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  1. On 1/26/2021 at 9:34 PM, Banker said:

    No it’s not right, same as senior civil servants and lots of highly paid private sector seniors taking huge cash commutation on pensions and then withdrawing lump sums each year so they don’t pay tax .

    Pension tax free lump sums are set at 30%. For everyone.

    I'm not sure how the above " isnt right"? What are they doing wrong?

  2. 1 minute ago, Boris Johnson said:

    I don't get the anti face mask stuff. We have been VERY VERY LUCKY. Nothing to do with us being well behaved etc, WE GOT LUCKY again.

    When the virus gets over here again, and it will, if we are not so lucky it could go through the island like a dose of salts - See Guernsey for details. No masks or social distancing would be the cause of that, why are we taking that risk? 

    FFS, wearing a mask is not a big hardship and staying at least 2m from people is pretty normal in my book, unless I am fuc*ing them 2m is close enough.

    This is not going away, ever, mask wearing will have to be the norm IMHO 

    I doubt that.

    At some point Covid will cease to be reported on.  It'll simply be another thing old people need to worry about as they get older and more frail/vulnerable.

    It'll probably be by the summer this year.  Once the majority of people are vaccinated then countries will need to return to a level of normality.

    People can and have always been able to wear face masks if they want to.  In Asia it's quite common place.  Perhaps it'll become more common place here for certain demographics of society.

  3. On 1/26/2021 at 7:48 PM, Chris C said:

    But how about the common swerve of company directors paying themselves below the NI threshold and taking the rest as "dividends " in order to avoid paying NI at all?

    Presumably some of the same companies that have successfully been awarded support. 

    Anyone paying themselves BELOW the NI threshold is a mug.  You need to do that for state pension purposes.

    You should be paying yourself enough to meet the minimum NI payment threshold.  Then taking dividends, if you want to circumvent NI payments.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Nomadic Raptor said:

    We are not required but it common courtesy.  I wonder if there is a correlation between another group of people 

    when out walking your dog convention states that if you see someone with a dog on a leash out of courtesy you should get your dog under control or put it onto a leash, i suspect these same people are the ones who don’t out of courtesy for other people to wear a face covering walking past someone for 5 seconds.....does it really inconvenient these people so much 



    That seems overly controlling to me.

    I'm not sure midnight tonight is massively relevant here.  In reality you going for a walk today and tomorrow are no different.  Do you think people will be rude if they don't wear a face covering tomorrow ?

    Culturaly, many Asians wear face coverings when out.  Regardless of any pandemic situation.   I guess a percentage of the UK or IOM for example may want to wear masks as a daily part of life.  Im not sure that makes other people rude or selfish if they don't wear a mask.

  5. 23 minutes ago, monasqueen said:

    I would definitely blame the DoI for not closing the road earlier.

    I drove along there at high tide a few days before Christmas, when there was not so much wind. Once you get past Broadway, there is nowhere that you can get off the roadway or turn to go back, and it is only when you are half way to the Sea Terminal that you realise that the sea is flooding the road. You have to continue driving through varying depths of salt water, depending on the state of the waves. I learnt from that to avoid high tide, but does everybody have to learn the hard way?

    Letting people drive along there yesterday in those conditions was at best foolhardy.

    I don't think it is up to the DoI to manage people's stupidity.

    You would have to be Stevie Wonder not to see how awful it was down there yesterday.  That's before you navigate the plethora of available online news and weather articles.

    As you approach the prom yesterday it was quite clear how bad it was.  There's not a single reason to be driving that way yesterday.

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  6. 38 minutes ago, Nomadic Raptor said:

    Think you hit the nail on the head there with double standards


    its like yesterday we are still required to wear face coverings but as we were out for our walk around the block the amount of people who just didn’t even bother to even attempt to have a face covering was exceptional...it’s just courtesy until 00.01 tonight it really annoys me 

    We're not required to wear face coverings and never have been.

    Besides, it's far more effective if you simply go nowhere near those people.

  7. 2 hours ago, Happier diner said:

    Yeah maybe the Chinese one will be great.....but you'll need another an hour later......or maybe it'll work fine for a year or so but then suddenly stop working!

    I'm predicting that the AstraZeneca one will be the best and Britain will be great again.

    You can be fairly sure it'll be shite if it's from China.

  8. 19 minutes ago, wrighty said:

    I periodically get random friend requests on Facebook from what appear to be attractive young ladies that I have no friends in common with. I delete them. I can see however that if one is lonely and miserable it could be easy to hit ‘accept’ and then be led on a path of self-destruction starting with chat and ending up on the sex offenders register. 

    There’s no excuse for sending explicit pictures to someone you believe to be underage, and it’s probably better not to do it at all, but I am a little uncomfortable about this method of paedo-hunting - it does border on entrapment. 

    I agree.

    And that's before you even get into how easy it is for someone to have their online activity hacked and taken over by someone else.

    The trouble these days is that the foamy mouthed Facebook type lynch mobs are getting more common.

  9. 19 hours ago, Manximus Aururaneus said:

    Perhaps you might have had more success trying to persuade the taxpayers of your own country to pay for your desired EU membership rather than trying to get the taxpayers of the UK to do your dirty work for you.

    Introducing corporation tax and dropping work permits would be a little step in the required direction. Interesting to see how you get on.

    Eh? That's a bizarre suggestion.

  10. 15 hours ago, Barlow said:


    The Isle of Man Post Office/IoM Government could do something similar.

    The point being, as I have tried to explain before, it is bringing fresh money onto the Island, into the local economy.


    It's as if the Isle of Man Post Office does not have to try because it has the IoM Government to support it. In any case, it is not them I am saying should discount, it is the IoM Government (through the Post Office)


    Your missing the point Pongo. Read my earlier posts. It's about bring off-Island money onto the Island. What I am suggesting, at very least, is giving the Isle of Man sellers a level field, or even an advantage.

    It is not a case of "Obviously the IOM should not be subsidising people who sell online". It is a matter of bringing money onto the Island and into the economy.

    In the way that Ebay (and such as Hermes)  can automate postage tickets, then so can IoM Post/Gov. All the details are known (what the item is, how much has been paid, who is selling, where it is going etc) so such a system is controllable.





    It wouldn't be worth the cost to get it up and running for a handful of ebay sellers.

    Pongo is right.  The taxpayer shouldn't be subsiding ebay sellers.  If the price point and margin is that low it cannot be sold under current postage costs then it isnt worth selling.

  11. 28 minutes ago, Happier diner said:

    Does anyone know what the real bottleneck is? Is it

    A) availability of the vaccine

    B) Logistics of administering it 

    C) getting it to IOM

    Very disappointed to hear that it will take until September just to do all the over 50's. Its not just not a speeding silver bullet, it's not anything like bullet like at all is it? More a silver slow thing.

    If it's just A) then will the Oxford vaccine change this?

    It doesn't really matter that much here.  What matters is how the UK roll it out.  Everything impacting on the island is UK led.

    Our entire borders strategy is based around a 20 in 100000 infection rate.  Vaccines here won't help that.

  12. 36 minutes ago, LightBulb said:

    Went in to spar union mills today for my tobbacco, ( Golden Virginia 30grm £18.10 ) as i usually do every two days, however, when i went to the co-op in peel today, the same thing was at a price is £14.05 why the massive price difference ?

    Why not?

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  13. 15 minutes ago, Shake me up Judy said:

    There is some education in schools about the dangers of social media, but the horse has well and truly bolted and is several pastures away.

    At a deep level you could argue that the real abusers are the tech companies; while at the user level the truth is that it's predominantly kids themselves who are accessing and peddling sexualised texts and images. We choose not to talk about this but rather concentrate only on the 'evil paedo' phenomena - always men. Kids don't get prosecuted or make the papers either. The whole subject is still a big taboo.

    We haven't begun to scratch the surface of this problem. Kids even as young as five or six now own smartphones with access to the internet, chat rooms, social media apps etc. We watched it happen in Asia in the early 2000s and now it's well and truly embedded here, in our culture, lifestyle, values, and economy As parents and educators we've encouraged mass ownership of the technology. Kids also learn by imitating their parents - from a very young age. One of the first things a baby sees is a mobile phone in their mother's and father's hand.

    If we want a real discussion on this then these are some of the things that have to be addressed and not left to the Facey lynchmob.


    Steady now.  Viddy has already gone full lynch mob on Gladys.  

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