on any lease. I suspect it'll be rented in the next 12 months to a sizeable UK multinational. The Isle of Man is an attractive place to set up.
  17. Well Sports Direct and JD Sports clearly saw something you didn't?
  18. There's going to be large scale development in Braddan. Just a question of where. Nursery , sport facilities etc. Good news for Braddan.
  19. The community centre is going to be an excellent facility. Braddan rates are cheap compared to many places too. I moved to a fair size bigger house and pay far less than I paid under Douglas rates. Id rather chuck a few quid in towards the community centre than the golf course.
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